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JclPlasma demo. C source inc. for making the .DAT file it uses.
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JclPlasma demo. C source inc. for making the .DAT file it uses.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

JCL-Plasma v1.3a - (C) 1994 JCL-Software

This is a routine I've knocked up over the last couple of days to
generate a 'real' plasma effect. It was inspired by the plasma in
RFVDEMO.ZIP by Thomas Hagen, and seeing his made me want to go write one
of my own. This one is a little different, however, from the routines
already available (there are a couple of others). Firstly it runs in
full-screen 320x200 (as opposed to 160x100), and on my 486DX/33 it runs
at _70fps_ both of which are vast improvements over the others that I
have seen.

A 486 is recommended for this code. It will work on a 386, but its a
bit jerky. (note that this will NOT work on a 286 - sorry).

I've put all the source code here - feel free to tweak, especially with
the generating functions, but PLEASE distribute this ZIP file intact.


JCLPLASM.COM - run this..
JCLPLASM.ASM - source for ^
PLASMA .DAT - input file for ^
GENPLAS .C - C source for generating functions
README .TXT - erm..

email comments to [email protected] ( or Selwyn College,
Cambridge, UK )

Jezza (4/2/94)

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