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Display Print Master or Print Shop graphics files on your screen with GETART.
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Display Print Master or Print Shop graphics files on your screen with GETART.
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Contents of the GETART.DOC file

Ver: 4.02 03-14-89
Copyright 1988, 1989 by Valerie Jean Kramer

Display printmaster or printshop graphics files on your screen with GETART!

GETART will read a printmaster or printshop art folder and display the
graphic images on the screen. 15 images can be seen on the screen at once.

To start the program, just type the program name at the DOS prompt:

C: >getart

You will be prompted for the name of the file you want to examine.
You may give a complete DOS path name including drive letter and path.

After each screen of graphics is displayed, the program pauses and waits for
a key to be hit before clearing the screen and displaying the next page.
You can use the DOS Shift-PrtSc feature to print the screen at this time.
Be sure that you have loaded GRAPHICS.COM or whatever program your printer
needs before starting GETART. If you don't know how to print graphics images
on your printer, include your printer's make and model and a request for
help when you register the program. I will try to get you going but I
do NOT guarantee success as there are too many types of printers and too
many other strange things that can go wrong!

If there are changes or features you would like to see,
please drop me a note!

You are encouraged to share this program with your friends, your club,
your BBS, etc. If you like the program, find it useful, and would like
to register for updates, send $20 to:

Valerie Jean Kramer
P.O. Box 625
Port Orford, OR 97465

Thank you.


02-08-88 Release 1.0 first released to public.

02-14-88 Release 2.0 completely re-written in "C". MUCH faster!

Release 1 allowed an "x" at the end-of-page pause to cancel the
program. This has been removed in release 2 because the improved
speed makes this unnecessary.

Release 2.0 is designed to be compatible with Hercules Graphics
and CGA equipped systems or any that can emulate a CGA. If you
are interested in support for other graphics devices, let me know.
I could get twice as many images on an EGA screen but the aspect
ratio looks funny. Any preferences?

07-12-88 Release 3.0 bug fixes and updates

Fixed a bug in handling long picture names causing garbled display.

Fixed the program so that when you give the printmaster graphics
library name on the command line, you don't see the copyright/
instructions screen -- you go direct to the first picture screen.

Added a screen number to the file name at the bottom of each screen.

Added the ability to hit a "q" to exit the program from any
picture screen. Added the (Q to Quit) message at the bottom
of the screen.

04-08-89 Release 3.1 Improved error checking, accept small pictures

The printmaster art file format allows pictures to be virtually
any size. Up to now, all pictures have been one standard size.
One source reported art files containing smaller-than-normal
images. GETART will now correctly display these images. If any
images are encountered that are larger than normal, GETART will
stop processing that art file at that point (otherwise the screen
would get all messed up). Note that printmaster itself cannot
handle these odd sized images!

08-28-89 Release 4.0 Now displays Print Shop pictures!

Version 4.0 is almost a complete re-write. The program logic has
been completely altered to allow additional features to be added.
The program will determine (from the file extensions *.SDR and *.SHP
for Print Master or *.NAM and *.DAT for Print Shop) whether your
files are Print Master or Print Shop and will display them

"PM" or "PS" is now displayed in the lower right corner of the screen
to indicate which kind of file is being shown.

The file name at bottom of each screen now includes the full path
designation regardless of whether you type it or not.

Hitting "PGDN" or the function keys will no longer skip screens.

09-20-89 Release 4.01 Minor bug fix.

Corrected some problems related to accepting and displaying
pathnames of art files.

03-14-90 Release 4.02 Change of Address

Changed address to Oregon in program copyrite screen and all
documentation files.

GETART Registration Form

GETART is not public domain. It is Copyright 1988, 1989 by Valerie Kramer.

It is distributed as "shareware". You have the right to try it, copy it
for your friends, post it on bulletin boards, etc. You may not charge a
fee for the program except that a fee for materials and copying, not to
exceed $5.00 per disk may be charged. If, after trying GETART, you like
it and wish to continue using it, you must send this registration form
along with $20 as shown below. In return, you will be entitled to receive
the most recent version, limited technical support, and will be notified of
other upgrades or products available. This registration will be valid for
all PC's at the registered address.

Thank you for supporting the ShareWare concept!

Today's Date: ______________________

Your Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________


City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________

Phone Number: (_____) ______________________________________________

What size disk do you want? 360k, 1.2Mb, 720k, 1.44Mb ___________

What version of GETART do you have? ____________________

Where did you get it? ________________________________________________

What type of video hardware do you use? CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules,
Other: _______________________

What printer do you have? _____________________________________________

Please print this form, fill it out, and send it with $20 to:

Valerie Jean Kramer
P.O. Box 625
Port Orford, OR 97465


Today's Date: ______________________

Please print this form, fill it out, and send it with $20 to:

Valerie Jean Kramer
P.O. Box 10742
Burbank, CA 91510-0742

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