OS/2 Files

OS2 Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
$OS2.ZIP475643Aug 6 1992Genoa 7000 SuperVGA drivers for OS/2 2.0.
20FIXA.ZIP4150Jul 14 1992Latest Text file describing OS/2 2.0 fixes, current through 7/13/92.
20MEMU.ZIP83836Jan 8 1993A memory usage display utility for OS/2 2.0.
20MENU.ZIP83946Jan 8 1993OS/2 2.0 utility that displays memory usage by application. Written by IBM employee.
211MEM.ZIP8927Feb 28 1994New .DLL for OS20MEMU to allow it to work with 2.11 Service Pack.
21ANNC.ZIP7995May 20 1993OS/2 v2.1 Final Version Special Promotion Offer - details inside. Also includes description of new features. MUCH faster than NT.
21DFCT.ZIP290952Mar 24 1993List of defects in the Dec. 2.1 OS/2 Beta. In INF format.
21KRNL.ZIP749336Feb 13 1993OS/2 2.1 beta bug fix for slow load of some 16-bit apps.
21SP.ZIP34760Dec 8 1993Info on OS/2 2.1 service pack.
21WPSF.ZIP148911Jun 18 1993First OS/2 2.1 bug fix. There are two cosmetic patches and one that fixes a system crash problem during installation on systems that are upgrading from a previous OS/2 release and not reformatting the partition first.
294108.ZIP6189Dec 5 1994IBM's announcement about Dualstor for OS/2 and DOS.
2DBOOT.ZIP3828Jul 12 1992This file describes the use of BOTH floppy drives to boot OS2 2.0 GA.
2MONITOR.ZIP33800Sep 10 1989OS/2 utilities: helpful when using two monitors, useful for programming and debugging.
4O20B.ZIP35398Jan 4 19944OS2 2.0 patch file, updates 4OS2 2.0 16-bit and 32-bit versions from rev A to rev B. ONLY USEFUL if you already have 4OS2 2.0 rev A, not needed by new users.
4O20C.ZIP62374Feb 8 19944OS2 2.0 patch file, updates 4OS2 .0 16-bit and 32-bit versions from rev B to rev C. ONLY USEFUL if you already have 4OS2 2.0 rev B, not needed by new users.
4OS210.ZIP253945Jun 8 1992Shareware release 1.0 of 4os2, a replacement for cmd.exe that is much like 4DOS. This is by the same author as 4DOS.
4OS232.ZIP115396Dec 30 19924OS2 Release 1.1. 32-bit upgrade for 4OS210.zip. Command line replacement for OS/2 2.0. Must have the original 1.0 release to use this file. This is by the same author as 4DOS.
6200.ZIP633Feb 24 1994Description of the OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200).
6200DS01.EXE969093Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 14 of 21.
6200DS02.EXE876893Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 15 of 21.
6200DS03.EXE593334Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 16 of 21.
6200MM01.EXE843543Feb 25 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 20 of 21.
6200MM02.EXE1406364Feb 25 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 21 of 21.
6200PM01.EXE1423216Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 17 of 21.
6200PM02.EXE1357128Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 18 of 21.
6200PM03.EXE767208Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 19 of 21.
6200_01.EXE787588Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 1 of 21.
6200_02.EXE863398Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 2 of 21.
6200_03.EXE1484533Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette . Disk 3 of 21.
6200_04.EXE1483255Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 4 of 21.
6200_05.EXE1483463Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 diskette image. Disk 5 of 21.
6200_06.EXE1475985Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 6 of 21.
6200_07.EXE1480329Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Servce Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 7 of 21.
6200_08.EXE1469723Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 8 of 21.
6200_09.EXE1475548Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 9 of 21.
6200_10.EXE1471603Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 ich diskette image. Disk 10 of 21.
6200_11.EXE1467664Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 ih diskette image. Disk 11 of 21.
6200_12.EXE1444442Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 12 of 21.
6200_13.EXE378540Feb 24 1994OS/2 2.1 Service Pack (XR06200). 3.5 inch diskette image. Disk 13 OF 21.
8900BFIX.ZIP13369May 1 1992Fixes mode-switch problems in DOS full screen sessions with Trident TVGA 8900B cards under OS/2 2.0.
8OS21A.ZIP816585Oct 18 1994Os/2 2.1 drivers for Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM, v 1.02, disk a.
8OS21B.ZIP1180551Oct 18 1994Os/2 2.1 drivers for Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM, v 1.02, disk b.
93051301.ZIP1199May 13 1993IBM PSP announcement, Reiswig/Gerstner reaffirm OS/2 commitment.
93051803.ZIP3767May 18 1993May 18 OS/2 Announcement, see end of message for promotional announcements.
9LIVE121.ZIP72183Jan 29 1994OS/2 Desktop Expander. 9 Lives (version 1.21) is a virtual desktop to replace the default desktop in OS/2.
ACLOCK2.ZIP20051Aug 28 1989OS/2 Analog Alarm Clock.
ACTIXS3.ZIP1424047Feb 11 1993Graphics engine (S3) video drivers for OS/2. Seamless Windows.
ADAPTEC.ZIP99545Mar 14 1993Update Adaptec drivers for OS/2 2.0.
ADU.ZIP92095May 24 1993OS/2 character mode file management program. Works with mouse in OS/2 PM window, supports HPFS filenames, split screen capability, and fast.
ADVENT-2.ZIP74770Aug 30 1988Classic Adventure game for OS/2 with full C source.
ALIAS11.ZIP43717Aug 4 1988Command recall, and aliasing for OS/2 character sessions. C & ASM source.
ALPM10.ZIP107034Oct 5 1989Active Life is a personal or business time and schedule manager that runs under OS/2 PM.
ALRM15.ZIP61637Mar 24 1992OS/2 PM Alarm Clock, reminder of events (meetings, etc.).
ALRMPR.ZIP238862Mar 24 1993AlarmPro v1.3b - Personal information manager, Program launcher, desktop clock, to do reminder, and desktop lockup feature. All in one integrated program FOR OS/2.
AMOS111.ZIP80351Jan 27 1994AMOS v1.11 Access your OS/2 2.x HPFS drive from a DOS BOOT. Very handy program when OS/2 will not boot. Shareware version offers many commands but will not write to the HPFS disk. Excellent program.
ANIMATE4.ZIP13880May 9 1990Animate - An animated desktop program for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
APIEXT.ZIP18761Apr 19 1988APIEXT is an M extension that will convert from the all uppercase OS/2 API convention using the include file "doscalls.h" used by C 4.5 to the mixed case API convention using "os2.h" used in the newer C 5.1 product.
APING12.ZIP188482Nov 17 1992Cpi-c code for OS/2 2.0 from IBM.
ARC2.ZIP27418Mar 10 1988OS/2 Compatible Arc Program (.EXE only).
ARCA130.ZIP69027Mar 16 1993OS/2 2.0 archive duplicate finder. This looks for dups or near dups inside of archive files.
ARPEGG.ZIP18095Sep 8 1988An audible background multi-tasking indicator for OS/2. Include C source code.
ASCRAPBK.ZIP304578Nov 4 1994Scrapbook is an OS/2 shareware program that allows you to store items from the clipboard. It currently supports text & bitmaps. It also has extensive searching and sorting capability.
ASMPRG.ZIP5719Jan 30 1993Example of a program in assembler for os2 2.1.
ASTER211.ZIP20881May 26 1991OS/2 PM Asteroids v2.11.
ASYNC2.ZIP7574May 29 1993Asynch classes for Smalltalk/V for OS/2 (32 bit).
AT2-14A.ZIP26407Aug 24 1992AT2 is a simple OS/2 program with a limited but useful function: it sends characters from the OS/2 commandline as AT-command to a Hayes compatible modem (with blanks suppressed).
ATI32V11.ZIP645133Oct 8 1993GA release of ATI's Mach 8/32 OS/2 video drivers dated 10/8/93.
ATIOS213.ZIP232901Apr 13 1992ATI Wonder Board driver for OS/2 1.3. May also work with OS/2 2.0.
ATIULTRA.ZIP123039Jul 4 1992OS/2 2.0 Driver for ATI 8514 ULTRA Card.
ATKEY.ZIP2688Aug 11 1988Turns off the Num-Lock key when starting OS/2. Place in OS2INIT file.
ATP07OS2.ZIP101211Dec 5 1993ATP 1.42 QWK Reader for OS/2, full featured text mode app, freeware per terms of GNU License.
AV182.ZIP288394Sep 18 1993OS/2 PM app for archiving/unarchiving/launching/viewing archived files.
AW.ZIP19512Mar 31 1989An OS/2 PM WhereIs program that includes full C source code.
B.ZIP452Aug 31 1989Brief icon for os/2, from underware.
BACK-WPS.ZIP26108Jan 29 1994Back-up the WPS in OS/2 systems.
BACKDROP.ZIP39988Jun 9 1989Change OS/2 PM background into a pretty decent picture.
BACKINI.ZIP21107May 27 1992OS/2 2.0 utility that allows you to make backups of all OS/2 .INI files (or any files you define) in numbered sequence, going back as many modifications as the user defines.
BACKO1.ZIP21063Mar 5 1990Shareware intelligent backup program for OS/2.
BAKITUP.ZIP52206May 31 1993This is a little REXX file to automate use of the OS/2 BACKUP program.
BAKMSTR.ZIP184175Sep 15 1993OS/2 2.1 PM backup Pgm that supports floppy tape drives including Jumbo. This is a demo version that is functional except for compression and 5MB transfer limit.
BASH.ZIP418322Jun 7 1993Bash command shell for OS/2 2.x.
BBS.ZIP64667Nov 25 1989This is a simple BBS-program for OS/2. No source code.
BEZIER.ZIP2367Oct 2 1989Bezier Spline demonstration with OS/2 PM. Includes full C source.
BIOR.ZIP43154Mar 27 1991This is an OS/2 PM BioRhythm program from the 1.2 SDK.
BITBLT.ZIP8175Jan 18 1989OS/2 PM program that allows you to fiddle with bit-mapped graphics.
BLKICO.ZIP433063Jul 13 1992Fixes the "Black Icon Syndrome" of OS/2 2.0's PM.
BMAPVIEW.ZIP13133Jul 12 1989OS/2 bitmap viewer with samples.
BOOKMGR2.ZIP1207975Jan 1 1993This is the "unlicensed" version of IBM BookMgr/2. It only works for IBM Published Online Books.
BOOTABLE.ZIP11771Jul 3 1992OS/2 program that allows you to put DOS system files on floppy disks without exiting OS/2, booting DOS, and formating using format /s. Works under OS/2 2.0.
BOOTD21.ZIP795062Aug 14 1993OS/2 2.1 disk image for creating single 1.44 MB boot disk for OS/2 (includes doc file). Supports HPFS and DOS partitions.
BOOTI1.ZIP39160Dec 19 1993Boot interupter for OS/2. Pick option you want from a user defined menu.
BOOTOS2.ZIP57669Jul 13 1994IBM employee-written software (unsupported freeware) to create boot floppies or small boot partitions for OS/2 2.x. Version 5.00, supports OS/2 2.11 including CSD's to that level. No more booting from install disks.
BOOTWARP.ZIP890488Nov 6 1994Boot OS/2 Warp from One Diskette - Must have Os/2 Warp already installed.
BOXES3.ZIP8208Aug 1 1988OS/2 program that displays various boxes in many windows.
BOXOS2_7.ZIP437889Mar 24 1995BOXER/OS2 Text Editor v7 - Top Rated! "Best Major Application" winner at the 1994 Shareware Industry Awards! Version 7.0 adds 85+ features to what was already a feature-packed program. BOXER gets consistently strong
BROWSE2.ZIP16007Apr 29 1989Browse files under OS/2 PM.
BSDLIB8F.ZIP143657Feb 3 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2, BSDD curses package with source code for EMX [ optional module ].
BUBBA04.ZIP221677Aug 20 1992An alpha of an OS/2 MultiBBS communincations and mail handler. One reader interface for all mail. Automated mail retrieval from disparate bulletin boards.
