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HiRes PCC;CGM pics for DTP/Ventura.
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HiRes PCC;CGM pics for DTP/Ventura.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AIRLINER.CGM 3522 1671 deflated
ARROWFIG.CGM 878 502 deflated
BLUEPRNT.CGM 5518 2809 deflated
BULLETIN.CGM 3022 1702 deflated
BUSYMAN.CGM 9670 4030 deflated
CAPITOL.PCC 10580 1569 deflated
FLAG.PCC 9974 1684 deflated
PHONE.PCC 9616 2465 deflated
README 11337 3222 deflated
RIBBON.PCC 8608 2658 deflated
SKYLINE.PCC 13379 1221 deflated
STOPWTCH.PCC 11561 4542 deflated
THINKER.CGM 2644 1345 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Publisher's PicturePaks

Publisher's PicturePaks(TM) are a formidable collection of
professionally designed electronic art used to illustrate documents
created with all of the most popular desktop publishing packages.

Paint versions of the files are in the PC Paintbrush(R) .PCC/.PCX file
format for the PC or the Apple(R) MacPaint(TM) file format for the
Macintosh(TM). These bit-mapped pictures are ideal for editing.

Draw versions of the files are in the .CGM Metafile format for the PC
or the .EPS Encapsulated PostScript(R) file format for the Macintosh.
These vector pictures provide the ultimate in resolution, no matter
what the size.

On this Diskette

This sampler includes six fully functional pictures in each of the two
PC file formats:

.PCC/.PCX PC Paintbrush "paint" type graphics
.CGM Metafile "draw" type graphics

For Use With

Paint version for the PC - PC Paintbrush files can be used with any
program that supports the .PCC/.PCX PC Paintbrush file format. The
list includes virtually every major desktop publishing package on the
PC and a growing number of word processing software programs.
Publisher's PicturePak images can also be edited in any of Z-Soft's
Paintbrush programs.

Paint version for the Macintosh - MacPaint files are almost universally
compatible with other Macintosh based programs including most all Mac
desktop publishing packages. PicturePak pictures can be edited in
Apple's MacPaint and other paint/draw packages that read the MacPaint
file format.

Draw version for the PC - .CGM files can be used with any program that
supports the .CGM Metafile format. This includes the Xerox(R) Ventura
Publisher(TM) desktop publishing package (Version 1.1 or later) and
Aldus PageMaker(R) for the PC (Version 3.0 or later).

Draw version for the Macintosh - Encapsulated PostScript files are
compatible with other Macintosh based programs that can import an .EPS
file and output to a PostScript printer. This includes Aldus
PageMaker(R) for the Mac and any PostScript printer. An .EPS picture
is shown only on the printout, not on the screen. In it's place on the
screen is a box that represents the size and position of the picture.
What You Get

Each Publisher's PicturePak consists of approximately 200 pictures on
5.25" or 3.5" diskettes, a 48 page PicturePak Reference Guide and a
comprehensive Picture Catalog packaged in a attractive vinyl storage

System Requirements

Because PicturePak is not a software program but a library of
compatible files, system requirements are determined by the program
with which you intend to use them. You can assume that any program
capable of importing one of the files listed is equipped to load
PicturePak pictures.


Publisher's PicturePaks are available in the following Editions:

Eye Openers - Executive & Management Edition - (209 pictures)
Categories include:
Highlights & Introductions
Words & Symbols
Borders & Backgrounds
Related Symbols & Icons

Eye Openers - Finance & Administration Edition - (178 pictures)
Categories include:
Time & Money
Productivity & Performance
Communications & Technology
Related Symbols & Icons

Eye Openers - Sales & Marketing Edition - (178 pictures)
Categories include:
Goals & Motivation
People & Places
Travel & Entertainment
Related Symbols & Icons

More PicturePaks

Publisher's PicturePaks are designed and produced by Marketing Graphics
Incorporated. We also publish libraries of computer artwork for use

Lotus(R) Freelance(R) Plus(TM) by Lotus Development Corporation
PC Storyboard(TM) by IBM(R) Corporation
Show Partner(TM) by Brightbill-Roberts & Company, Ltd.
VideoShow(TM) and PictureIt(TM) by General Parametrics Corporation

Ordering Information

Order PicturePaks through your local dealer, print and fill out the
order form that follows, or call MGI Ordering & Information at 804-788-

