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Starbomb 3d graphics demo.
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Starbomb 3d graphics demo.
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Contents of the STARBOMB.TXT file

Greetings !!

First, allow me to make some explanations and excuses.
STARBOMB was created purely for the fun of it. The original program
was just a simple way for me to explore 3D graphics.

This explains why the program calculates points for all the rotational
angles before the show begins. The "kernel" of this program allows me
to enter the points of a shape and to either connect them via lines
or polygons. I can then rotate them at any incremental angle on each

Because of the way this program was written, those of you with faster
computers will benefit in two ways; one, the initial calculations will
take less time, and two, the animation will be smoother. Remember, the
computer is actually drawing the shapes on the screen line by line, not
"putting" them there.

This program should function with any type of graphics adapter from
CGA and Hercules to EGA, VGA and 8514. It was written to use 16 colors
with the highest standard resolution your graphics card will allow.

CGA and ,obviously, Hercules, will only see a mono display. CGA users,
try to get a look at this on an EGA or VGA display. You'll be amazed at
the difference.

This program was written on a 20Mhz 386 with VGA graphics. When slowed
to the equivalent of an 8 to 10 Mhz 286 with EGA, the program was still
quite smooth. Anyone using a machine slower than a 286 will still see
everything, but it will probably look pretty choppy.

Finally, the instructions:

Just key in STARBOMB.

While STARBOMB is calculating the angles, pressing any key will end the

As the StarBomb approaches or hovers in place, pressing any key will arm

After StarBomb is armed or has detonated, pressing any key will terminate
the program.

I hope you will enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Rick Bross
Visionary Software Technology, Inc.
P.O. Box 836
Canton, CT 06019

Source ID TCV855
Compuserve 72236,2002

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