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Produces Graphic Flowers, nice demo, but a little slow.
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Produces Graphic Flowers, nice demo, but a little slow.
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Pleasant patterns & soothing sights. Requires an EGA card...

Usage:ROSES [time]
Change patterns by pressing any key. Exit by pressing ESC.
Including the optional argument TIME will cause the pattern
to change after a delay of TIME seconds.

Copyright (c) 1986 by TLG Software & Derek B Clegg

This program is hereby placed into the public domain.
ROSES is, however, copyrighted by the authors. You may make
copies of ROSES for your own use, and you may make copies for
others. In order to continue serving the computing community
with useless graphics programs that do nothing, we need YOUR
support. If you delighted in this program, send a check or
money order for $5 to Derek B Clegg/3001 Deakin #2/Berkeley,
CA 94704 and you'll get our thanks + a listing of the code
which generates these designs.

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