BUG110.ZIP37334Sep 24 1989Various bugs in OS/2 that only pertain to OS/2 software developers. Most have been fixed with 1.2, but this is a good reference anyhow.
BW212OS2.ZIP323511Jan 21 1994Blue Wave mail reader v2.12 for OS/2.
C7OS21.ZIP1057767May 8 1992Microsoft C version 7.0 that runs under OS/2. Part 1 of 2.
C7OS22.ZIP1111900Apr 9 1992Microsoft C version 7.0 that runs under OS/2. Part 2 of 2.
CDEXPL20.ZIP28748Mar 9 1993OS/2 2.0 Compact Disk (Audio) controller for eject, track count, pre-set songs Requires MMPM/2 and compatible CD player.
CDSYS.ZIP5450Sep 25 1992OS/2 2.0 generic CDROM drivers for SCSI drives (see FAQ list for more info).
CDU535.ZIP5012Jan 27 1993Sony CD535 CD-ROM drivers for OS/2.
CFGB1.ZIP57862Oct 5 1992Beta version of OS/2 Config.sys editor, that provides line by line help for entries.
CFGED.ZIP162335Jul 19 1992OS/2 2.0 configuration (config.sys) editor.
CFGINFO.ZIP305188Mar 24 1994Info on your os/2 config.sys file.
CHKBKPM.ZIP62747Apr 4 1989OS/2 PM checkbook manager program. Incomplete but seems to work OK.
CHRON23.ZIP49796Oct 11 1990OS/2 PM Task Scheduler.
CK5A179B.ZIP201286Apr 4 1992C-Kermit for OS/2 1.x/2.0. Like MSKERMIT, supports any OS/2 comm device.
CLICD2.ZIP8778Jun 28 1993OS/Updates OS/2 2.1 cd-ROM driver fo the SB Pro/SB16 and the Creative Labs CR521.
CLIP-DG.ZIP48665Mar 14 1990OS/2 PM program to clip the screen into a BMP file.
CLIP11B.ZIP50211Jan 5 1991Clip is an OS/2 Presentation Manager program that you can use to capture (or "clip") all or selected portions of the PM screen to the clipboard.
CLKCAL.ZIP34035Nov 18 1988Clock/Calendar App; runs in its own OS/2 window.
CLOS2_21.ZIP1239402Aug 23 1993Cirius Logic video drivers for OS2/2.1. Downloaded from the Horizon BBS. This appears to be a new driver set.
CMDLINE.ZIP25856Jun 24 1993OS/2 2.X PM program that displays a small window for executing DOS and OS/2 commands without opening a DOS or OS/2 window.
COM01J.ZIP6193Apr 29 1991Patch to OS/2 com01.sys to support com ports other than COM1 and COM2.
COM03.ZIP4586Dec 13 1987Allows changing the interrupt and address of your second comm port so that OS/2 can access three serial ports.
COM16550.ZIP10485Feb 28 1991OS/2 Device driver to support buffered IO to 16450 and 16550 serial chips.
COMMGA3.ZIP70773Aug 12 1992Test OS/2 2.0 GA comm drivers (beta code, very stable). This version supports Com3/Com4 under OS/2 and WinOS/2 and allows you to define Com port and IRQ assignments for each Com port.
COMSHELL.ZIP6385Feb 5 1990OS/2 utility that will redirect StdIn and StdOut to the serial port. Allows running OS/2 command line programs remotely.
CONFCALL.ZIP9766Jan 22 1992OS/2 V2.0 questions and answers.
COOKBOOK.ZIP29897Jul 29 1991OS/2 Thread cookbook. Great tutorial on how to use threads.
CPK2_101.ZIP67653Jul 21 1992Update to TE/2 async DLL file. This version of the DLL reduces Zmodem timeouts and includes revamped Ymodem routines. Requires TE/2 1.20.
CPULOA.ZIP9132Jul 6 1991CPULOAD is an OS/2 PM program that presents the user with a window that contains a graph of CPU activity, as well as the average level of CPU activity.
CPUMETER.ZIP24702Apr 18 1991Public domain CPU utilization utility for OS/2 from DBMS Magazine.
CPUMON21.ZIP75763Oct 5 1992OS/2 CPU utilization monitor.
CRCLRS.ZIP2990Jun 9 1993Smalltalk/V classes that support the OS/2 2.1 MMPM/2 Circular Slider Control.
CRON211.ZIP56568May 19 1993Cron utility for OS/2 - with networking extensions.
CRTOBJ.ZIP13437Sep 2 1992A text file to help explain OS/2 Dynamic Link Libraries - particularly the Rexx utility functions.
CSET2-1.DSK1460777Oct 1 1992Cset/2 corrective service diskette. Part 1 of 2.
CSET2-2.DSK434729Oct 1 1992Cset/2 corrective service diskette. Part 2 fo 2.
CUBE.ZIP34734Oct 27 1988Rubik's Cube for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
CVTICONS.ZIP31713Sep 14 1991Convert Windows icons to OS/2 icons.
CYRIX.ZIP2274Dec 13 1992Device driver to enable the internal cache for 486dlc when using OS/2.
DAV110U.ZIP30952Jan 6 1991DisketteArchive, archives and copies diskettes. Saves compressed images into a file. OS/2 Shareware, latest version.
DBLS.ZIP8865Mar 25 1992OS/2 program that searches specified drives for duplicate files.
DBPREP.ZIP28122Sep 28 1992A utility to allow DOS 4.0, DOS 5.0, or DR DOS to be installed as a dualboot function on top of OS/2 2.0. Be sure to read the README file first.
DD_IN_C.ZIP102021Oct 7 1992Companion Disk to, "Writing OS/2 2.0 Device Drivers in C".
DENTIST.ZIP25940May 10 1990Dentist is an OS/2 executable file (.EXE, .DLL, .DRV, ...) formatter and resource extractor.
DESKPIC.ZIP17954May 22 1990OS/2 PM Desktop picture displayer and screen saver.
DESKTP12.ZIP19625Nov 7 1989A really great OS/2 1.2 program for controlling the appearance and actions of your desktop enviroment.
DIAL.ZIP17941Jan 8 1994Dial phone using REXX and Soundblaster.
DILEMMA.ZIP105227Apr 6 1990Dilemma V.01. A very early Alpha release of a OS/2 PM program that will view non-keyed Paradox DB files. Please give it a try, and report any problems to the Sysop. Have fun!.
DIRMAN20.ZIP134921Sep 4 1992Directory/file manager for OS/2 PM (Functional Demo).
DISMOD.ZIP6985Jan 20 1989OS/2 - Displays active DLLs and EXEs.
DLL.ZIP23289Feb 3 1988Text Article on writing DLL's for OS/2.
DMINES10.ZIP39285Jan 29 1993Minesweeper game for OS/2 2.0; similar to Windows' minesweeper.
DMPLAY99.ZIP101312Feb 8 1994A Mod player for OS/2, version 0.99.
DOSGAMES.ZIP6688Jul 8 1992OS/2 2.0 DOS Settings for various DOS games.
DOSSYS.ZIP4289Sep 12 1990The mystery of how to call a DOS app from an OS/2 session ala the program manager is explained in this facinating file. Great piece of detective work to explain one of life's mysteries.
DSCRIBME.ZIP3300Jun 6 1989How to get a FREE OS/2 PM editor.
DSKCPY2A.ZIP16629Aug 24 1989OS/2 PM based disk copy program. Automatically formats unformatted disks, allows two drives to copy simultaneously.
DSKPIC2A.ZIP103094Aug 10 1992A desktop picture/screen saver program for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
DSKST102.ZIP32061Dec 10 1992DISKSTAT provides a continually updated display of certain statistics for a specified disk drive; an OS/2 2.0 utility from Oberon.
DSKTOP.ZIP9116Aug 19 1989OS/2 screen saver utility that allows you to display any GIF image as your background when the screen blanks.
DVORAK.ZIP32837Jan 17 1994Change OS/2 DCP file to use a Dvorak keyboard configuration as the default.
DYNDLG.ZIP8539Dec 8 1988C source on creating OS/2 PM dialog box dynamically (from Microsoft Onli.
EABK21.ZIP105688Oct 29 1992OS/2 2.0 utility for making backups of extended attributes, saving them to a file and restoring them.
EABROWSE.ZIP11461Feb 17 1991Extended Attribute browser for OS/2 Protected Mode.
ECOMON12.ZIP167Nov 30 -0001OS/2 utility to run program on 2nd monitor (monochrome). Works with OS/2 1.2 and 2.0.
EDGEFX.ZIP40272Aug 6 1992OS/2 2.0 EdgeEffects - A Work Place Shell animator. Puts set of marquee style lights around edge of the currently active window.
EHP.ZIP414783Dec 14 1992OS/2 port of Unix editor with source from germany. Most docs in german, but program source translated.
EMACS0.ZIP7887Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Please read this file before downloading. Since this is a UNIX port, it requires HPFS for long file names.
EMACS1.ZIP422370Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Requires HPFS. Part 1 of 7.
EMACS2.ZIP414481Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 2 of 7.
EMACS3.ZIP414481Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 3 of 7.
EMACS4.ZIP414481Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 4 of 7.
EMACS5.ZIP414481Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 5 of 7.
EMACS6.ZIP414481Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 6 of 7.
EMACS7.ZIP414474Jun 22 1992GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 7 of 7.
EMACSRC1.ZIP353555Jun 22 1992Source code for GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Requires HPFS. Part 1 of 3.
EMACSRC2.ZIP353228Jun 22 1992Source code for GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 2 of 3.
EMACSRC3.ZIP353227Jun 22 1992Source code for GNU EMACS for OS/2 2.0. Part 3 of 3.
EMXDEV8F.ZIP619358Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2 main module [ 1 of 2 ].
EMXLIB8F.ZIP362067Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2, source code for libc.a [ optional ].
EMXTST8F.ZIP76441Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC for OS/2, test suite and code samples [ optional ].
ENDVDM.ZIP594Jun 3 1992A tiny program to terminate an OS/2 VDM; it works both in OS/2 DOS emulation and VDM-boot.
ENV719.ZIP10489Nov 27 1988PM Demo from PC MAG.
ENV720.ZIP4553Nov 27 1988Random Rectangles display, OS/2.
EPM-SPEL.ZIP406266Jun 1 1992Add spell checker ability to OS/2 v2.0's enhanced editor, EPM.
EPMUSERS.ZIP190146Jan 23 1993OS/2 Enhanced Editor Users Guide (.INF).
EPSON.ZIP77388Sep 8 1992Bug fix for the EPSON drivers in OS/2 2.0.
ERRABORT.ZIP37578Sep 11 1989OS/2 debugging tool. This DLL displays info on unexpected errors resulting from unexpected calls to OS/2 functions.
EXDESK.ZIP43169Jun 29 1993Extended Desktop services for OS/2 2.1 Workplace Shell.
EXETWEAK.ZIP10591Feb 5 1990OS/2 EXE File header modification program - allows you to set run mode - i.e. PM, Full Screen, or Window.
EYEBALL.ZIP5198Dec 2 1989OS/2 PM - Put a Big Eyeball on your desktop.
EYECON.ZIP22066Feb 27 1990OS/2 PM - Animated "eyecon" that follows your mouse.
EZYCOPY1.ZIP16328Jan 8 1991OS/2 PM single-pass diskette copy.
F128046.ZIP1000488Feb 24 1993Orchid drivers ver 4.6 Drivers for Windows, Autocad, etc.
F1X8.ZIP248578Apr 14 19931024x768 OS/2 2.X driver for Orchid Fahrenheit 1280 (S3 chip) cards.
F8X8.ZIP248537Apr 14 1993800x600 OS/2 2.X driver for Orchid Fahrenheit 1280 (S3 chip) cards.
FAQ20J.ZIP96494Feb 6 1993OS/2 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions List ver 2.0j. Now in INF and Text formats.
