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PC-KEY-DRAW V#3.52 with HyperDraw. A graphics editor with hypertext fe.
File KD-DRAW.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Printer + Display Graphics
PC-KEY-DRAW V#3.52 with HyperDraw. A graphics editor with hypertext fe.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOEXEC.BAT 1155 619 deflated
BASRUN.EXE 31744 24069 deflated
CAMERA.COM 208 194 deflated
CNVRTSCL.BAS 776 585 deflated
DATEIT.EXE 2048 1265 deflated
DEMO.BAT 27776 6622 deflated
DOC.BAT 3767 1025 deflated
FILE.TXT 1449 735 deflated
GEMEPSON.COM 128 121 deflated
H.BAT 2011 711 deflated
HYPERDRW.TXT 14464 5574 deflated
I.BAT 1917 626 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 4976 1444 deflated
KD.BAT 653 350 deflated
KD_DRAW.EXE 71762 34966 deflated
KD_DRAW.HLP 48768 9471 deflated
KD_DRAW.HOT 6400 1014 deflated
KD_DRAW.TXT 4535 2409 deflated
KD_FONT1.FNT 23808 1800 deflated
KD_FONT2.FNT 23808 2181 deflated
KD_MENU.TXT 862 262 deflated
KD_PAINT.PIC 896 286 deflated
KD_PRNT1.TBL 128 45 deflated
KD_PRNT2.TBL 128 103 deflated
KD_PRNT3.TBL 128 51 deflated
KD_PRNT4.TBL 128 40 deflated
KD_PRNT5.TBL 128 52 deflated
KD_PRNT6.TBL 128 49 deflated
KD_PTRN.PIC 15488 3960 deflated
KD_REG.TXT 4302 1299 deflated
KD_TRANS.EXE 3456 1910 deflated
KD_UPDAT.TXT 9279 3650 deflated
KEYTBL.DAT 4645 808 deflated
MAKHOTLB.EXE 4349 2147 deflated
MENU.BAT 920 429 deflated
NEC.TXT 529 318 deflated
READMEP1 382 169 deflated
REG.BAT 423 176 deflated
SCN2IMG.EXE 2589 1530 deflated
SLIDEMO.BAT 983 353 deflated
YES.DAT 18 18 stored

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Contents of the FILE.TXT file

Check to be sure you have these files.
READMEP1 Basic program information
CNVRTSCL BAS Converts screens with scale info to new format
DEMO BAT Sample Macro file demo
DOC BAT Prints Documentation
H BAT DOS help info
I BAT Copyright info
INSTALL BAT Copies disk or installs to hard disk
REG BAT Displays registration information
SLIDEMO BAT Runs SCNSHOW.MCR on library disk
CAMERA COM Screen capture
GEMEPSON COM Use with Star printers
KEYTBL DAT Translation table used by KD-TRANS.EXE
BASRUN EXE Used by other EXE files
KD_DRAW EXE Main drawing program
KD_TRANS EXE Macro to text translation
MAKHOTLB EXE Creates HOT key files from individual macros
SCN2IMG EXE Converts SCN files to IMG format used by GEM, Ventura, etc.
KD_FONT? FNT Text font files
KD_DRAW HLP Help file for program
KD_DRAW HOT Hot Key definition file
KD_PAINT PIC Paint colors
KD_PTRN PIC 64 fill patterns
KD_PRNT? TBL Printer tables
FILE TXT Listing of files on program disk
KD_DRAW TXT Program text
KD_REG TXT Registration information
KD_UPDAT TXT Update information
NEC TXT Information on using PC-KEY-DRAW with a NEC Multispeed
HYPERDRW TXT Information on using HyperDraw

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