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PC-Draft II drawings. Need PC-Draft for this.
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PC-Draft II drawings. Need PC-Draft for this.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BORDER1.OBJ 2176 940 deflated
BOX.OBJ 1536 108 deflated
BURGER.OBJ 256 141 deflated
CAN.OBJ 1280 260 deflated
CAR1.OBJ 2560 699 deflated
CAR2.OBJ 6016 1553 deflated
CAR3.OBJ 2944 632 deflated
CAR4.OBJ 11648 1259 deflated
CLUB.OBJ 256 121 deflated
COMP1.OBJ 3328 867 deflated
COMP2.OBJ 3840 612 deflated
COMP3.OBJ 1920 720 deflated
COMP4.OBJ 1920 713 deflated
ELEPHANT.OBJ 6272 1226 deflated
F15.OBJ 4352 658 deflated
FEET.OBJ 256 150 deflated
FLOWER1.OBJ 1024 377 deflated
FLOWER2.OBJ 512 302 deflated
FLOWER3.OBJ 640 317 deflated
HANDS.OBJ 384 174 deflated
HEAD1.OBJ 768 374 deflated
HEAD2.OBJ 768 385 deflated
HEAD3.OBJ 1152 542 deflated
HEAD4.OBJ 896 451 deflated
HEAD5.OBJ 768 365 deflated
HEART.OBJ 256 135 deflated
IBMAT.OBJ 9088 2519 deflated
KEYBD.OBJ 8576 2207 deflated
LEAF1.OBJ 384 247 deflated
LEAF2.OBJ 384 265 deflated
LEAF3.OBJ 768 381 deflated
LEAF4.OBJ 896 357 deflated
LEAF5.OBJ 384 242 deflated
LEAF6.OBJ 768 286 deflated
LIGHT.OBJ 384 164 deflated
LINCOLN.OBJ 1152 425 deflated
MAN.OBJ 256 161 deflated
MUSH1.OBJ 896 367 deflated
NORTH.OBJ 256 149 deflated
OUTHOUSE.OBJ 256 100 deflated
PIANO.OBJ 256 85 deflated
PLUG.OBJ 384 149 deflated
READ.ME 7609 2713 deflated
SCROLL1.OBJ 5632 1389 deflated
SCROLL2.OBJ 5888 1109 deflated
SCROLL3.OBJ 4608 1682 deflated
SCROLL4.OBJ 512 235 deflated
SCROLL5.OBJ 3200 1201 deflated
SCROLL6.OBJ 8832 1907 deflated
SHIELD1.OBJ 3456 1155 deflated
SHIP.OBJ 384 138 deflated
SPADE.OBJ 256 130 deflated
TREE1.OBJ 6272 1214 deflated
TREE2.OBJ 2944 1250 deflated
TREE3.OBJ 896 544 deflated
TREE4.OBJ 6272 3147 deflated
TREE5.OBJ 6784 1382 deflated
TREE6.OBJ 3712 1263 deflated
TREE7.OBJ 3072 1637 deflated
TREE8.OBJ 2944 775 deflated
TREE9.OBJ 8192 3254 deflated
TREEPL1.OBJ 4096 1863 deflated
TREEPL2.OBJ 896 649 deflated
TREEPL3.OBJ 896 627 deflated
TREEPL4.OBJ 2560 1663 deflated
TREEPL5.OBJ 1280 818 deflated
USA.OBJ 12544 1889 deflated
WASHINGT.OBJ 1408 465 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This file contains clip art for the shareware drawing program:
PC-Draft II. You cannot use these images with any other drawing
program. To get your copy of PC-Draft II, look on the same bulletin
board or shareware distribution source that you found this file.