PC Edition - Bit-mapped Item
PC Paintbrush Version Price Format Code

Executive & Management .PCC/.PCX - 99.95 5.25" PUB-EP
PC Paintbrush files or 3.5"
Finance & Administration .PCC/.PCX - 99.95 5.25" PUB-FP
PC Paintbrush files or 3.5"
Sales & Marketing .PCC/.PCX - 99.95 5.25" PUB-SP
PC Paintbrush files or 3.5"
All 3 Editions .PCC/.PCX - 250.00 5.25" PUB-AP
PC Paintbrush files or 3.5"

Mac Edition - Bit-mapped Item
MacPaint Version Price Format Code

Executive & Management Macintosh 99.95 3.5" PUB-EA
MacPaint files only
Finance & Administration Macintosh 99.95 3.5" PUB-FA
MacPaint files only
Sales & Marketing Macintosh 99.95 3.5" PUB-SA
MacPaint files only
All 3 Editions Macintosh 250.00 3.5" PUB-AA
MacPaint files only

PC Edition - Vector Item
Metafile Version Price Format Code

Executive & Management .CGM 99.95 5.25" PUB-EC
Metafile or 3.5"
Finance & Administration .CGM 99.95 5.25" PUB-FC
Metafile or 3.5"
Sales & Marketing .CGM 99.95 5.25" PUB-SC
Metafile or 3.5"
All 3 Editions .CGM 250.00 5.25" PUB-AC
Metafile or 3.5"

Mac Edition - Vector Item
Encapsltd. PostScript Version Price Format Code

Executive & Management .EPS 99.95 3.5" PUB-EE
Encapsltd. PostScript only
Finance & Administration .EPS 99.95 3.5" PUB-FE
Encapsltd. PostScript only
Sales & Marketing .EPS 99.95 3.5" PUB-SE
Encapsltd. PostScript only
All 3 Editions .EPS 250.00 3.5" PUB-AE
Encapsltd. PostScript only
Shipping Charges

All items are shipped UPS. For other shipping methods please call MGI
Ordering & Information at 804-788-8844 9:00am - 5:30pm EST.

No. of items 1-2 3-5 6-8 9 & over

Surface (Ground) 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00
Air (2nd Day) 7.00 12.00 18.00 Call
Rush (Overnight) 16.00 25.00 28.00 Call

For shipping outside the United States please send instructions on how
you want your order shipped and United States funds sufficient to cover
your purchase and shipping from Richmond, Virginia, USA.

We are dealers of Z-Soft Products here at Publisher
Information Service - as well as Picture Paks and of
course provide your firm with the Desktop Publishing
expertise of our highly experienced staff - so
if you are intersted in ordering Publisher's
Picture Paks, please contact us voice at
312-342-8669 or 312-342-8644 during normal
business hours and we shall be happy to process
your order for this fine Desktop Publishing

PicturePak is a trademark of (MGI) Marketing Graphics Incorporated.
Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.. MacPaint and
Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer Incorporated. Freelance Plus
is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. IBM is a registered
trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Lotus, and
Freelance are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.
PageMaker is a registered trademark of Aldus Corporation. PC Paintbrush
is a registered trademark of ZSoft Corporation. PostScript is a
registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. PC Storyboard is a
trademark of IBM Corporation. Show Partner is a trademark of
Brightbill-Roberts & Company, Ltd. Ventura Publisher is a trademark of
Ventura Software, Inc.. VideoShow and PictureIt are trademarks of
General Parametrics Corporation. Xerox is a registered trademark of
Xerox Corporation.

All pictures (C) (MGI) Marketing Graphics Incorporated 1987, 1988PicturePak Order Form Please mail your order to:
Marketing Graphics Incorporated
401 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219 USA

Sold To: (Please add a Ship To: address if other than Sold To:)



(No P.O. Boxes please)


Method Of Payment:

[ ] Check or money order [ ] VISA [ ] MasterCard
[ ] C.O.D. Card No.
[ ] Company Purchase Order attached | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
($100.00 minimum, 30 days net,
new accounts not rated by Dun Name on card:_______________________
and Bradstreet please include
three credit references) Expiration Date:____/____

P.O. No.:_______________________ Signature:__________________________
(Required for credit cards)

Ordering Information:
Item Format Unit Total
Quantity Code Description 5.25/3.5 Price Price






Sub-Total |________

Add Shipping Charges [ ] Surface [ ] Air [ ] Rush |________

Add 4.5% tax if delivered in Virginia |________

Total Amount |________

For Office Use: Date Rec.___/___/___ Order No._____________ Cstmr. No._________

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