FAQ20L.ZIP136857Apr 25 1993Frequently Asked Questions List for OS/2 - 2.0l - INF and text formats.
FAQ21D.ZIP210753Nov 22 1993OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions version 2.1d (includes long discussion on OS/2 for Windows).
FAQPGM13.ZIP11218Sep 7 1992OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions - Programmers edition.
FATBIT.ZIP5519Apr 21 1990OS/2 PM Bitmap Magnifier - Magnifies 16x16 pixel section.
FATBITS.ZIP4167Aug 18 1989Fatbits - A pixel magnifier program for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
FAWQQ20H.ZIP31263Dec 6 1992OS/2 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions list revision 2.0h from the Usenet w/CRLF's added.
FC10OS2.ZIP31751Nov 11 1993FC command (FILE COMPARE) for OS/2 command line. Better than COMP.
FF147.ZIP23477Dec 8 199232-bit OS/2 file finder.
FILDL2.ZIP78136Sep 2 1989OPENDLG - OS/2 Open File dialog box routines with C source code.
FILEB_15.ZIP139036Feb 17 1994Adds pull down menus to OS/2.
FINDER2.ZIP12650Mar 3 1990OS/2 PM File Finder. This is a working version of the finder program as depicted in the Microsoft Systems Journal Volume 4 Number 5.
FIXINI.ZIP63888Jan 4 1993This program cleans up the OS/2 2.x system *.ini files, removing unnecessary information or out-of-date data.
FJ500E.ZIP235117Sep 3 1992File Jet for OS/2. Text based file manager, full screen, no mouse support.
FLGOS2.ZIP73076Nov 24 1992Replacement install program for Freelance Graphics 1.0 for OS/2. Fixes "requires OS/2 1.2" message during installation.
FLIST58.ZIP124727May 20 1990A type of file management and List program for OS/2. Consists of several different programs. Some of the parts more useful that the whole.
FLXTXT.ZIP70718Mar 15 1993FlexText is an OS/2 program that prints files or clipboard data in a variety of fonts and page configurations.
FM2.ZIP545920Nov 6 1994Version 2.15 of FM/2, the OS/2 file manager.
FNTLST.ZIP11181Apr 26 1989Display info on Fontlist for PM.
FORTH025.ZIP48277Mar 23 1993Forth/2 is a fully 32-bit, native Forth for OS/2 2.0.
FORTH039.ZIP82151Jan 31 1994Forth/2 (Version 0.39) is a fully 32-bit version of Forth for OS/2.
FREEOS21.ZIP14366Nov 11 1993Reports free disk space and exits with indicating errorlevel - for OS/2.
FSB.ZIP24224May 30 1988OS/2 File System Browser. non-PM but nice.
FTDVR160.ZIP34312Aug 8 1994MSR's latest driver for BackMaster (8/8/94) with floppy-based tape drives. (BackMaster is an OS/2 tape backup program.).
GALLER15.ZIP224786Jun 12 1993Galleria and Galleria/CM (Capture Module) Version 1.5 - together provide a complete package for the display, edit, printing and conversion of bitmapped images for systems using IBM OS/2 2.0 (or later).
GBJDEV8F.ZIP426881Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2, Objective C module, object oriented programming extensions. [ optional ].
GCCDOC1.ZIP323568May 22 1992Documentation for GCC 2.1 in Unix text format (Just LF's, no CR's) (OS/2's E.EXE and EPM.EXE can read these). Docs in the distribution are in .TEXI format, which aren't humanly readable. Part 1 of 2.
GCCDOC2.ZIP242902May 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0 documentation in Unix text format. Part 2 of 2.
GCCFAT0.ZIP1050Jun 22 1992Please read this file before downloading GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0.
GCCFAT1.ZIP447380Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. Build 32 bit PM, VIO and full-screen applications in C and/or C++ for OS/2 2.0. This is different from EMX; it can only build OS/2 applications. FAT version. Part 1 of 6.
GCCFAT2.ZIP446334Jun 21 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. FAT version. Part 2 of 6.
GCCFAT3.ZIP446334Jun 21 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. FAT version. Part 3 of 6.
GCCFAT4.ZIP446334Jun 21 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. FAT version. Part 4 of 6.
GCCFAT5.ZIP402222Jun 21 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. FAT version. Part 5 of 6.
GCCFAT6.ZIP446328Jun 21 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. FAT version. Part 6 of 6.
GCCHPFS0.ZIP891Jun 22 1992Please read this before downloading the HPFS version of GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0.
GCCHPFS1.ZIP419124Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. Build PM, VIO and full scren 32 bit applications in C and/or C++. This is different from EMX; it can only build OS/2 applications. HPFS version (preferred over FAT). Part 1 of 6.
GCCHPFS2.ZIP418235Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. HPFS version. Part 2 of 6.
GCCHPFS3.ZIP418235Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. HPFS version. Part 3 of 6.
GCCHPFS4.ZIP418235Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. HPFS version. Part 4 of 6.
GCCHPFS5.ZIP418235Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. HPFS version. Part 5 of 6.
GCCHPFS6.ZIP418230Jun 22 1992GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. HPFS version. Part 6 of 6.
GCCSRC1.ZIP363838Jun 22 1992Source code for GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. Requires HPFS. Part 1 of 3.
GCCSRC2.ZIP363017Jun 22 1992Source code for GCC for OS/2 2.0. Part 2 of 3.
GCCSRC3.ZIP363014Jun 22 1992Source code for GCC 2.1 for OS/2 2.0. Part 3 of 3.
GDTBROWS.ZIP33978Jan 8 1989Take a walk through OS/2's GDT (global descriptor table).
GEOS_OS2.ZIP2256Jul 20 1992Text file on how to fudge the GEOS kernel to work under OS/2 2.0.
GIF2BMP.ZIP22794Sep 5 1989Converts GIF files to OS/2 BMP files. The resulting Bitmap files can then be used by the shareware OS/2 desktop utility BACKDROP to display as the OS/2 desktop. Very nice.
GIF32V10.ZIP66321Feb 13 1993OS/2 2.0 32-bit fast SVGA GIF viewer with decode-ahead.
GNUARJ.ZIP56725Jun 9 199232 bit .arj file extractor for os2 2.0.
GNUDEV.ZIP881748May 10 1992More gnu development software for os2 2.0 c/c++ development.
GNUDEV8F.ZIP886502Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2 main module [ 2 of 2 ].
GNUGREP.ZIP223230Jul 18 1992GNU Grep for OS/2, source and executables.
GNUINDNT.ZIP179074Jul 18 1992Gnu indent with C source code (32-bit for OS/2 2.0).
GNUMK362.ZIP250341Feb 15 1993GNU make, version 3.62 for OS/2.
GNUPLTPM.ZIP322406Jul 30 1992Port of GNUPLOT 3.2, a free graphing program, to OS/2 2.0. Hybrid 32/16 bit (graphing engine is 32, PM shell is 16).
GNUSTART.ZIP11326Aug 2 1992Documentation on how to set get, setup, and run the emx/gnu c/c++ os2 2.0 development system.
GPPDEV8F.ZIP944473Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2, C++ module [ optional ].
GREBETA.ZIP1760Sep 18 1992IBM announcement of 32 bit graphics engine for OS/2, Beta testing.
GREP152.ZIP28300Jun 23 1992(f)grep utility version 1.52a for OS/2 2.0 GA.
GS261OS2.ZIP595904Jun 11 1993GNU GhostScript postscript interpreter for OS/2 2.x (binaries). This version does not support previewing. It will print to most printers (inkjet, laser and dot matrix). Version 2.6.1, part 1 of 3.
GSF261-1.ZIP1133102Jun 11 1993Fonts for ghostscript 2.6.1 for OS/2. Part 2 of 3.
GSF261-2.ZIP546430Jun 11 1993Fonts for ghostscript 2.6.1 for OS/2. Part 3 of 3.
GT16MB.ZIP46901Jul 15 1992Fix for OS/2 2.0 to allow it to work with non-IBM machines with greater that 16MB of memory.
GTAK212.ZIP531870Feb 24 1993Tar tape backup for OS/2 2.x version 2.12.
HALITE.ZIP218713Nov 16 1994Updated version of HyperAccess Lite HALITE.EXE that shipped with OS/2 Warp. Downloaded from Hilgraeve's BBS.
HDWBUF.ZIP9496Oct 13 1989This routine will turn on or off the Hardware buffering capabilities of NS16550-A UARTS when running with OS/2 1.2. Includes C source.
HELRES.ZIP116017Dec 10 1993OS/2 Helicopter Rescue Game. Control helicopter to rescue ground troops and attack enemies.
HEXDUMP.ZIP31414Dec 23 1988OS/2 Presentation Manager Hex Dump Program.
HLP2INF.ZIP941Jul 11 1992Useful REXX script to change *.hlp files to *.inf files for browsing with VIEW.
HPCALC2.ZIP51879May 23 1994HPcalc for OS/2 ver 0.93 1994 May 23 A free PM Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator similar to a HP 41C with some enhancements but not programability.
HPDJET.ZIP87208Mar 24 1993HP DeskJet Driver for OS/2 (beta v13.372 dated 3/19/93).
HPFS-CMP.ZIP6526Feb 18 1991A utility to 'defragment' an HPFS partition. Source included.
HPFS.ZIP70567Jul 13 1992Fixes the problem of OS/2 2.0 CHKDSK reporting SWAPPER.DAT error.
HPFS21.ZIP64945Apr 6 1993Patches for OS/2 2.1 March Beta HPFS.IFS.
HPFSTL15.ZIP48033Nov 13 1994True unerase for OS/2 -- does not require SET DELDIR environment variables. Fully functional demo, expires after executing the program 25 times.
HPPCL5.ZIP168714Jan 18 1991OS/2 1.3 printer driver for HP Laserjet III. Includes support for HPGL capabilities (soft fonts, image rotation, etc).
HSTART03.ZIP50270Dec 19 1993Another OS/2 program to start sessions under TSHELL or MSHELL.
IBM1S506.ZIP8580Apr 6 1992Hard drive driver for OS/2 2.0. Fixes install problems or slow access problems.
IBMCUT.ZIP15213Jan 17 1990IBM4019 Printer Program for software listings. Runs under OS/2 only.
IBMFAX.ZIP15554Nov 19 1992Description of documents IBM will fax you for free using fax-on-demand system concerning OS/2 2.0. Automated fax system, you call with request and fax machine calls back with documents.
IBMPHO.ZIP2596Mar 6 1992Text of phone numbers you can reach at IBM. Get where you want fast and avoid the bueracratic runaround.
IBMPLANS.ZIP8288Jul 13 1992Text of recent announcements by IBM on the future plans for OS/2.
ICONOS2.ZIP22643Mar 18 1990Large collection of Icons for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
ICONS.ZIP13511Oct 26 1990A collection of OS/2 icons.
ICONSOS2.ZIP128768May 20 1993Collection of Great PM Icons Created by IBM and Others.
ICONVIEW.ZIP5201Oct 23 1991OS/2 program that displays OS/2 icons (from a user specified directory) in a PM window.
IDEOS2.ZIP17190Dec 14 1993OS/2 2.1 device drivers for DTC VLB and PCI controller cards.
IDLE.ZIP6226May 16 1988OS/2 utility that creates an Idle command prompt. Does not slow system.
IFFULL.ZIP5169Oct 24 1988Run a program if running full screen in OS/2. C source included.
INFOL102.ZIP25354Nov 1 1993InfoLine is a one line OS/2 status bar displaying vital system information.
INFTXT.ZIP75927Jul 14 1992Lp files used by IBM OS/2 tech support. If you call them, this is what they have to say.
INIEDIT.ZIP36523Feb 24 1989PM version of INI edit from Microsoft.
INIEXE2B.ZIP237007Mar 3 1993PM application for maintainence of .INI files. Reduces OS2.INI and OS2SYS.INI files to their proper sizes.
