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Gifsize v1.5 - Resize GIFs, produce zooms, or icons from your GIFs. Use mouse to specify areas. VGA/SVGA graphics.

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G I F S I Z E V 1.5

Resize GIFs Produce zooms,
or icons from your GIFs.
Use the mouse to specify
areas. Requires mouse, VGA
or SVGA graphics. From
Synergrafix Consulting.

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Gifsize v1.5 – Resize GIFs, produce zooms, or icons from your GIFs. Use mouse to specify areas. VGA/SVGA graphics.
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Contents of the GIFSIZE.DOC file


Version 1.5
May 20 , 1993

A Resizing Program for Your GIF(tm) Pictures
Copyright 1990,1993 Synergrafix Consulting,
All rights reserved.

GIFSIZE is produced by:

Steve Enns Synergrafix Consulting
44 Macdermid Cres. 44 Macdermid Cres.
Saskatoon, Sk. Saskatoon, Sk.
Canada S7J 2R2 Canada S7J 2R2

This document has been stolen from the original GIFWARP!
document - if you have GIFWARP!, all the "humor" in here
is ginna' seem familiar...

Our motto:

"We endeavour to pursue faithfully the highest principles in
sophisticated program design and development - until we're
offered more money or more exciting jobs."

Top Ten Phrases heard around this lab:

"What does `File Allocation Table Bad' mean?"
"Where was that bottle?"
"Sure it's weird, but will it sell?"
"Are these deductions right?"
"Where's that Stones tape?"
"Yah, C is okay, but can you do it in FORTRAN?"
"Where was that bottle?"
"I thought YOU fed the sled dogs!"
"Error handling? What's that?"
"Where was that bottle?"

Okay, here's the boring stuff, but don't worry, it's better
than chewing tinfoil:


Kudos, thanks, and good karma to John Bridges for the
enlightening information and code contained in his VGAKIT
package. Trademarks like GIF(tm) and PC(tm) are held by
their respective companies.


The GIFSIZE program is provided without warranty of any
kind. The user of the GIFSIZE assumes complete
responsibility for any and all incidental or consequential
damages which may occur during normal or abnormal use of the
GIFSIZE program. Use the GIFSIZE program at your own risk.


The entire GIFSIZE package, including the GIFSIZE program,
documentation, and sample files are Copyright 1990,1993
Synergrafix Consulting. All rights reserved. The
unregistered shareware version of the GIFSIZE may be freely
distributed to others by any means, as long the following
(three) conditions are met:

1) GIFSIZE is distributed in a "package" containing
the following three files:

2) GIFSIZE is not distributed as part of any other
product, except with specific written permission from
the author, Steve Enns.

3) NO fee of any kind is charged for the GIFSIZE
package or for the service of providing the package,
except Computer Bulletin Board Systems, which may
distribute the GIFSIZE package even though they may
charge a membership or service fee.

You can use the "shareware" version for as long as you want,
even until you're well into your nineties, but you are of
course encouraged to send us lots of money, too. (I'm
struggling to pay for my violin lessons, and Dan needs a new
fishing rod.) On the other hand, a "registered" version of
GIFSIZE is available from the authors for $8.00 U.S. The
registered version provides support for 512K and 1024K
SuperVGA cards from most manufacturers (see REQUIREMENTS
below). The registered version is licensed to the purchaser
exclusively, and may not be distributed to others. To
order the SuperVGA version of GIFSIZE, send $8.00 U.S.
to the "Steve Enns" guy mentioned above. You will receive a
5.25" (sorry NO 3.5" disks!) disk with the latest SuperVGA
version of GIFSIZE. If you send $23.00 or more, you will
also receive the licensed SuperVGA versions of:

GIFWARP! Warp, bend or stretch your GIF(tm) pictures
for bizarre and interesting effects.

GIFCLIP Clip/Crop parts from your GIFs. Add text or
your own GIF(tm) logos to your pictures.

GIFEXE Make your GIF(tm) into an executable program
with special effects. Just run the program
to display the picture. Great for demos or
displays or title screens for your programs.
Supports SuperVGA.

Look for the unlicensed shareware versions of GIFCLIP,
GIFWARP! and GIFEXE on your favourite bulletin board system.


