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PCXview is an off-line viewer for PCX image files.
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PCXview is an off-line viewer for PCX image files.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

PCXview Version 1.12
Users Documentation

PCXview (c) 1989-1990 Copyrighted
Portions (c) Copyright Genus Microprogramming, Inc 1988-1990

1. Features
PCXview is an off-line viewer for PCX image files on IBM
personal computers and compatibles.

2. Performance
PCXview is capable of displaying images up through
800x600x256 using Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA and Super VGA

3. Hardware Support
PCXview supports the following adapters
-Orchid Prodesigner
-STB EM/16
-Video Seven

PCXview supports the Epson Dot Matrix printer or 100%

4. User Interface
PCXview uses a simple vertical menu for displaying PC image
file names in conjunction with function keys to
select/view/print images.

5. User Supported
PCXview is user supported software. All suggestions for
improvements and or modifications will be examined and
implemented if they are deemed appropriate.

6. License
PCXview is the copyrighted property of RayLyn Company.
PCXview may not be modified by anyone other than the author.
PCXview is licensed for non-commercial use on one machine at
a time for the cost of $10.00 (U.S. Dollars), outside of
U.S. or Canada registration fee is $20.00 (U.S. Dollars).

The Shareware Version (PCXview V1.XXs) may be distributed to
others only in its complete, unmodified form, with no fee
charged other than a fee for media and duplication. No
matter how you received your copy of PCXview, you are
obligated to pay for a license after the 10 day trial
period. PCXview Version 1.XXr (Registered) may not under
any circumstances be distributed as shareware. It is for
use solely by the licensee and any violation of this
agreement is a violation of United States Copyright laws.

PCXview is available to be included with a product.
Contact RayLyn Company for further information.

Registrations will be promptly acknowledged.

RayLyn Company
Attn: Ray Velez
Post Office Box 3195
Santa Clarita, CA 91351

COMPUSERVE ID - 75156.1274
Prodigy Service ID - DDDG05A

PCXview is made available for your enjoyment in the viewing
of PCX image files. All warranties are disclaimed, including
consequential warranties. It is your responsibility to
determine whether PCXview is suitable for your purposes.

7. Using PCXview
PCXview is started by entering -

^ ^---------DIR which
| contains PC
| files
|-----------------Valid DRV

8. PCXview Screen
PCXview main screen will display a menu of PCX image file
names in path indicated. The lower portion of the screen
displays function keys.

9. Tagging Files
Using the vertical menu, the user may select any file by
either pressing the ENTER key or SPACE BAR. The file is
then marked (tagged) with a check mark.

Pressing the first letter of the image file name will
automatically move the highlight bar to the desired file

After you have selected one or more image files, you simple
press one of the function keys corresponding to the desired

If you have selected more than one image file, simple press
the space bar to continue on to the next file selected.

The ESC key will force the PCXview to exit the program or
the abort the function.

10. Functions

The INFO key (F2) displays a window with the following:
-Image Type *

* If an '*' asterisk appears after image type (640x200x2*)
this indicates that PCXview had problems determining the
proper image type and color attributes. This also indicates
that PCXview may have difficulty displaying the image.

Selecting the Print key (F3) will allow you to print any
black and white PCX image file to your Epson or compatible
dot matrix printer. By default LPT1 is used.

The Copy key (F4) allows you to copy any files selected to a
desired destination.

The View key (F10) allows you to view the image files
selected. If you have selected more than one file, pressing
the space bar will allow you to view the next file.

In the future, the developer of PCXview intends to
investigate additional goals for the program. These include
printing to HP Laser Printers, color manipulation, image
shrinking, displaying of multiple images, EMS support,
Network Support and Database capabilities.

Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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