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View High-Resolution (800x600x256) Gifs on the ATI VGA-WONDER board. Includes full C source code.
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View High-Resolution (800x600x256) Gifs on the ATI VGA-WONDER board. Includes full C source code.
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Contents of the ATIGIF.DOC file

/* 85GIF.c */
/* by Kyle Powell 76044,2215 */

adapted for ATI VGA Wonder-512k, Turbo-C 2.0
by Lloyd Miller 71307,1156
1989 July

/* description of original program */

/* This program will display GIF images */
/* on the IBM 8514/A display adaptor. */
/* With the extended memory in the adaptor */
/* it will display 640 X 480 X 256 or if the */
/* image is larger than 640 X 480 it will */
/* display 1024 X 768 X 256 */

/* I hereby release this code to the public */
/* domain. It hasn't been optimized but it */
/* seems to work pretty well. If you improve */
/* upon it please send me a copy. */

/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Description of ATI VGA Wonder version.

This version supports the 320x200x256, 640x400x256, 640x480x256,
800x600x256, and 1024x768x16 modes available on the ATI VGA Wonder when
equiped with 512k display memory. If you do not have the 512k version

then you can simply use any VGA supporting display utility. The
320x200x256 mode is the same made as the standard VGA mode 0x13.

The programs assumes pixels are square and selects the mode based
only on the dimensions and color table of the input file. If the
picture excedes the ability of the VGA Wonder to display on the screen
all at one time then this program refuses to display the picture at all
rather than trying to guess some less than optimal mode to try. There
is no scrolling feature in here.

The picture is centered on the display.

Aug 4 version fixes multiimage animation and usage: message. I added
a bunch of "assert" statements to the source in the course of tracking
down the multiimage bug.


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