INISHOW.ZIP8472May 5 1989Display contents of OS/2'INI file.
INOCULAT.ZIP37692Sep 27 1989Virus protection for your PC, includes C source code.
INSTB1.ZIP366948Jun 21 1992Install OS/2 2.0 3.5" distribution from drive B: if your A: drive is 1.2 meg 5.25" and your drive B: is 1.44 meg 3.5". Part 1 of 4.
INSTB2.ZIP366322Jun 21 1992Install OS/2 2.0 from drive B: (part 2 of 4).
INSTB3.ZIP366322Jun 21 1992Install OS/2 2.0 from drive B: (part 3 of 4).
INSTB4.ZIP366320Jun 21 1992Install OS/2 2.0 from drive B: (part 4 of 4).
INSTLFIX.ZIP1797Apr 16 1992Does your ESDI,MFM or RLL hard disk make grinding noises/not FDISK correctly/ act very slow under OS/2 2.0 GA? This little text file tells you how to correct the problem.
INTRPROC.ZIP115610Sep 20 1989Demonstration of OS/2's named pipe services. Complete Server and Client implementations. Full C source code.
IRIT-OS2.ZIP460997Sep 2 1992OS/2 2.0 version of IRIT solid modelling program. Includes source for driver. Source for complete package is available.
ITSNOW.ZIP24933Mar 1 1992OS/2 program that displays time in small window at the bottom of the screen.
JMOS2.ZIP95298Aug 26 1992OS/2 2.0 - Joe's (informal) OS/2 2.0 tips. Lots of good tips and insights from downunder. Includes .gif 's of IBM's new C/Set compiler and debugger.
JUMPEM.ZIP38980Mar 14 1993JumpEm, ver. 1.03 -- Shareware peg jumping game for OS/2.
KBRATE.ZIP13214Apr 28 1991Program to adjust the keyboard repeat rate in OS/2. ASM source code.
KBSTUF10.ZIP66947Dec 11 1993KbStuffer Ver 1.0 - OS/2 Full Screen KeyBoard Buffer Stuffer which allows the stuffing of keystroke data into any currently running OS/2 Full Screen Session.
KILL.ZIP2765May 16 1988OS/2 utility that allows you to kill a detached process by Process ID.
KILLEM.ZIP36552Jul 17 1992Kills running processes in OS/2.0. Kill by name or pid.
KILLPROC.ZIP6984Oct 1 1990Kill an OS/2 process by id number.
KSH48.ZIP232530Feb 25 1993Korn Shell for OS/2 2.0. Requires EMX.
KWQ12E.ZIP208816Mar 9 1994KWQ Mail/2, version 1.2e. A 32 bit QWK mail reader for OS/2 PM. Features advanced multithreaded searching, taglines, many archivers, fast access toolbar, colored "message syntax" text, Adobe fonts, an internal editor, PM,
LA.ZIP40499Sep 20 1988This OS/2 program provides a quick method of looking at text files without loading an editor or word processor.
LAPLINK.ZIP1246Aug 7 1992Hot to use Laplink with OS/2 2.0.
LBB2_113.ZIP86876Jun 14 1993Little Black Book for OS/2 1.13.
LBTEXTC.ZIP14245Feb 6 1989C OS/2 PM source for changing font in a list box.
LCOMMICO.ZIP508Oct 21 1989An icon for OS/2's Logicomm communication program.
LDF.ZIP10527Jun 24 1992IBM CSD disk converter needed for cset2-1.dsk and cset2-2.dsk.
LF1_02.ZIP38995Aug 30 1989Version 1.02 of LF for OS/2 PM, File Utility.
LF37_OS2.ZIP23686May 16 1988The Directory Lister for humans. OS/2 support.
LH2_222.ZIP112056Mar 3 1993Lharc for OS/2 version 2.22.
LIST2.ZIP22986Sep 30 1988Another file browser for OS/2.
LISTOS2.ZIP22613Jun 26 1993LIST program for OS/2 environment.
LJ2UP2.ZIP29685Jul 15 1988Print 2 pages on one sheet (landscape) on HP Laserjets. Dos & OS/2 vers.
LOADICON.ZIP10208Jul 19 1989Loads an OS/2 program as a presentation manager icon. C source code.
LOG230.ZIP104365Jan 11 1990Latest version of Logicomm for OS/2 ver 2.30.
LOGISCRP.ZIP6769Mar 31 1989Script Files for OS/2 - LogiComm Communications.
LOOK2.ZIP21179Sep 17 1988A file lister utility for use with OS/2.
LOOK2_21.ZIP104207May 31 1993Look/2 - File Manager for OS/2.
LOOKATOS.ZIP7653Sep 25 1988LOOKATOS - Device Driver for OS/2 Table Examination. ASM source.
LST102.ZIP41556Sep 13 1989Finally, a clone of LIST.COM for OS/2 text mode. Nicely done. Seems to run best in full screen even though it will run in a PM window.
LSTPM103.ZIP118545Jan 3 1993File viewer for OS/2 2.0 WPS. Version 1.03 32-bit.
LW22.ZIP371055Apr 22 1994Excellent OS/2 and DOS text mode communications program (separate executables) emulates keystrokes of popular comm programs, auto script learn, quoting from scrollback buffer and many more features.
M21COM.ZIP15595Mar 16 1993Update to OS/2 com.sys.
M21SHP-N.ZIP115307Apr 5 1993Latest .ini fixes for OS/2 March Beta. Dated 04-05-93.
M21SHP.ZIP112379Mar 24 1993Bug fix for corrupting INI files in March 2.1.1 OS/2 Beta.
M2Z214.ZIP290353Apr 29 1993External Zmodem transfer program for OS/2 with rudimentary terminal mode. Your comm program has to share the comm port to use this.
MAGCOM.ZIP80081Dec 30 1989New VERY bare bones Communication program for OS/2 full screen. Has ZModem built in. Distributed by Magnum BBS people as Freeware.
MAGDEMO6.ZIP911575Jun 9 1992Magnum OS/2 BBS demo (functional but restricted to one line to modem and one local line). Very nice.
MAGNIFY.ZIP5342Aug 14 1991OS/2 PM Desktop Zoom In Magnifier.
MAKEDSKF.ZIP19377Feb 23 1993Create diskette image file for LOADDSKF.
MAZE-100.ZIP23942Oct 4 1989OS/2 PM Maze game. Simple, but a nice demo program.
MAZELOCK.ZIP21355Feb 3 1993OS/2 screen saver/keyboard lock. Draws mazes and solves them onscreen.
ME22.ZIP236347Aug 25 1989Very nice ME text editor now supporting OS/2. Includes many OS/2 only features like async file writes, and ability to call DLL's.
ME310OS2.ZIP155096Jan 5 1990MicroEmacs 3.0 for OS/2. Unix style editor.
MEM1.ZIP21559Mar 3 1989Displays the amount of memory a program is using under OS/2 PM.
MEM2.ZIP14028Mar 3 1989OS/2 Memory monitor; runs in text window.
MEM201.ZIP23773Mar 17 1992Memory stats for OS/2 2.0.
MEMAVL.ZIP6228Jun 8 1992Will determine if OS/2 2.0 can use more then 16 Megs on your machine.
MEMS20.ZIP34900Sep 23 1992MEMSTAT - OS/2 Presentation Manager Memory Status Utility, Version 2.04.
MEMSZ200.ZIP136575Jul 6 1993OS/2 PM based program that displays CPU usage, digital clock, swapfile size, amount of time since last boot, and more. Update for OS/2 2.1GA.
MIGR.ZIP9660Jan 3 1993OS/2 C Migration Tips.
MINALL.ZIP6860Mar 1 1991Small program to "minimize" all windows in a PM environment. C source.
MITFX.ZIP14895Nov 23 1993IBM's OS/2 2.1 driver for Mitsumi CD-ROM's.
MLEVIEW.ZIP63226Apr 4 1991OS/2 PM file viewer with complete C source code.
MM2.ZIP11044Jul 17 1992IBM announcement for Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 and Toolkit/2.
MMDOC.ZIP12903Jul 21 1992Multimedia PM/2 and Toolkit announment. This is the text of the announcement materials for IBM's Multimedia Presetation Manage/2 and Multimedia Presenation Manager Toolkit/2.
MON120.ZIP23398May 17 1989Updated version of MONITOR - a CPU monitor for OS/2 PM.
MORIA.ZIP225316Nov 17 1992OS/2 version of the old Rogue game.
MOUDEMO2.ZIP5909Aug 26 1989Another Mouse Demo from PC MAG for OS/2.
MOUSDEMO.ZIP7819Nov 27 1988Mouse Demo from PC MAG, OS/2.
MOUSECFG.ZIP2032May 26 1992OS/2 Pointing Device Installation document version 1.0.
MOVOS212.ZIP23901Nov 11 1993MOVE command for OS/2 command line. Works ACROSS DRIVES.
MPEGPLAY.ZIP92190Feb 2 1993OS/2 MPEG player.
MPUDD103.ZIP61445Nov 12 1992OS/2 MPU driver v1.03 -Small enhancement to allow driver to coexist with DOS MPU apps. under OS/2 v2.0.
MR2_204.ZIP252669Jul 4 1994MR/2 - A QWK compatible mail reader for OS/2. Thread summary pick-lists, multithreaded searching, user-defined custom conferences, etc.
MRFILEPM.ZIP241274Nov 5 1992Mr. File Manager for OS/2 PM. 16 and 32 bit versions included.
MRP_099B.ZIP128442Jun 20 1993MR/2 PM - A QWK Compatible Mail Reader for OS/2 PM.
MSHELL.ZIP84098Dec 3 1993OS/2 shell replacement, limited functionality, for use as a program launcher in turn-key, dedicated systems.
MV.ZIP28279Dec 31 1992Os2 2.0 32-bit FAST file Mover. Moves entire directories.
MVOS2-BT.ZIP129198Apr 7 1993MEDIA Vision BETA driver for PAS-16 for OS/2 2.1 March BETA (Only).
MVOS2.ZIP81880Jan 14 1993OS/2 CD-ROM Drivers for the PAS-16.
MVPRODD.ZIP30818Apr 6 1994OS/2 driver MVPRODD.SYS for Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum boards; latest version works with "B" mixer chips, apparently. From Media Vision BBS.
MYCTRL.ZIP19834Nov 29 1988C OS/2 PM source on creating a new public control in a DLL.
NBBASE.ZIP41325Oct 18 1992OS/2 Notebook Control Example.
NEWPRINT.ZIP496946Sep 10 1992Updated printer drivers and maps for OS/2 2.0.
NGVPM10B.ZIP25748Jul 21 1993Norton Guide viewer for OS/2 PM.
NH313OS2.ZIP714343Jul 28 1993NetHack 3.1.3 for OS/2. From the official ftp distribution.
NIKON2.ZIP113039Dec 4 1992Nikon II is an OS/2 2.0 screen capture utility. Can capture to clipboard, file or memory. Good for making icons and importing/exporting any graphics.
NPM.ZIP38174Jan 25 1991OS/2 PM Newtonian Planetary Motion Simulator.
OBKUP320.ZIP74203Jul 20 1992OS/2 Protected Mode Backup/Restore Programs - with file compression - runs with multiple threads.
OPEN_LET.ZIP8625Apr 13 1992An open letter from Richard Hodges to Michael J. Miller (editor-in-chief of PC Mag.) about OS/2 V2.0 and Win 3.x.
ORCH1K16.ZIP90045May 13 19921024x768x16 OS/2 2.0 drivers for Orchid ET-4000 video cards. May work with other ET-4000. No seamless windows (full screen works).
ORCH8H16.ZIP63784May 13 1992800x600x16 driver for OS/2 2.0 for Orchid ET-4000's. Works on Speedstar. Try it on other ET4000s. Doesn't support seamless windows (full screen works).
ORCHOS2.ZIP318717May 14 1991Orchid Prodesigner II series 1024x768x16 drivers for OS/2 2.0.