PC-Draft II is a high resolution pixel oriented drawing and
graphing utility, which is designed to facilitate a variety of
drawing and drafting needs. Some of PC-Draft II's features:

o You can produce drawings up to 1280 by 700 dots
using IBM's color graphic adaptor high resolution
graphics mode (640 x 200 dots per screen). Such a
drawing will more than fill an 8-1/2 x 11 inch
printed output (at 150 dots per inch resolution).

o Built-in functions allow you to draw circles,
lines, boxes, arcs and curves; draw bar, line and
pie graphs; create patterns with which to fill
areas; cut and paste objects and save objects to
files for later use.

o PC-Draft is both menu driven and command driven --
all drawing commands may be selected from the
menus or may be entered by a single keystroke
command such as [C] to draw a circle or [L] for

o You can zoom in to precisely edit one pixel at a

o You can record graphic keyboard macros saved in
files for later playback and for animation

o You can load and edit fonts.

o You can print your drawings on a variety of
printers including those compatible with IBM and
Epson Dot matrix, HP Laserjet+, and HP DeskJet
printers. Also you can save the output to the
printer in a file for later batch printing.

o You can save portions of the screen or full
drawings in GEM .IMG file format. These can then
be directly imported into such Desk Top Publishing
programs as Ventura Publisher and WordPerfect 5.0.

o Drawing and Pic files may be saved in compressed
format to save disk space.

o You can set up to ten place markers anywhere in
the drawing to jump to.

o Drawing grids are displayable at any spacing with
optional "grid-lock" (Snap).

o A pop-up status panel shows x and y cursor posi-
tion, position of the screen window in respect to
the full drawing area, the current pattern, the
current cursor increment value, and more.

o An undo function repairs damage done by your last

o A preview function displays the entire drawing on
the screen.

o A graphics presentation language called PIX
performs all PC-Draft II commands from a script
you write without displaying any cursor or menu
interaction. PIX allows you to create animated
sequences of: loading screens, drawing forms and
graphs and adding text and more.

o Another program: CAPTURE.COM allows you to capture
screen images from other programs (both text and
graphic screens), to be loaded into PC-Draft for
enhancement and printing.

o The latest additions to the Font, Macro, and
Object libraries are included.


PC-Draft II is copyrighted. It is not a public
domain program. It is being distributed as
Shareware, which means that unmodified copies of
the software and documentation may be freely
copied and shared. We ask in return that should
you find PC-Draft II to be useful, you become a
registered user. You become registered by sending
$50.00 to:

Natural Software
19 South fifth Street
St. Charles Illinois, 60174

Or call with your VISA or MasterCard number: (312)
377-7320. The file: ORDER.FRM on the disk can be
printed and used as an order form.

What do you get by becoming registered?

What registered users get

o The latest version of the software without the
introductory ShareWare screen.

o Free telephone support: You can talk directly to
the author (Mike Allen). Many of the features in
this latest version of PC-Draft came directly from
suggestions and wishes from users. You can also
communicate with the author via compuserve. Send
an EMAIL message to Mike Allen (PID: 70047,744)

o The latest additions to the Font, Macro, and
Object libraries: They require too much disk space
to distribute with the Shareware version. And, as
a registered user you will be notified when new
libraries become available.

o A collection of drawings made with PC-Draft II
which you can incorporate into you own work.

o A typeset quality user manual profusely
illustrated with drawings made with PC-Draft II
and full of helpful hints.

o As a registered user you will be informed of new
versions of PC-Draft.

The shareware philosophy is to pay smaller amounts
for well crafted and useful software from
developers who cannot spend the millions of
dollars on packaging and marketing necessary to
compete with the large software development com-
panies. You benefit by being able to try a wider
variety of software products to find the ones that
suit your particular purpose. And the trial is
free. The shareware developer benefits from being
able to distribute his work to a wider audience
than would be possible through normal channels.

Your share of the responsibility for shareware to
continue, and to support the development of more
and better products is to distribute your
shareware programs to others and become a
registered user of those products you like and

System Requirements

PC-Draft II is compatible with the IBM PC, XT, and
AT and "true compatible" microcomputers with at
least 384k of memory and with MS-DOS or PC-DOS
versions 2.0 or later. An IBM or compatible Color
Graphics Display adapter is required. PC-Draft II
performs direct access of the display buffer at
address B8000 hex. PC-Draft II will not work with
monochrome displays or foreign display interface
boards such as Hercules. (However, it will work
with one of the shareware CGA emulators such as
HGCIBM or SIMCGA. Look for them on your BBS.)

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