Dec 092017
A pretty program that makes flower-like designs on the screen.
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A pretty program that makes flower-like designs on the screen.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCS.PIC 40968 8198 deflated
BOXES.PIC 40968 2590 deflated
CIRCLES.PIC 40968 6484 deflated
DOTS.PIC 40968 5912 deflated
FLOWERS.EXE 44204 29751 deflated
LINES.PIC 40968 24072 deflated
READ.ME 874 469 deflated
WINDOW.PIC 40968 229 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Flowers Documentation

Hello, and this is Flowers. It is a useless program, but
it is pretty. Operating it is pretty simple. Just type
FLOWERS at the prompt, and it will ask you a few questions.
The first is about your graphics adapter. This program
supports CGA, EGA, and VGA. If you only have CGA, you can
delete all of the .PIC files supplied in this package.
The .PIC files are the backgrounds. If you have EGA or
VGA, it will ask you if you want a background after the
graphics adapter question. If you do, it will randomly
select one of the six files. To end, just press a key,
and it will return to DOS right after it finishes the
flower it is currrently drawing. This program was written
in BASIC by Matthew Lee. If you have any comments or
questions, just contact me on the board at #2985.
Happy Viewing!!!

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