OS-WAKUP.ZIP7107Apr 26 1988OS/2 Program that allows you to specify when to "wake up" and perform a function, execute a program, etc.
OS2-CFG.ZIP9223Sep 24 1992A description of statements in the OS/2 2.0 Config.sys file.
OS2-DEAL.ZIP2129Jul 9 1991IBM Direct Mail order information for their special price OS/2 Upgrade.
OS2-DRVR.ZIP434233Jun 4 1992OS/2 2.0 Drivers for Orchid Prodesigner II board. These drivers may also work on other ET-4000 based boards. Both 256 and 16 color support included.
OS2-TIPS.ZIP236449Jul 9 1991OS/2 Tips from IBM in INF format.
OS2-YACA.ZIP277389May 16 1993LR parser similar to Lex/Yacc for OS/2, includes grammar for SQL 2.3.
OS2.ZIP161111Dec 10 1993OS/2 drivers for Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum, with various text files, in self-extracting file from Media Vision BBS.
OS201DOC.ZIP72630Dec 26 1992Instructions from IBM regarding the installation of OS/2 2.1 beta, which is available from anonymous FTP site FTP-OS2.NMSU.EDU.
OS20MEMU.ZIP85453Jun 16 1993IBM EWS utility that gives info on all ongoing processes, with info on available memory, swapfile size, etc. Updated to work with OS/2 2.1.
OS2ACTIV.ZIP20798Jan 29 1988Displays system activity in OS/2.
OS2AMI.ZIP2214Mar 6 1992Text on using AMI BIOS with OS/2.
OS2AP.ZIP8486Sep 14 1987Memory dumps in OS/2.
OS2BOOT.ZIP3705May 24 1992Create a Boot disk for OS/2 V2.0 GA. a REXX language CMD file.
OS2BT1.ZIP343950Apr 28 1993ATI Accelerator drivers for OS/2 2.0 16 bit beta drivers.
OS2BTA.ZIP62469May 6 1991800x600x16 OS/2 beta driver from Viewsonic's BBS. For PerfectView graphics cards.
OS2CDR.ZIP172723Nov 23 1992OS/2 2.0 CD-ROM drivers for almost all SCSI drives (audio and photo CD supported) may require Future Domain or Adaptec cards (updates to the .add files are included.).
OS2CDROM.ZIP13598Dec 13 1993OS/2 drivers for Sony CD-ROM drives. Works with a lot of old and new sony drives under OS2 2.1. Released: 12/93 Retrieved from IBM Almaden research center gopher. Good docs included.
OS2CFG9.ZIP39178Nov 25 1994Detailed description of each line in OS/2 2.0 CONFIG.SYS - plus extra setting values.
OS2CLE.ZIP33607Nov 15 1987An OS/2 full functioned command line editor with history.
OS2CMAPI.ZIP158346Nov 7 1988IBM OS/2 Extended Edition Communications Manager API and sample programs. Tons of useful C source code.
OS2CNFIG.ZIP21784Jul 27 1989A full-screen editor for inspecting and modifying the directives contained in an OS/2 CONFIG.SYS file, includes C source code.
OS2CO2.ZIP48086Jun 1 1989Program by Ray Duncon that includes help files that allow you to modify your OS/2 system CONFIG.SYS file. C source and .HLP files included.
OS2COLOR.ZIP13720Jun 3 1988Allows changing of color within OS/2.
OS2COM.ZIP20449Apr 24 1992OS/2 2.0 Update to COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS from IBM.
OS2COM14.ZIP21983Sep 28 1988Sample communications program written in C for OS/2.
OS2CON.ZIP15651Feb 10 1992Text File about OS/2 & Windows conference.
OS2CURSR.ZIP6860May 29 1988This is a sample file illustrating the use of the MS MAKE utility to automate the production of EXE and their associated DLL files in the OS/2 operating system.
OS2DEMO1.ZIP457997May 26 1992IBM's DOS based demo of OS/2 2.0. Unzip into a directory on HD and run DEMO.BAT. No need to run INSTALL. Part 1 of 3.
OS2DEMO2.ZIP395451May 26 1992IBM's DOS based demo of OS/2 2.0. Part 2 of 3.
OS2DEMO3.ZIP528632May 26 1992IBM's DOS based demo of OS/2 2.0. Part 3 of 3.
OS2EE1_2.ZIP21317May 18 1989Info from IBM on OS/2 1.2 Extended Edition.
OS2EMACS.ZIP51596Feb 24 1988Emacs editor for OS/2.
OS2FAQ19.ZIP15981Jan 31 1992OS/2 frequently asked question. Release 1.9C January, 25 1992.
OS2FB.ZIP3828Jul 12 1992OS/2 2.0 How to make a bootable floppy (even if drive A: is a 1.2 and you can't fit all the files on one disk). Neat way of useing DLL's.
OS2FINDR.ZIP11375Oct 13 1990Very nice OS/2 PM file finder with launch options.
OS2FL.ZIP11884Sep 1 1992A complete list of OS/2 V2 files; a description of each file , and its directory.
OS2FLIST.ZIP17133Sep 1 1992Text description of all files that come with OS/2 2.0.
OS2GFC.ZIP34672Jan 27 1994Graphical File Comparison utility for OS/2. GREAT diff utility for text files, color-codes text in two files for easy comparison. IBM employee-written software from England; no IBM support, but excellent and free.
OS2GIF.ZIP24700Aug 8 1989GIF viewer for OS/2, NON PM.
OS2GUIDE.ZIP71700Apr 30 1992Technical Info on OS/2 from IBM - quite good.
OS2ICO.ZIP1023May 23 1989Various icon files for os/2.
OS2ICON.ZIP919906Jun 26 1994Icons for OS/2.
OS2ICONS.ZIP157883Nov 26 1990A bunch of Windows icons (>300) that have been converted to OS/2.
OS2INFO.ZIP15805Jan 24 1992OS/2 frequent asked question release 1.9b. Very good information about OS/2.
OS2INST.ZIP7949Dec 28 1988Instruction on installing OS/2 on drive D or any other drive than C.
OS2KBSPD.ZIP9402Dec 7 1987Keyboard speed-up for OS/2.
OS2KEY.ZIP3529Aug 30 1992Text of all keyboard commands available in OS/2 2.0 WPS. Good reference.
OS2KILL.ZIP8517Jul 8 1992Os2Kill will delete OS/2 2.0 hidden and non-dos files from your root directory if you have removed OS/2 from your system. Free up a meg. C source.
OS2KRNL.ZIP454995Jun 19 1992OS/2 2.0 patch. Fixes ever-growing swapfile and some other bugs.
OS2LINT.ZIP27357Nov 26 1988Various OS/2 programs that help with C source management.
OS2LMOUS.ZIP1516Feb 14 1990Setup Information for using a Logitech Mouse with OS/2.
OS2LOGO.ZIP8901Jan 17 1990OS/2 Bitmap file of OS/2 Logo in 3-D.
OS2MAKE.ZIP14665Jan 21 1988Make utility for OS/2 protected mode programming.
OS2MEM.ZIP5378Apr 29 1988Tell largest block of available memory under OS/2 (full screen only).
OS2MIC.ZIP14468Dec 21 1993OS/2 2.X Quick Port mouse driver v 2.0 obtained from Texas Instruments BBS for Tm4000/4000e notebook computers.
OS2MOUSE.ZIP8856Jun 8 1992OS/2 2.0 Update to MOUSE.SYS from IBM.
OS2MOVE.ZIP5657Jun 6 1988Simple OS/2 utility that will move files, includes C source.
OS2NLOFF.ZIP5761Jul 3 1988Turn off Num Lock at Boot Up.
OS2PMEMU.ZIP6297Oct 18 1989A demonstration of pop-up menus under OS/2 PM by C. Petzold.
OS2PRGS.ZIP2485Aug 5 1988A list of currently available OS/2 progams P.D. Shareware, etc.
OS2PROG.ZIP7920Mar 13 1988A candid review of OS/2 by Lattice, and description of Lattice C 5.0.
OS2QUE2.ZIP3753Oct 10 1988Demonstrates using queues in OS/2.
OS2RUN.ZIP18462May 26 1989Simple OS/2 game that creates a moving window that runs from the mouse.
OS2SE1.ZIP17734Sep 26 1989OS/2 information concerning the new 1.2 SE version.
OS2SHIPS.ZIP3463Mar 31 1992OS/2 Version 2.0 Shipping announcement and price information.
OS2SHUTD.ZIP11132Apr 13 1992Shutdown from Os/2 Command Prompt.
OS2SP200.ZIP2101Sep 13 1992Convert desqview timeslice information to OS/2 version 2.00.
OS2SPEED.ZIP2195Aug 4 1992Tame like program for OS/2 - makes DV aware programs give up timeslices in OS/2.
OS2SPL.ZIP142391May 16 1990Structured Programming Language - Translates into BASIC code that can then be compiled. Simple, but may be useful to those who are familiar with Basic, but want more power. OS/2 version.
OS2TEE.ZIP7126Aug 13 1988TEE is an OS/2 mode utility that copies "stdin" to both "stdout" and "stderr" until an End of File condition is detected.
OS2TERM.ZIP2049Nov 29 1989OS/2 terminal emulation program from PC MAG with C source.
OS2TNT.ZIP9648May 2 1992OS/2 tricks 'n tips from IBM support, new info for version 2.0.
OS2TNT18.ZIP23619Jul 29 1993Help/info for OS/2.
OS2TOOLS.ZIP31321Jul 5 1988C source for OS/2 utilities from Microsoft Online.
OS2TOUCH.ZIP8040Aug 5 1988OS/2 Touch. Forces time and date stamps on file(s) to any specified date. Ray Duncan's C source is included.
OS2TREE.ZIP6652Dec 11 1987Displays graphical display of disk directory tree.
OS2TXT.ZIP28316Jun 1 1992OS/2 2.0 articles from magazines (taken from search of Computer Select CD-ROM).
OS2UPGR.ZIP2587Mar 31 1992OS/2 Ver 1.x to Ver 2.0 upgrade form.
OS2UTIL.ZIP94811May 21 1989Excellent set of File utilities for OS/2. Includes source.
OS2UTILS.ZIP130267Mar 1 1989A group of OS/2 utilities.
OS2UTL10.ZIP96335Jul 16 1989Another large set of general purpose OS/2 file utilites.
OS2WIN31.ZIP366235Mar 10 1993Files and instructions on how to run Windows 3.1 under OS/2.
OS2XDIR.ZIP15528Aug 21 1987OS/2 directory utility.
OS2YOU16.ZIP130208Dec 16 1990Remote Communication program for OS/2.
OS2_2ANN.ZIP33832Mar 31 1992OS/2 version 2.0 announcement.
OS2_640.ZIP93437Dec 4 1990Paradise OS/2 driver for OS/2 1.2x for 640x480x256 mode. Should work with 1.3.
OS2_800.ZIP92352Nov 26 1990Paradise driver for OS/2 1.2x for 80x600x16 mode. Should work with 1.3.
OS2_QAS.ZIP14944May 2 1992From IBM support. Questions/answers to common OS/2 situations.
OS6177.ZIP5721Jan 24 1992OS/2 V2.0 beta release 6.177 announce and order information.
OS643A.ZIP816724Nov 23 1994Os/2 drivers for Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM card, v 1.03.
OS643B.ZIP1180101Oct 12 1994Os/2 drivers for Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM card, v 1.03.
OSRM2P.ZIP68880Jan 12 1990OS/2 PM program that monitors your system resources.
OSTSR12.ZIP13877Jan 11 1995Release time slices of DOS programs under OS/2.
OX2.ZIP8055Jun 21 1989OX2 is an OS/2 device driver which directs output to the AUX device to the monochrome monitor in a two-monitor system.
P2C4OS2.ZIP679888Feb 15 1993EMX 0.8f GNU GCC 2.3.3 for OS/2, p2c Pascal front-end for GCC, gives Pascal programmers a 32bit developent system and programming power [ optional module for EMX ].
