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Smiley's VGA 256-color Kaleidoscopes, version 4.3. A large variety of kaleidoscopes for 320x200 256-color mode. Compiled using F-PC Forth.
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Smiley’s VGA 256-color Kaleidoscopes, version 4.3. A large variety of kaleidoscopes for 320×200 256-color mode. Compiled using F-PC Forth.
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Contents of the VKAL.DOC file

\ VGA Kaleidoscopes Version 4.3 by Mark Smiley 11Mar91mds

Address comments and corrections to:

Dr. Mark Smiley
Department of Mathematics/CS
Goucher College
Towson, MD 21204

(301)-337-6285 (W)

This program is POSTWARE and may be freely distributed. If you like the
program, drop me a postcard. I also welcome suggestions.

Note: the file KALMAN.PIC is merely a sample picture file which may be
recalled and viewed from the main menu of the VKAL program (choice B).
Once displayed, press the palette-changing keys:
to change the palette. The file KALMAN.PIC is not necessary to the
running of VKAL, and may be deleted.

When you first enter VKAL, try choice D (Direct Screen writing) first.
This should work on your VGA card, and it is significantly faster than
choice B (BIOS access).

VKAL was written in FORTH. This version is implemented in F-PC, the
excellent Public Domain FORTH by Tom Zimmer, which comes complete with
an interpreter/compiler, an editor, a step through debugger, a MASM-like
assembler, nice software and 8087 floating points, a complete graphics
package (written by yours truely along with Mike Sperl), multitasking,
large memory model (access all your memory), and a host of other
wonderful features too numerous to mention here. If you don't have it,
get it. It's the best PD language on the market (and better than many
commercial "compilers"). A recent test of a PI calculating program found
F-PC to compile faster code than Turbo-C!

This program was written and tested on the Video-7 VEGA VGA graphics
card on a 10Mhz AT. It has also been tested on a Video-7 1024i card
with 512K memory on a 33Mhz '386. If you find any problems running the
program on your system, let me know.

Limits of Liability:
In any event, the author will not be held responsible for any damages to
your system due to this program.

Version 4.3 -- Now uses S#ED, rather than #IN. 09Mar91mds
Added Jerry Modrow's (jgm) Poly kaleidoscopes
and time delays. Added a few more linear
kaleidoscopes (LKS is from jgm, too) to the menu.
Version 4.2 -- Now with pull-down menus & mouse support.20Jan91mds
Version 4.1 -- Added RandomDisks kaleidoscope. 16Oct90mds
Version 4.0 -- Now palettes change without clearing 31Oct89mds
the screen first.
Version 3.9 -- Real fix of KAL2 (in V320.COLOR-DOT) 26Oct89mds
Version 3.8c-- Fixed 100RPXR (menu option Z) w/ BIOS 25Oct89mds
Version 3.8b-- Minor fixes. 24Oct89mds
Version 3.8a-- Undid the ENDCASE fix. 23Oct89mds
Version 3.8 -- Fixed it to work with F-PC v. 3.34, 8 Oct89mds
especially ENDCASE.
Version 3.7 -- Added PAL6, PAL7, Alt.GreyPal. 15Apr88mds
Thanks to Mike Sperl, line drawing is MUCH faster!
Version 3.6c-- Changed IF...THENs to CASE statements. 25Nov88mds
Version 3.6 -- Finally cleaned up the comments. Added some error
trapping to the maximum row, maximum column, and color
incrementing input routines. Removed DEALLOC.BUF and
ALLOC.BUF, since they are now done automatically in the
system. Made RND-CLR independent of the resolution.
Replaced CPX with COLOR-DOT, for speed.
Version 3.5 -- Screen save files are smaller now (only 64000 bytes),
and all "Memory Allocation" errors fixed. Also, the
.EXE file itself is smaller than before.
Version 3.4 -- DEALLOCates the buffer before leaving. This should
fix some (all?) of the "Memory Allocation" errors.
Version 3.3 -- Uses Video Save routines version 1.2a. Fixes a bug
in memory allocation for saving screens.
Version 3.2 -- Added two new pallettes and the ability to change
pallettes while running.
Version 3.1 -- When recalling a screen, hitting a valid number
changes the pallette accordinly. Any other key
exits back to the menu. Also added VK.VERSION.
Version 3.0 -- Now you can save and recall your favorite VGA
Kaleidoscope pictures! Use the extension .PIC for them.
Version 2.9 -- faster, due to fewer PUSHes and POPs per dot in VGA routines
Version 2.8 -- uses the new graphics routines with STATOFF and SLOW, and
uses TEXT rather than DARK in the appropriate places.
Version 2.7 -- tells you the version number
Version 2.6 -- now asks the user if a VGA card is installed or not.
Finally uses HRES and VRES as set by RES (even though this program
is really only pretty in the VGA320 mode).
Version 2.5 -- now Default Palette Loading is disabled before the
kaleidoscope begins, and it is enabled before either exiting,
or putting any text on the screen.
The palette is still (purposely) not reset after the menu text is
displayed, so 16 colors will be different until a 1, 2, or 3 is pressed.
This makes the kaleidoscope more interesting.

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