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Turbo Pascal Source from May/June Turbo Technix.
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Turbo Pascal Source from May/June Turbo Technix.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CMPLX.PAS 4583 900 deflated
CMPLX.TPU 3632 1185 deflated
MANDEL4.DOC 541 318 deflated
MANDEL4.EXE 42816 26436 deflated
MANDEL4.PAS 15371 4074 deflated

Download File MANDEL1.ZIP Here

Contents of the MANDEL4.DOC file

This file contains the Turbo Pascal (version 5.0) source code from
the May/June 1988 Turbo Technix (RIP) for generating the Mandelbrot Set and
zooming further into the set. This archive file includes this file,
Mandel4.pas and Complx.pas. The compile the source code, Complx.pas must
be compiled into Complx.TPU, then Mandel4.pas can be compiled directly.
The author of the source code (and the article which accompanies it) is
Fred Robinsion, a computer programmer in the research division of
Ross Roy, Inc. Enjoy!!

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