PAGES.ZIP7349Oct 26 1988An interesting look into using multiple video pages under OS/2.
PAS-OS2.ZIP179147Dec 17 1993Latest OS/2 v2.1 drivers for the PAS 16.
PATCH2U6.ZIP127034Feb 15 1993GNU patch, version 2.0 for OS/2.
PAUSEPOP.ZIP915Aug 26 1989Unique Directory Display for OS/2.
PBMPLUS1.ZIP524956Jul 20 1992Port of PBM Plus from Unix to OS/2 2.0. Powerful image processing/conversion tool. (Hint: Ported from Unix = Not Easy to Use). Part 1 of 5.
PBMPLUS2.ZIP500224Jul 20 1992PBM Plus bitmap image manipulation system for OS/2 2.0. Part 2 of 5.
PBMPLUS3.ZIP516636Jul 20 1992PBM Plus bitmap image manipulation system for OS/2 2.0. Part 3 of 5.
PBMPLUS4.ZIP516973Jul 20 1992PBM Plus bitmap image manipulation system for OS/2 2.0. Part 4 of 5.
PBMPLUS5.ZIP598356Jul 20 1992PBM Plus bitmap image manipulation system for OS/2 2.0. Part 5 of 5.
PC2_140.ZIP191545Apr 18 1993Os2 2.0 WPS replacement or enhancement, click the left button and a menu of programs appears. With source code.
PCLOGIC.ZIP2795Nov 29 1993Improved OS/2 driver for Mouse Systems and Logitech rodents.
PCMTABLE.ZIP2237Feb 4 1992OS/2 2.0 list of PC's compatible w/ OS/2 2.0 (Feb. 92).
PGOS2.ZIP263932Jul 8 1992OS/2 2.0 Video Drivers for PowerGraph, ERGO, PowerView, and other Tseng ET4000-Based Cards
PHO386.ZIP2677Jun 22 1989Text file that explains how to fix a problem with OS/2 and early Phoenix BIOS's when installing OS/2.
PHONEATT.ZIP5592Feb 22 1992OS/2 utility that displays a message and plays music when your modem is called, even if it's not on line.
PIGA.ZIP10557May 12 1990Another animated file for Deskpic. This one's of a dancing pig! Quite silly but a lot of fun.
PIPES.ZIP31925Jan 31 1990OS/2 program that demonstrates the use of Named Pipes.
PIXELD.ZIP38866Sep 25 1989PIXELDLL is a simple DLL that allows a process to create VGA graphics in a full screen OS/2 protected mode session.
PJ09986.ZIP521349Nov 8 1993Fixes many problems with OS/2 2.1.
PJ12214.ZIP58751Jul 6 1994Service pack from IBM's BBS to correct problems with data packets being corrupted when using Floppy drive controller tape backup units. For OS/2.
PM-GIF1.ZIP28569Apr 14 1989OS/2 PM gif-file viewer.
PM-M2A.ZIP100004Aug 5 1990Example OS/2 PM programs written in JPI Modula-2. Adapted from C routines in the book "OS/2 Presenation Mangaer" by Asael Dror & Robert Lafore. Modula-2 source included.
PM2YOU11.ZIP609697Mar 29 1993Excellent OS/2 2.0 remote control. Allows you to run OS/2 text mode, DOS, and Windows sessions remotely via LAN or modem. Includes server and client software. Shareware.
PMAC10.ZIP35620May 21 1992Some simple REXX and script utilities for PMComm (OS/2 comm program).
PMACCESS.ZIP49847Dec 11 1989PM program that supplies PM services to VIO apps, through the use of queues. From Microsoft Systems Journal 12/89.
PMASC.ZIP6195Apr 17 1989OS/2 PM program that will display the complete ASCII table.
PMBASIC.ZIP59628Dec 11 1989Use MS Basic to produce an OS/2 PM program.
PMBEN.ZIP55421Oct 15 1989OS/2 PM Benchmark program from PC Magazine, nice screen display tests.
PMBOOT.ZIP12936Jun 26 1991Makes a bootable diskette for OS2.
PMCALC.ZIP21566Oct 11 1989OS/2 PM 3-D Calculator that works in decimal, octal, and hex.
PMCAM2.ZIP145132Dec 17 1992OS/2 Presentation Manager capture program (take snapshot of screen).
PMCAP14.ZIP32627Jun 26 1989Petzold's PS/2 PM screen capture utility. Also displays saved screen un.
PMCHESS.ZIP90088Dec 2 1990OS/2 2.0 PM chess game (executables).
PMCLOCK.ZIP6310Jan 9 1989OS/2 Presentation Manager analog clock by Petzold.
PMCOM110.ZIP262345Jan 7 1992An excellent PM communications program for OS/2. This is V1.10.
PMDIARY.ZIP157348Jun 12 1989OS/2 PM personal planner, and organizer. Untested, I would like to hear some feedback on this one.
PMDRAW.ZIP129893Feb 28 1990Very nice OS/2 PM bit map drawing program. Very interesting.
PMDUMP.ZIP26617Mar 28 1989OS/2 PM Hex Dump, full C source included.
PMEDIT.ZIP53065Nov 11 1989Complete C source code for an OS/2 PM text editor.
PMENV.ZIP30324Sep 27 1990OS/2 program to print envelopes on the HP laser.
PMF202.ZIP87964Jun 9 1990PMFloppy is a generic floppy disk utility for OS/2 PM. It currently can copy and compare disks, and save their "images" into a file on a HD.
PMFMT110.ZIP12586Apr 3 1991Disk formatter for OS/2 PM v1.10.
PMFORMAT.ZIP4410Feb 5 1990OS/2 PM program that is a front-end for OS/2's format command.
PMFRACT.ZIP381815Apr 4 1992An OS/2 PM port of Fractint 17.x code. Not complete, but the best fractal generator ported to OS/2.
PMFREE.ZIP6254May 13 1990OS/2 PM current time and free memory monitor.
PMFTBALL.ZIP41678Sep 25 1990A very nice OS/2 PM football game.
PMGB32.ZIP102587Aug 14 1992OS/2 PM Globe 32-bit version. Spinning Globe in great detail.
PMGLOBE.ZIP61356Dec 17 1991Gives you a great Globe in a PM Window or can act as a Desktop background Simulates the travel of the sun around by shadow.
PMHELLO.ZIP4696Mar 27 1991An example COBOL OS/2 PM program from Micro Focus.
PMHELP.ZIP28790Jul 5 1989C source that shows how to implement context sensitive help in OS/2 PM.
PMHORO.ZIP142582Nov 14 1992PM Horoscope is a Planetary Calculation applet that runs under OS/2 PM.
PMHPENV.ZIP25542Sep 22 1990OS/2 Presentation Manager HP LaserJet Envelope Printing Program.
PMJPG142.ZIP196129Sep 4 1993OS/2 2.X PM based 32-bit graphic file viewer. Works with .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, and .PCX files. Also supports conversion to JPG from Targa, Tiff, & Gif.
PMKILL.ZIP22003Mar 9 1993OS/2 PM point and shoot process killer.
PMLIST12.ZIP8902Nov 10 1989File viewer for OS/2 from Oberon. Nice. Conforms to CUA.
PMLOAD11.ZIP11351Jun 3 1991OS/2 CPU load monitor.
PMMAZE.ZIP14221Dec 30 1988OS/2 PM maze game w/source.
PMMINE.ZIP23952Jun 1 1991Mine game for OS/2.
PMMPEG21.ZIP190828Aug 2 1994MPEG viewer for OS/2.
PMNOS1DX.ZIP407718Apr 17 1993PMNOS for OS/2 provides TCP/IP support using SLIP (ie. dialup modems).
PMPAL.ZIP7663Mar 10 1990Software for setting OS/2 PM pallette, includes ASM source code.
PMPHONE.ZIP23117Aug 14 1993Phonebook for OS/2 PM.
PMPREF.ZIP46825Apr 2 1990OS/2 PM - Save Desktop Preferences.
PMPS.ZIP35027Jan 28 1993Os/2 utility. It displays a graphical view of running processes and allows you to get detailed information about processes or kill them.
PMQVT10.ZIP64550Sep 9 1989QVT/PM is a DEC VT220/102/52 terminal emulation and communications program which has been created to run under OS/2 as a true Presentation Manager application.
PMQWKB07.ZIP204432Jan 20 1993PM .QWK compatable OS/2 2.0 message reader. This is extremely good for a beta version. Brought to you by Oberon Software, the same people who brought you TE/2 comm program.
PMSPELL.ZIP78134Dec 6 1992OS/2 2.0 PM Spell Checker.
PMSTART.ZIP16023Sep 14 1989PMSTART is a command that allow you to start a new session using almost all the capability of the DosStartSession OS2 function.
PMTERM.ZIP8323Oct 4 1989Simple bare-bones terminal package for OS/2 PM.
PMTEST30.ZIP77314Jan 31 1991PMTESTER is an OS/2 PM application testing tool. Records keystrokes and mouse movements.
PMTKT.ZIP4297Jul 27 1989This header file contains the declarations of some of the undocumented toolkit functions located in the PMTKT.DLL dynamic link library.
PMVU85A.ZIP132673Jun 21 1993OS/2 graphics viewer for the Presentation Manager.
PMWALKER.ZIP7148Aug 14 1989A demo of Icon Animation for OS/2 PM.
PMXPD.ZIP32809Dec 29 1992OS/2 PM Directory Deletion Utility (Shredder Replacement).
PMZIP01.ZIP94893Aug 4 1994OS/2 zip shell program - PMZIP.
POSTIT.ZIP42297Jan 1 1980OS/2 PM Post-it on Screen.
PPI_OS2.ZIP3983Aug 1 1992Text file explaining how to set up OS/2 for compatibility with PPI modems.
PPOS2.ZIP26930Mar 16 1989Collection of OS/2 ASM source written by Ray Duncan. This code contains many useful examples for OS/2 programmers.
PRINTDC.ZIP2232Jan 22 1990Charles Petzold shows how to use printer device context under OS/2 PM. Includes Microsoft C source code.
PRIVF.ZIP49116Feb 1 1993Password protect Work Place Shell objects in OS/2 2.x.
PRNTR15.ZIP12485Nov 25 1990Control Epson printer from OS/2, use functions not supported by the OS/2 driver.
PROII4.ZIP239785Jul 7 1992Orchid Pro Designer II OS/2 2.0 Drivers for 16 color modes.
PROII8.ZIP358397Jul 7 1992Orchid ProDesigner II OS/2 2.0 drivers for 256 color modes.
PRXUTILS.ZIP75100Jun 28 1992OS2 DLL containing REXX utilities, including file i/o and MACROCOMMAND.
PSPICEP1.ZIP614472Jan 29 1990PSPICE for OS/2. Part 1 of 2. For designing electronic circuitry. A PC Classic.
PSPICEP2.ZIP635997Jan 26 1990PSpice Part 2 of 2. OS/2 version for designing, testing, modifying electronic equipment.
PSPM2.ZIP69617Jun 3 1992OS/2 2/0 PM, tree-structured PSTAT facility with kill capability. Heckuva lot easier than tracking down process and session ids.
QNA.ZIP6812Apr 4 1992Questions and answers about OS/2 Ver 2.0 From IBM. Date March, 31 '92.
QW4FIX.ZIP52988Nov 4 1994Quicken 4 (windows) fix for OS/2 Warp.
QWIKSW.ZIP15454Nov 28 1991QwikSwitch OS/2 hotkey utility. Assign running OS/2 apps to ALT+ keys (Hotkey). PM interface.
READBBS.ZIP88794Sep 10 1992Multinet offline reader for OS/2 written in REXX.
README20.ZIP26641Mar 30 1992OS/2 Ver 2.0 GA Readme doc. file.
REBOOT2.ZIP10240Mar 5 1990REBOOT2 is an OS/2 protected mode reboot utility.