GIFSIZE requires the following:

- PC(tm)/XT(tm)/AT(tm)/386(tm) computer thing
- About 280K of free RAM
- DOS 3.0-6.0 (others untested)
- A mouse that at least claims to be
compatible with something
- A VGA or SuperVGA card

and optionally:

- SuperVGA - The registered SuperVGA version of
GIFSIZE supports modes like 640x480, 800x600
and 1024x768 with 256 colours on 512K and 1024K
SuperVGA cards from ATI, Ahead, Cirrus, Chips and
Technologies, Everex, OAK, Paradise, Trident,
Tseng, Video7, Compaq, NCR, Genoa and VESA.
(S3 based cards with (bug free!) bioses are now
fully supported.) See the LICENSE section above
for ordering information.


Copy the GIFSIZE program (and this helpful document of
course!) to any directory that you want - perhaps with
your favourite GIF(tm) viewer somewhere in the DOS


Syntax for GIFSIZE is as follows:

GIFSIZE [?] infilename[.GIF] [outfilename[.GIF]]


GIFSIZE [?] infilename[.GIF] [outfilename[.GIF]]
[/mode={0,1,2,3,4}] [/autoscale]

for the registered version. ( The /mode=n parameters are as
follows: /mode=0 Ordinary 320x200 mode
/mode=1 Low resolution SVGA
640x400 or 640x350
depending on your card.
/mode=2 Medium resolution 640x480
/mode=3 High resolution 800x600
/mode=4 Higher resolution 1024x768
supported on some 1024K cards.
(Try a VESA driver!)

The /autoscale option trys to fir the GIF onto the screen
when the specified screen mode is much larger then the GIF.

For example, try:

C> GIFSIZE to see the title screen

C> GIFSIZE ? to see the help/brag screen

C> GIFSIZE house to view/resize the file
HOUSE.GIF writing the resized
picture (if any) to the
default name GIFSIZE.GIF

C> GIFSIZE house house2 view/size the file HOUSE.GIF,
writing output to HOUSE2.GIF

With the registered version:

C> GIFSIZE car /mode=2 View/size CAR.GIF using medium
resolution SuperVGA


Try out the following with your favourite GIF(tm) picture:

C> GIFSIZE picturename

GIFSIZE will load the picture and display it one your
screen. The mouse cursor will appear in the centre of the
picture along with the coordinates of the current position.
Choose the area of the picture that you want to resize by
pressing and holding down the left mouse button while moving
the mouse. This "clipping box" will move as you move the
mouse. Release the left button when the "clipping box" is
the appropriate size. Now choose another box in the same
way. The second box may be bigger or larger than the first
box, and may be anywhere on the screen. When you chosen two
boxes, press the right mouse button. The area of the
picture that you chose with the first box will be resized
to fit into the second box. Any number of these resizings
may be done. When you are done, press the key, and
the last resized image will be saved. If you want to exit
GIFSIZE without saving the resized picture, press the


- The following self explanatory error messages may be
produced by GIFSIZE. The errors involving the GIF(tm) files
will generally be due to disk errors or faulty image files.
Other errors refer to lack of enough free RAM space, or lack
of required hardware (VGA and Mouse).

Can't initialize VGA graphics!
Mouse driver not installed.
Can't allocate mouse memory!
Unexpected EOF reading GIF!
Premature end of GIF!
Not GIF file!
Invalid GIF format
Error writing GIF!
Buffer allocation failure!
Can't continue - you're not smiling!


- GIFSIZE reads both GIF87A standard (the original) and
new GIF89A pictures, although most of the extensions in the
new GIF89A standard like (silly) text windows are ignored.
The last image in multi-image GIFs will be the one displayed
for resizing in GIFSIZE.

- Although only the registered copy of GIFSIZE provides
full SuperVGA resolution, all GIF pictures can be decoded
and displayed on all versions of GIFSIZE. If the image is
too large for the available resolution, the image will be
centred on the screen. You will see the middle 320x200
pixels of the image when the entire image is larger than
320x200, for example. The registered version of GIFSIZE
will display images at resolutions up to 1024x768 according
to the size of the picture, or the specified mode.


- Version 1.0 Completed July.10 1991

- Version 1.2 Completed Sep.15 1991
Support for some additional cards and 1024x768x256 on
some 1024K cards, due to Bridges' new VGAKIT35 package.

- Version 1.3 Completed Sep.20 1991
/autoscale is now an option

- Version 1.4 BIG 'OL BUG which disabled VGA in registered
versions is now fixed.

- Version 1.5 Completed May.20 1993
Support for more graphics hardware, including much
more extensive VESA support. S3 and other Windows
accelerator cards which support VESA are now supported.


- Support for other graphics hardware. Hopefully, we will
be able to support new hardware and graphics modes as they
are introduced.

- Faster GIF(tm) decoding and encoding

- Allow resizing to areas larger than the screen

- Resize according to command line arguments, for batch mode

- You tell me!

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