Dec 112017
POV-Ray suds generator.
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POV-Ray suds generator.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EGAVGA.OBJ 5658 4107 deflated
POVSUDS.C 32581 8622 deflated
POVSUDS.EXE 82592 48418 deflated
POVSUDS.PRJ 5358 1137 deflated
README 530 272 deflated
SUDS.DOC 1907 926 deflated
SUDS.POV 1801 733 deflated

Download File SUDS.ZIP Here

Contents of the README file

User files:
POVSUDS.EXE - POV Suds program
README - This file
SUDS.POV - POV-Ray version 2.00 syntax Suds scene file for
use with the generated #include file.
SUDS.DOC - General documentation

Programmer files:
EGAVGA.OBJ -BGI driver to link in (so user doesn't need EGAVGA.BGI)
POVSUDS.C -POVSUDS.C source code (needs Borland compiler)
POVSUDS.PRJ -Borland C++ project file

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