RECREATE.ZIP1252Jan 6 1994Recreates WPS on OS/2 systems.
REDBOOK1.ZIP606874Oct 1 1992IBM Redbooks in INF format for OS/2 2.0 - This is book 1.
REDBOOK2.ZIP725602Oct 1 1992IBM Redbooks for OS/2 2.0 in INF format. This is Book 2.
REDBOOK3.ZIP436227Sep 28 1992IBM Redbooks for OS/2 2.0 in INF format. This is Book 3.
REDBOOK4.ZIP842243Oct 1 1992IBM Redbooks for OS/2 2.0 in INF format. This is book 4.
REQ2FX.ZIP115956Jul 31 1992OS/2 2.0 fix for several problems with the Novell requester.
REXEXMPL.ZIP32082Jan 5 1992REXX batch file examples from IBM BBS.
REXX-INF.ZIP135336Jul 9 1991OS/2 Rexx documentation file in INF format. Display in PM with View.
REXX20.ZIP178762Aug 14 1992OS/2 2.0 Example REXX files. Also updated REXX DLL's for new REXX functions.
REXXCOLR.ZIP2084Sep 15 1992Simple Rexx/2 + Ansi file to change OS/2 color at the command line.
REXXPACK.ZIP8780Aug 6 1991OS/2 program to optimize Rexx programs. After optimization, programs run faster and are very difficult to view or change. Protect your Rexx programs from the end-user.
RODNT100.ZIP58666Jul 13 1993RODENT improved mouse driver for OS/2 2.1, includes 3-button support.
ROLLBALL.ZIP126916Sep 22 1992A freeware game for OS/2 2.x -- you try to keep a moving ball from hitting black squares. C source included.
RSCOPE2.ZIP24148Jan 15 1989New Ram snooper for OS/2 PM. Great tool for debugging programs.
RUN.ZIP18462May 26 1989Running Window for OS/2 PM.
RUNDLL.ZIP9341Jan 11 1990Example of runtime dynamic linking (OS/2 DLL) from Dr. Dobb's.
RXCOMM.ZIP23261Dec 23 1990REXX serial communication routines for OS/2.
S3ALTRIX.ZIP804325Mar 10 1993OS/2 2.0 S3 drivers. For all S3 video cards incl. local bus. Beta.
S3NDD1.ZIP618851May 25 1993OS/2 2.x S3 drivers from S3 inc. For the 911/924 chipsets. 16 bit. Seamless windows.
S3NDD2.ZIP787010Apr 30 1993OS/2 2.x S3 drivers from S3 inc. For 911/924 chipsets. 16 bit. Seamless Windows. Part 2 of 2.
S3_256.ZIP1125741Aug 18 1993256-color S3 video drivers from IBM. Final version for OS/2 2.1. Use LOADDSKF (available here) to create installation disk.
SBMMPM.ZIP189129Sep 11 1992SoundBlaster drivers for OS/2 2.0.
SCALC.ZIP37339Dec 18 1991OS/2 PM calculator program. Small, lots of functions and MUCh faster than the CALC Applet that comes with OS/2 2.X.
SCRB133.ZIP19090Apr 14 1991OS/2 Screen Blanking Program/Driver.
SCRBL12B.ZIP15994Feb 11 1990Screen blanker for OS/2 PM.
SCRUTL.ZIP22029Mar 22 1992OS/2 1.3/2.0 Screen saver. Supports many cards. German.
SD9301.ZIP112760Feb 6 1993San Diego OS/2 Newsletter. Jan '93 edition.
SD9302.ZIP150924Mar 8 1993San Diego OS/2 Newsletter. Feb '93 edition. (INF format).
SDE_130.ZIP106172Aug 7 1990SDE 1.30 -- An OS/2 character-based full screen file manager much like Central Point's PC-Shell. Quite nice.
SE20BOOT.ZIP25926Aug 21 1992A utility to build a Bootable OS2 V2 system using an existing OS2 V2 system; this utility can install 3 types of boot systems: Minimal, PM, and WPS.
SEAMWIN4.ZIP26828Feb 7 1994Seamless window program for OS/2. Runs a do-nothing Win3 program under OS/2. Speeds up loading Windows apps in OS/2.
SEDDOC.ZIP62762Feb 8 1988Documentation for SEDT Editor for OS/2.
SEDTOS2.ZIP88830May 14 1988Version of SED editor for OS/2. Very good editor.
SEE303.ZIP103130Feb 7 1990A programmers editor for OS/2 PM.
SERPACK.ZIP5420Sep 18 1992IBM announcement of "non upgrade" disks available for OS/2 2.0. One disk contains fixes. One disk will have the 32 bit graphics engine and provide compatibility for win 3.1.
SETPRI.ZIP8326Jun 29 1992OS/2 utility, SetPriority by Scott Dudley. Allows you to run a program at any priority and any priority delta.
SHR93.ZIP126192Jun 12 1993OS/2 Workplace Shell sample C source. Address book demonstrates programming the WPS.
SHUTDWN5.ZIP13034Apr 24 1993Update, shutdown OS/2 from the desktop, fast.
SIO140.ZIP195027Dec 8 1994Ray Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.40. SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support for DOS progr
SIZE.ZIP2015Dec 10 1988OS/2 program to adjust size of text in windowed command prompt.
SOLITARY.ZIP10215Jan 30 1989OS/2 PM game of Solitaire. No source.
SOMINF.ZIP177898Jul 26 1992OS/2 System Object Module Class material.
SONY31A.ZIP18632May 12 1993OS/2 device drivers for the Sony CDU-31A CD-ROM drive, as used in the Gateway-2000 and other computers.
SPAKINFO.ZIP73854Nov 3 1992Information and loader for CSD diskettes in the IBM OS/2 CSD. Download this file first and read the fixes and changes in the CSD. This file along with the SPG301.DSK thru SPG314.DSK are the files needed for the Upgrade.
SPB506.ZIP170502Dec 19 1992UpGrade for IBM's OS/2 file IBM1S506.ADD dated 19 Dec 1992.
SPDKEY.ZIP3239May 28 1989SPEEDKEY - Set typamatic rate in OS/2, includes C source code.
SPG301.ZIP717470Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD DISK 1 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG302.ZIP901389Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk-2 - 32 Bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG303.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk-3 - 32 Bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG304.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.9 CSD Disk-4 32 Bit Graphics engine and fixes.
SPG305.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD - Disk 5 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG306.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD DISK 6 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG307.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 7 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG308.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 8 - 32 bit graphics engine and files.
SPG309.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 9 - 32 bir graphics engine and fixes.
SPG310.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 10 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG311.ZIP1473695Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 11 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG312.ZIP911701Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 12 - 32 bit graphic engine and fixes.
SPG313.ZIP1204794Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 13 - 32 Bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPG314.ZIP1180319Nov 7 1992OS/2 2.0 CSD Disk 14 - 32 bit graphics engine and fixes.
SPY4V12.ZIP52988Nov 16 1989A tool that allows you to watch all window messages in the PM. Very useful for debugging a PM application.
SRCDEMO.ZIP15707Jun 11 1990Example OS/2 PM C source code showing creation of controls in both client and child windows.
SRPI.ZIP22299Oct 24 1991The OS/2 2.0 Extended Services SRPI sample programs are provided as an example of how the SRPI Send_Request interface verb can be used by a PC requester application to invoke a server on the host.
SS24XOS2.ZIP892256Jan 17 1994Diamond SpeedStar 24X video drivers for OS/2.
STARTD.ZIP25305Jul 10 1992A simple program to start a DOS session under OS/2 2.0; can be run from an OS/2 command prompt.
STARTDOS.ZIP47716Nov 17 1993OS/2 program to start DOS sessions with TSHELL or MSHELL.
STARTVDM.ZIP14988Jul 18 1992A command line util for starting an OS/2 2.0 Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) from a native DOS image.
STAT.ZIP5274May 25 1989Disk info and Free Ram Stats - OS/2 PM.
STLOS21.ZIP1324659Aug 10 1993Beta drivers from Diamond BBS for Stealth and OS/2 2.1 GA.
STSHOW17.ZIP154442Feb 14 1994Views/converts/prints BMP, GIF, PCX, PM, TIF, TGA files. (OS2).
SVGA20.ZIP5665Jan 23 1993Info from Internet regarding using Super VGA with OS/2 2.0.
SYSBAK.ZIP101809Sep 1 1992Latest versions of OS/2 2.0 backup and restore programs.
SYSCOL20.ZIP53296Jul 18 1992OS/2 PM system color configuration utility.
SYSDLL.ZIP4838Sep 30 1990OS/2 PM program to view/edit the DLLs that are loaded at system startup.
SYSINFO.ZIP44854Oct 12 1990An OS/2 program to display various system information.
T1K-16.ZIP168379May 21 1992Trident 1024x768x16 TVGA OS/2 2.0 drivers. Includes Windows 3.0 drivers for full-screen use of Win-OS/2. This is the Internet-Usenet distribution (standard doesn't include Windows drivers). Requires TVGA 8900/9000.
T1K-256.ZIP276466May 21 1992Trident TVGA 1024x768x256 OS/2 2.0 drivers. Internet/Usenet distribution including Windows 3.0 drivers for use with Win-OS/2 Full Screen. Requires TVGA 8900/9000. (The windows drivers require at least a 8900C).
T640-256.ZIP201760May 21 1992Trident 640x480x256 drivers for OS/2 2.0. Includes Virtual Desktop drivers!!! Internet/Usenet dist. incl. Win-OS/2 full screen drivers. Requires TVGA 8900/9000. (Windows requires TVGA 8900C or better).
T768-256.ZIP91191May 21 1992768x1024x256 Trident TVGA drivers for OS/2 2.0. Don't know what this resolution is intended for. Doesn't include Windows drivers. Requires Trident TVGA 8900/9000.
T800-16.ZIP187373May 21 1992Trident TVGA 800x600x16 drivers for OS/2 2.0. This one includes SEAMLESS WINDOWS DRIVERS!!!! (The only SVGA to do so far). Requires TVGA 8900/9000 (Maybe a 8900C).
T800-256.ZIP201373May 21 1992Trident TVGA 800x600x256 drivers for OS/2 2.0. Includes Win-OS/2 drivers (not seamless). Requires TVGA 8900/9000 (8900C for Windows).
TAQUIN.ZIP8965Feb 27 1989OS/2 PM Puzzle game 'Jeu de Taquin' includes source.
TC-OS2.ZIP12328Jun 22 1988Demonstrates using Turbo C with OS/2.
TC4OS2.ZIP11655Dec 28 1988Write OS/2 protected mode pgms with Turbo C!.
TCAN20.ZIP39555May 15 1991This provides a Mac-Like Trashcan for OS/2 PM.
TCPBASE.ZIP2316387Feb 15 1993Base CSD for IBM's TCP/IP for OS/2.
TE2DSORT.ZIP16426Jul 15 1990Use this file to sort your TE/2 directory list.
TE2_124.ZIP512919Jul 21 1993Te/2 communication program for OS/2. Latest version of this great comm program. Corrects a few problems including screen corruption upon startup with OS/2 2.1.
TEDS11.ZIP83360Jul 14 1992Taylor Editor for OS/2 - A FREE text editor for OS/2 1.0->2.0 Run from command line in full screen mode. MSDOS Editor clone. Much faster than Enhanced editor when working from prompt.
TERMOS2.ZIP40247May 15 1988Very simple terminal program for OS/2.
TETRISPM.ZIP35640Apr 12 1991Tetris Game for OS/2 PM.
THREADS.ZIP10031Dec 17 1990How to use threads in JPI's Modula-2 for OS/2.
THSTAT.ZIP5997Oct 21 1989An excellent OS/2 PM program that checks a thread's status.
TIMELINE.ZIP4346Aug 26 1989Display OS/2 Time/Date.
TIMESETF.ZIP2815Aug 9 1992TIMESET is an OS/2 REXX Command File that will dial the Naval Observatory and set the system clock to the Naval Observatory time.
