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Convert .ART graphic files to .WPG, .TIF, .BIT, .IMG, or .GIF files.
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Convert .ART graphic files to .WPG, .TIF, .BIT, .IMG, or .GIF files.
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Contents of the ART2WP.DOC file

ART2WP V2.1 First Publisher ClipArt to Word Processor Image File Translator
Copyright 1989-90 by William J. Hinkle

=== User's Guide ===

The ART2WP program was created to allow clip art files created through the
PFS:First Publisher desktop publishing program to be used by word processing
programs that handle graphics, and in other graphics programs. To do this,
ART2WP translates these ART files into any of several other graphics file
formats. ART2WP now handles the high-resolution ART files introduced in First
Publisher Version 3, as well as MAC (MacPaint) files and some FP PUB files.
You can translate to:

* .WPG files (Word Perfect 5 graphics format)
* .TIF files (Aldus/Microsoft TIFF format)
* .BIT or .RLE files (Lotus Manuscript graphics format)
* .IMG files (GEM Paint format)
* .GIF files (CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format)
* .PCX files (PC Paintbrush PCX Format)

The translator is a single file: ART2WP.EXE. The default translation is to
Word Perfect 5 (.WPG) format

This utility program ART2WP.EXE was written by

William J. Hinkle

who retains the copyright. Copy and use the program freely. Distribute
it to whomever you want. But:

=== Do NOT distribute modified versions.
=== Do NOT remove the copyright notice.
=== ALWAYS distribute with the documentation.
=== DO NOT charge a fee, except for disk copying/library charges.

If you feel that this program has been of some utility, please seriously
consider sending a contribution of up to $5.00 to help defray my
costs run up in developing this utility. You will receive a written receipt.

William J. Hinkle
420 E.Boston Mills Rd.
Hudson, OH 44236-1111


First create a PFS:First Publisher clip art file, which should have a .ART
extension on the filename. These can be clipped from the .MAC art library
files, or perhaps obtained from local BBSs and other sources.

To create a .WPG file (the default), type in:

ART2WP fname1
ART2WP fname1.ART
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.WPG

from the DOS command prompt.

* For "fname1", substitute the name of your clip art file, of course!

* The .ART and .WPG extensions are assumed if something else is not specified.

* The .WPG file name is made the same as the .ART file name if not otherwise
specified. Specify a different "fname2" if desired.

* Full DOS pathnames can be specified. If you enter a directory (ending in \)
or a drive (ending in 🙂 for the second ("fname2") filename, the output file
will be placed on that path with the default filename; i.e, the input filename
with a .WPG extension.

The .ART file will be translated to a .WPG file.

The .ART file will not be erased. Other options may be specified; see below.

ART2WP can handle wildcard filenames, like *.ART. To convert all of the ART
files in the current directory to WPG, for example, type this command at the
DOS command prompt:


If you are converting to something other than WPG, use the /fN "format" command
to set the output format, rather than an output file extension.


To create a new graphics file in one of the other supported formats (other
than the default WPG format), you must specify the other format. You have two
ways to do this. One way is to specify the output filename ("fname2") with
the appropriate extension. The other is to specify the special /f option
switch that selects the desired format. The second method is usually the
best, because the .ART file's filename is then automatically used for the
output file.

Some examples:

* To get a Aldus/Microsoft TIFF file:

ART2WP fname1 /ft
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.TIF

gives you a TIFF file.

* To get a Lotus Manuscript graphics file:

ART2WP fname1 /fb
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.BIT

or, for RLE files, which are often smaller:

ART2WP fname1 /fr
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.RLE

* To get a GEM Paint graphics file:

ART2WP fname1 /fi
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.IMG

* To get a CompuServe GIF file:

ART2WP fname1 /fg
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.GIF


* To get a ZSoft PC Paintbrush PCX file

ART2WP fname1 /fp
ART2WP fname1.ART fname2.PCX


If you invoke ART2WP from DOS without any other parameters, it will display
the following help message. This illustrates some of the other options you
can select with command line switches.

