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Splash VGA slide show program.
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Splash VGA slide show program.
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Contents of the SHOWSS.DOC file

SHOWSS v1.10 Release Notes

SHOWSS is a late addition to the SPLASH! package, and there is no mention
of it in the documentation.

SHOWSS is a display utility for SPLASH! canvas (.SS) and stamp (.ST) files.
An individual file may be displayed, or multiple files may be displayed
in a sequence.


valid SPLASH! file format is checked
any previous video mode is restored at end of program or on exit via
tests for and handles monochrome VGA
bottom right pixel is handled correctly
/G option available to force grey-scale operation on Color VGA
/F option leaves picture up, and is suitable for use on a floppy disk


operation under various versions of DOS has NOT been verified


showss filespec [/?] [/F] [/T time] [/G]

filespec specifies the file(s) to be displayed. It may include a path,
and may be an ambiguous filespec containing the DOS wildcards * and ?.

/? option displays a help screen describing SHOWSS options.

/F turns on the FADE effects, so picture(s) fade in and out.

/T time specified the time (in seconds) for which a picture is displayed.
This option, combined with a wildcard filespec, results in a free-running
"slide show". Free-running operation may be halted by pressing .
If the /T option is NOT specifed, each picture will be displayed until a
key is hit.

/G forces grey-scaled displays on a color MCGA/VGA. This gives the same
display appearance as a monochrome MCGA/VGA.

The above options may be used on the command line in any order.


showss c:\splash\*.s? /F /T 3

will display all of the SPLASH! canvases and stamps in directory c:\splash
in the order they are found. Each picture will be displayed for 3 seconds,
and then fade out. No operator intervention is required.


An ambiguous filespec containing the DOS wildcards * or ? may specify one
or more files. The matching files will be displayed in the order in which
they appear in the directory. To see the order in which the files will
appear, run DIR with the same filespec.

If no extension is provided in the filespec, SHOWSS will use the
extension <.S?> , which will display all SPLASH! canvases and stamps.


There are 2 demo batch files provided with SHOWSS.

SLIDESHO will display all of the SPLASH! canvases in the current directory
with a delay time of 3 seconds. The display is completely free-running. It
may be stopped by pressing .

=== end of SHOWSS v1.10 release notes ===

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