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A GIF file graphics program used by Smithsonian Institute and CompuServe.

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The Smithsonian Institute and CompuServe have
been using this graphics prog. for years. Its
like having several prog. rolled into one.
GDS painlessly catalogs GIF images, even from
the most disorganized directories. Once the
GIF files are saved, you can click on images
and see the large verison from with GDS. GDS
is much faster than most viewers, GDS also
does SlideShows in a snap. Try it today....

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A GIF file graphics program used by Smithsonian Institute and CompuServe.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 411 270 deflated
GDS.CFG 20378 4357 deflated
GDS.EXE 82728 80524 deflated
GDS.ICO 766 368 deflated
GDS.OVL 178872 82373 deflated
GDSABOUT.TXT 7725 3037 deflated
GDSBUY.TXT 4332 1911 deflated
GDSCAT.TXT 4109 1693 deflated
GDSCMD.TXT 4712 1974 deflated
GDSCONV.TXT 2636 1048 deflated
GDSMODE.TXT 4405 1596 deflated
GDSSHOW.TXT 1737 634 deflated
GDSTITLE.GIF 16522 16338 deflated
GDSUSER.CFG 1121 609 deflated
GDSVIEW.TXT 2714 1153 deflated
GDS_TEXT.PAL 480 277 deflated
GETVBIOS.EXE 1341 512 deflated
QUICKFLI.EXE 13706 7775 deflated
REGISTER.PRN 51529 18352 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2846 1237 deflated
SAMPLE.GIF 29122 28964 deflated
VIDEOID.DOC 3182 1169 deflated
VIDEOID.EXE 7061 6828 deflated
VIEWHELP.GIF 13783 13783 stored

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Contents of the GDSABOUT.TXT file

*** Press a key or click the mouse to exit. *** (This file is GDSABOUT.TXT)
G.D.S.- Copyright(c)1991-94 Raxsoft Incorporated. All rights reserved.

1781 Barcelona Street Internet: [email protected]
Livermore, CA 94550
(510) 449-9079 - Voice Order Line: 510-449-9079 9AM-5PM PST
(510) 449-3519 - Fax GDS is $39.95+S/H (US funds)


GDS is a file viewer and cataloger. It helps you manage image files. It
is "ShareWare", not "FreeWare", which means you must pay for it if you
want to keep using it. When you buy GDS, you also get a printed manual,
several enhanced features, and the option to upgrade to future releases at
reduced rates.

$39.95 - Registered (paid for) version

To order GDS, send a check or money order for $39.95 (US funds) plus
$3.00 shipping and handling, made payable to "Photodex", or call our order
line and use your VISA or MASTERCARD. Sorry, foreign checks are not
accepted. International and express shipping is extra, please call for
the exact amount. See the registration form for more detailed information.


CATALOGS - GDS painlessly creates catalog GIF images of even the most
disorganized directories. Once the GIF files are saved, you can click on
images in them and see the large version from within GDS. The Smithsonian
Institute and CompuServe have been using GDS for years.

FAST VIEWING - GDS is far faster than most viewers. GDS's interface was
designed in an environment where ease of use and speed were critical.
Even when the hardware can't handle the raw picture, GDS instantly
converts the image on the fly, allowing you to see what most viewers would
display poorly.

FORMAT CONVERSION - GDS can convert just about any format to just about any
other format. Just select the file(s) and choose the destination format
from the conversion menu. In seconds, your file(s) are complete. Some
have called GDS "the DOS DeBabbelizer," however, the 24 to 8 bit color
reduction in GDS is the cleanest in the industry.

SLIDE SHOWS - GDS makes slide shows a snap. Just select the pictures you
want, click once in the lower right of the screen, and GDS is off with
a slide show. Giving a presentation? No problem, just use the arrow
keys to move through the pictures if your presentation timing gets
delayed! (The left arrow will go to the previous picture!)


Tens of thousands of copies of GDS have circulated since February 1991,
when GDS became the premier graphics file catalog system for PC's.
CompuServe invented GIF, and uses GDS to catalog all of their online
image files. CompuServe's system operators choose GDS as their "first
choice" for cataloging files because GDS is fast, easy and reliable.

Tens of thousands of people around the world are using GDS. Among them
are some of the most reputable companies in the world. Some of them
include: Microsoft, IBM, Intel, National Geographic, The Smithsonian
Institute, CompuServe, Epson, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Microtek, US Dept.
of Defense, US Dept. of Energy, Mobil, AutoDesk, Hercules Graphics,
Digital Vision, and more. The list grows every day as GDS orders arrive.


You should contribute to the development of the tools you use. This
software is a valuable tool to help you, and it is worth paying for. You
are allowed to use this software for a reasonable "trial period" of not
more than 21 days, after which time you must either pay for the enhanced
version or stop using the shareware version. Paying for the enhanced
version of this software insures that you will be informed of valuable
updates and other product information.

Shareware is a way for you to "try before you buy". It is not "free" or
"public domain". It is NOT software you can quietly avoid paying for.
Good shareware, like commercial software, is expensive to produce. The
reason shareware is inexpensive is because there is very little spent on
marketing. This allows the shareware publishers to offer you even more
value for a very small amount of money. The shareware mechanism is here to
help you to decide which software to invest in. So support good software
publishers and buy their enhanced versions...and tell your friends!

Once you buy the enhanced version of GDS, you will become one of the many
thousands of satisfied GDS users who rely on GDS for their graphics needs!


Automatic detection of HGC, CGA, EGA, VGA, and SVGA displays
Highest quality convertions to and from any supported formats
Easily generates color image catalogs automatically
Handles up to 2,848 files at once, in any number of directories!
Includes complete file management commands (copy/move/rename/delete)
Displays any file on any supported graphics card, including scaling
Smooth 24 bit antialising when reducing image size
Rotate in increments of 90 degrees
Flip images horizontally and vertically
Automatically supports TIGA in extended resolutions
Supports most file formats:
.BBM - Deluxe Paint "brush" files (1/4/8 bit)
.BMP - All Windows BMP (1/4/8/24 bit)
.FLI - Comes with QUICKFLI.EXE and plays .FLI files
.GIF - Certified 100%% GIF87/GIF89a compliant by CompuServe
.GL - Comes with GRASPRT.EXE and plays .GL files
.IFF - E/A IFF files (1/4/8 bit)
.LBM - Deluxe Paint II PC compatible (1/4/8 bit)
* .MAC - MacPaint (monochrome page files)
.PCC - PCX "clip" files (similar to PCX)
.PCX - Verified with 47 separate weird PCX dialects (1/2/4/8/24 bit)
.SCx - ColorRIX PC/Windows compatible
.TGA - Supports Targa files (8/15/16/24 bit)
** .TIF - All TIF formats (1/2/4/8/15/16/24 bit)
* Supported for reading only.
** Compressed TIF not supported. Compressed TIF files are generally
not recommended for being transportable.

END OF GDSABOUT.TXT - Thank you for choosing GDS.

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