PFS:FP ART-to-WP Image Translator: V2.1 ... Copyright 1989-90 by W.J.Hinkle

Usage: ART2WP fname1 [fname2] [options] ...
where: fname1.ART ... PFS: First Publisher ART input file
or fname1.MAC ... PFS: First Publisher MAC input file
or fname1.PUB ... PFS: First Publisher PUB input file (graphic only)
fname2.WPG ... Word Perfect 5 WPG output file (default: fname1.WPG)
or fname2.TIF ... Aldus/Microsoft TIFF format output file
or fname2.BIT ... Lotus Manuscript BIT output file
or fname2.IMG ... GEM IMG format output file
or fname2.GIF ... CompuServe GIF format output file
or fname2.PCX ... PC Paintbrush PCX format output file

Command Line Options:
/xN ... x density = N pixels-per-inch (default: 72)
/yN ... y density = N lines-per-inch (default: per x)
/v ... reverse video
/fw ... force WPG (Word Perfect) output file
/ft ... format TIFF output file -- Intel/IBM
/ft-1 ... format TIFF output file -- Motorola/Mac
/fb ... option: force BIT (Lotus Manuscript) output file
/fr ... option: force RLE (Lotus Manuscript) output file
/fi ... option: force IMG (GEM) output file
/fg ... option: force GIF (CompuServe) output file
/fp ... option: force PCX (PC Paintbrush) output file

ART2WP is a translator from First Publisher ART, MAC & PUB image files
to various word processor image file formats:

To Word Perfect 5 WPG files (default, or fname2.WPG, or use /fw option)
or Microsoft/Aldus TIFF files (fname2.TIF, or use /ft option),
or Lotus Manuscript BIT/RLE files (fname2.BIT/RLE, or use /fb, /fr options),
or GEM IMG files (fname2.IMG, or use /fi option),
or CompuServe GIF files (fname2.GIF, or use /fg option),
or PC Paintbrush PCX files (fname2.PCX, or use /fp option).

(followed by shareware and trademark info...)



Normally ART2WP keeps black and white the same between the ART file and the
output file. If you want a reverse video effect, use the /v option switch.


Normally ART2WP make a output file with an image density of 72x72 pixels (or
lines) per inch, the same as First Publisher uses for low resolution ART
files, MAC and PUB files. When translating high-resolution ART files, the
indicated resolution is used (usually this is 300 pixels per inch). This lets
your program compute the "natural" size of the graphics image. You can specify
a different density by specifying it with either the /x or /y option switches
(e.g. /x200 is 200 pixels and lines per inch). You can also alter the aspect
ratio (to "stretch" the image one way or the other) by specifying both the /x
and the /y option switches, with different density values.

Of course, you can usually scale the image in your other application program.

NOTE! The /x and /y commands do NOT rescale the image in any way -- they
simply inform your word processing or graphics program of the desired
resolution in each direction.


Should you have any difficulties using this program, please contact me at the
address above, or via Compuserve Mail, or on the CompuServe PICS forum:

William J. Hinkle [71121,3211]



Thanks to:

Tom Pfau, for his public domain LZW compression/decompression code
Bruce Philp, for his help in testing this program

PFS: First Publisher is a trademark of the Software Publishing Corporation.

Word Perfect is a trademark of the Word Perfect Corporation.

Manuscript and Lotus Manuscript are trademarks of the
Lotus Development Corporation.

GEM is a trademark of the Digital Research Corporation.

GIF and 'Graphics Interchange Format' are service marks of CompuServe Inc.

PC Paintbrush is a trademark of ZSoft Corporation.

* Revision History: *
* ----------------- *
* Version number Date Explanation *
* -------------- ------ -------------------------- *
* 1.3 09 Feb 89 first public release *
* added GIF format output *
* 1.4 14 Feb 89 added TIFF Compression tag to satisfy *
* Optiks 2.11 (why, I don't know!) *
* and reversed video on GIFs *
* 1.5 27 Feb 89 tweaked TIFF output (ordered tags) *
* 1.6 20 Aug 89 added PCX output and made DPI=72 *
* 1.7 18 Mar 90 fixed odd-sized PCXs *
* 2.0 04 Oct 90 now supports hi-rez ART (FP3 type) *
* and filename wildcards *
* 2.1 09 Oct 90 now supports MAC and PUB files *

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