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3D-Editor for POV1.0 and 2.0, GUI up to 1024x768, very good handling, really nice graphic, texture editor, etc.
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3D-Editor for POV1.0 and 2.0, GUI up to 1024×768, very good handling, really nice graphic, texture editor, etc.
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ALLOBJS.MDL 7491 3317 deflated
AXIS.MDL 4046 950 deflated
KETTLE.MDL 2447 1019 deflated
KETTLE2.MDL 2485 1049 deflated
MAYFLY.MDL 9638 2912 deflated
MAYFLY20.INC 1759 484 deflated
MRYSTART.MDL 398 195 deflated
PLASMA2.GIF 8552 8169 deflated
TEAPOT.MDL 13446 4215 deflated
MORAY.DOC 101980 26324 deflated
MORAY.EXE 405520 147269 deflated
MORAYPOV.CFG 10168 3072 deflated
MORAYTUT.TXT 28562 9203 deflated
MRYDEFLT.INC 137 86 deflated
MRYTXTR.LST 5121 1473 deflated
README 1467 758 deflated
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Contents of the README file

MORAY V1.2! Monty the modeller. 3rd March 1993

We hope you'll get Mo' out of Raytracing with this package! And we hope
you'll find it as slick as an eel (moray).

This Archive contains the following files:

README - This file.
MORAY.DOC - The User's Manual (please read it!)
MORAY.EXE - The actual executable
MORAYPOV.CFG - The configuration file (see MORAY.DOC).
MORAYTUT.TXT - A quick tutorial of how to use MORAY.
MRYDEFLT.INC - The default include file for output.
MRYTXTR.LST - The texture list MORAY should know about.
MDL/*.MDL - Various scene files.

To install, just copy this ZIP to your harddisk in a directory like \MORAY
and unzip with the -d option (creating subdirectories).

Please read the Configuration chapter in MORAY.DOC to finish up the
installation to ensure you have your environment correctly setup.

If you're the type that doesn't like reading manuals, I have good news
and bad news: The bad news is that there are so many features in MORAY
that you'll never find them without doing so. The good news is that I've
included a walk-through tutorial that will show you just about everything.

Enjoy working with MORAY V1.2! Suggestions are always welcome, ways of
reaching me are located in MORAY.DOC.

Lutz Kretzschmar
The SoftTronics Team

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