TKEEP.ZIP39265Dec 31 1992OS/2 2.0 PM program that tracks time spent on projects & tasks.
TMV1SCSI.ZIP52864Jun 4 1993PAS16 SCSI drivers for OS2.
TRAP.ZIP19733Jul 28 1993A guide to TRAP errors in OS/2 2.1.
TRASH081.ZIP147617Aug 9 1993OS/2 2.X PM based Mac-like trash can. Doesn't delete files until you empty the trash. Beta version but works flawlessly. Note: requires EMX runtime modules to execute (included in .ZIP file).
TRDR1130.ZIP37821Apr 4 1991OS/2 offline thread reader 1.13. Requires MBBS. Runs in a PM window.
TRI32NEW.ZIP655212Dec 9 1992Trident drivers for OS/2 2.0 Service Pack. May actually support seamless WinOS2. These drivers support the 32-bit GRE.
TRICKS1.ZIP85901Nov 16 1993Stupid OS/2 Tricks, from Internet (.INF file).
TRICKS3.ZIP228729Jan 11 1994OS/2 Tricks, in .INF format for VIEWing.
TRID_FIX.ZIP59620Jun 28 1992Fixes some screen-switch problems with TVGA 8900B 512K boards with OS/2 2.0. You will also want to try VSVGAFX3.ZIP.
TRSHMN11.ZIP46178Aug 5 1992Trashman game for OS/2.
TRYTD.ZIP5494Oct 7 1988OS/2 time/date format.
TSARC.ZIP101551Aug 1 1989Planning/Scheduling Program for OS/2 PM.
TSENGFIX.ZIP39099Apr 16 1992Bug fix for OS/2 2.0 for ET-4000 video cards (Speedstar, Prodesigner...) that exhibit wavy lines when switch from DOS Full screen to WPS.
TSHELL.ZIP41846Dec 13 1993OS/2 shell replacement speeds up system, works great on low memory system.
UDIR.ZIP24786Sep 17 1988An OS/2 expanded directory command that allows you to list directory of all files, in all subdirectories.
UE310DOC.ZIP138565Mar 19 1989Docs for OS/2 version of MicroEmacs.
UNITCV.ZIP21629Jan 15 1992OS/2 utility - converts measurements, metric, etc.
UNZ50X16.ZIP69418Aug 21 1992Info-ZIP's FREE unzip program for OS/2 1.x+ (16 bit). Version 5.0 supports extended attributes (EA's). Version 5.0.
UNZ51X32.ZIP27117Feb 11 1994INFOZip's UNZIP version 5.1 for OS/2. 32 bit, includes encryption.
UPDTE3.ZIP1358316Aug 31 1994Ami Pro 3.0b for OS/2 update files. Self-extracting archive from Lotus (via CompuServe) contains replacement AMIPRO.EXE and AMIPRO3.DLL files dated 8/30/94. Only use if Lotus Ami Pro for OS/2 3.0b is installed.
UZ42_32E.ZIP187013Mar 21 1992Info-Zip's free 32 bit unzip for OS/2 2.0.
V2TECH.ZIP18205May 21 1992Technical notes for OS/2 2.0. Describes some possible problems.
VASPBETA.ZIP31718Feb 16 1994VASPI beta driver for OS/2 (2nd release).
VASPIBET.ZIP8586Dec 15 1993Virtual ASPI driver for OS/2 (beta).
VBIOS.ZIP5679Jun 26 1992A bug fix for some problems in OS/2 2.0.
VCAT6S.ZIP70837Oct 22 1988A video tape library written in OS/2 C. Only includes source code.
VCD10.ZIP31636Jul 1 1992OS/2 change drive/directory utility. Works on FAT and HPFS partitions.
VCONFIG.ZIP8285Dec 13 1989OS/2 program that determine the video configuration of your system.
VECTFONT.ZIP38938Nov 30 1988Vector Font OS/2 PM program. Full C source by Petzold.
VEMMGA.ZIP12484Apr 24 1992Another bug fix for OS/2 2.0.
VFONT2.ZIP9517Apr 11 1989OS/2 variable font loader.
VGA800-B.ZIP76312Feb 15 1993Generic 800x600 16 color 32-bit video drivers for OS/2 2.0. This is an alpha release and doesn't support seamless WINOS2 windows yet.
VIDEO2.ZIP3496Jun 23 1993One user's guide to choosing an accellerated video card for OS/2 2.x.
VIDTEST.ZIP17138Dec 8 1989These files are a short benchmark on video performance under IBM OS/2.
VIEWGIF.ZIP60653Mar 12 1990An excellent OS/2 PM GIF viewer, one of the best available.
VIOREG.ZIP17822May 21 1989This is a sample OS/2 program that shows the use of function VioRegister(). Includes complete C source code examples.
VIOUTL.ZIP19663Aug 7 1989This file contains several OS/2 C routines used to interface with the user in a VIO type of world. Several examples included.
VOL1N4.ZIP27643Dec 13 1992Vol 1, No 4 of Timur Tabis's "OS/2 Monthly" column "The Ultimate OS/2 Game". Source and executables to a OS/2 game based on Battletech.
VOL1N5.ZIP32714Dec 13 1992Vol 1, No 5 of Timur Tabis's "OS/2 Monthly" column "The Ultimate OS/2 Game". Source and executables to a OS/2 game based on Battletech.
VOL1N6.ZIP44924Dec 13 1992Vol 1, No 6 of Timur Tabis's "OS/2 Monthly" column "The Ultimate OS/2 Game". Source and executables to a OS/2 game based on Battletech.
VOL1N7.ZIP61904Dec 13 1992Vol 1, No 7 of Timur Tabis's "OS/2 Monthly" column "The Ultimate OS/2 Game". Source and executables to a OS/2 game based on Battletech.
VOL1N8.ZIP76918Dec 13 1992Vol 1, No 8 of Timur Tabis's "OS/2 Monthly" column "The Ultimate OS/2 Game". Source and executables to a OS/2 game based on Battletech.
VOYOS2.ZIP732584Mar 23 1994Os/2 drivers for Boca Voyager card.
VPROS2.ZIP1052618Oct 18 1993Diamond Viper video accelerator drivers for OS/2; official release, downloaded from Diamond forum on CI$.
VPRVLOS2.ZIP852901Feb 1 1994OS/2 2.1 Display drivers for Diamond Viper VLB version 1.01.
VRAMPM12.ZIP359056Dec 18 1989VRAM VGA display drivers for OS/2 PM 1.2.
VREXX.ZIP188119Sep 11 1992Visual Rexx for the Presentation Manager.
VSVGAFX2.ZIP69739May 13 1992Another bug fix for OS/2 2.0 - fixes some problems of monitor going out of sync in SVGA modes.
VSWITCH.ZIP14004Aug 12 1992Text mode task list for OS/2. Alt-/ brings up a VIO list that lets you change tasks without switching into PM and back.
VUNDEL.ZIP45915Jun 28 1993OS/2 2.X PM program that allows viewing deleted files and selectively restoring them. You must have SET DELDIR active in the config.sys file for this program to work.
WARP-OS2.ZIP1442904Oct 31 1994OS/2 Warp demo direct from IBM. Dmo requires DOS 3.X or higher, 512K RAM.
WARP3.ZIP12445Oct 14 1994IBM OS/2 3.0 Warp Announcement, Features, prices, etc.
WH.ZIP6158Jun 4 1988Whereis - file locator for OS/2 protected mode.
WHEREIS.ZIP13254Mar 10 1990This is a file find program for OS/2 that understands 1.2 extended attributes Full C source by Ray Duncan is included.
WHEREIS2.ZIP13558Dec 14 1987OS/2 file finder.
WHICH100.ZIP25725Mar 12 1993Which checks, in order, a list of internal OS/2 command-shell commands, the current directory, and directories specified in the user's PATH variable for the commands given as its arguments. Listing full path if found.
WHYOS2TX.ZIP28605Oct 17 1992Text on why you should choose OS/2 as your operating system. From IBM.
WINBACK.ZIP14626Sep 19 1991This utility will allow you to push any active window to the bottom of the window pile. Includes C source code.
WINPROPM.ZIP24447Jun 19 1989WinPro/PM generated sample program.
WL.ZIP15296Jun 25 1989Workstation Lock for OS/2 PM. Allows you to "Lock" your keyboard.
WLO10.ZIP1328561Sep 23 1991OS/2 WLO DLLs and WIN appletts Version 1.0 - replaces the BETA version. The appletts now will run the same EXE under both Windows and OS/2.
WOF.ZIP107543Dec 2 1993Wheel of Fortune for OS/2.
WOR_11.ZIP189979Jan 10 1994OS/2 Wizard of Wor arcade game. 32 bit port to OS/2. Has all levels of original arcade game.
WPS-BACK.ZIP24551Jan 6 1994Nice command line utility to backup OS/2 WPS Desktop.
WPSBK4.ZIP64100Sep 18 1992Latest version of the OS/2 Workplace Shell Backup utility.
WPSGUIDE.ZIP24374Feb 23 1992OS/2 2.0 Guide to the Work Place Shell. Good intro to the Object Oriented paragdim of WPS. Lots of usefull info. .
WPSTOOLS.ZIP46687Mar 14 1992OS2/2 2.0 Set of tools for Creating, deleteing, altering and viewing WPS objects from the command line. Includes C source.
WPZ001.ZIP18894Nov 29 1992A new WPS ZIP file object. This early version by John Cocula allows you to view ZIP files by double clicking. You can even view text files inside the ZIP file. John is planning to add full WPS functionality, including d
X-OS2-17.EXE79360Oct 23 1989UnARC/UnZIP/UnLZH for OS/2 - NOT A SHELL! Self-extracting, ver 1.7.
X10UTL32.ZIP171609Jul 5 1992OS/2 version of the X-10 utilities.
XFEELOS2.ZIP16127Feb 16 1993X-windows feel for OS/2, with source (just move the mouse to set focus, no clicking).
XGA2DMQS.ZIP22684Apr 23 1993XGA-2 Display Parameter files for OS/2 2.x.
XTIME0.ZIP22684May 9 1990OS/2 PM program that will start other programs at specified time.
YOS2PS.ZIP68139Oct 15 1992PostScript file describing why OS/2 is better than Windows NT.
YOWZA.ZIP352321Jan 25 1991YowZa! - A Screen Saver for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
ZIP19X16.ZIP99882Aug 21 1992Info-ZIP's FREE ZIP for OS/2 1.x+ (16 bit). Supports Extended Attributes (EA's). Version 1.9 (compatible with PKZIP 1.93 ALPHA).
ZIP19X32.ZIP146180Aug 21 1992Info-ZIP's FREE ZIP for OS/2 2.0 (32 bit). Supports Extended Attributes (EA'S). Version 1.9. (supports Reducing, like PKZIP 1.93 alpha).
ZIP19X3B.ZIP146177Aug 26 1992Info-ZIP's free 32 bit ZIP for OS/2 2.0. Supports extended attributes (EA's). Version 1.9, supports reducing like PKZIP 1.93 alpha. [re-uploaded to fix a bug with extended attributes].
ZIPME11.ZIP100442Feb 19 199432-bit multithreading ZIP manager for OS/2 PM 2.x. Includes both German and English versions. Supports drag and drop operations.
ZIPQ050.ZIP22008May 25 1991Zip file viewer/manger for OS/2 PM. Version 0.50.
ZOC130.ZIP285702May 9 1994PM terminal application for OS/2. Nice user interface, solid VT100 and Zmodem, many options, fast screen output and scrollback buffer, external Compuserve-B protocol, external online GIF viewer, powerful script language, e
ZOCDEV.ZIP51208Dec 17 1993ZOC Developers Toolkit. First non-BETA version. For use in making plug-in-protocols, etc. for ZOC the OS/2 Communications Program.
ZOO21E.ZIP302988Jul 22 1991ZOO archiver for OS/2. Includes C source code.