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OS/2 Wizard of Wor arcade game. 32 bit port to OS/2. Has all levels of original arcade game.
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OS/2 Wizard of Wor arcade game. 32 bit port to OS/2. Has all levels of original arcade game.
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ARENA.DAT 246 111 deflated
GI 0 0 stored
GI.INF 27322 16453 deflated
GIREADME 150 113 deflated
GIRUN.ZIP 86529 86301 deflated
L1.DAT 320 128 deflated
L10.DAT 311 131 deflated
L100.DAT 227 103 deflated
L101.DAT 263 106 deflated
L102.DAT 249 107 deflated
L103.DAT 173 87 deflated
L104.DAT 209 96 deflated
L105.DAT 233 100 deflated
L106.DAT 233 102 deflated
L107.DAT 227 108 deflated
L11.DAT 317 130 deflated
L12.DAT 294 129 deflated
L13.DAT 340 133 deflated
L14.DAT 275 120 deflated
L2.DAT 338 132 deflated
L3.DAT 302 130 deflated
L4.DAT 312 138 deflated
L5.DAT 314 134 deflated
L6.DAT 301 124 deflated
L7.DAT 319 131 deflated
L8.DAT 339 137 deflated
L9.DAT 304 129 deflated
LEVEL_0.DAT 517 167 deflated
LEVEL_1.DAT 118 64 deflated
PIT.DAT 43 30 deflated
README 1260 687 deflated
WOR.EXE 204414 74207 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Some important remarks to all Wizard of Wor Fans

Version: 1.1

New: - Port to 32bit, using Borland C++ (c) for OS/2
- Supports (needs) GI
- Closer to the original: Level 19 is again a pit...
(did someone ever reach level 19??)

Support (need) for GI

This version of Wizard of Wor requires *GI* to be installed on your
system. ========

GI (Game Interface) is a unique interface for all games we've written. It
allows a major simplification in getting user-input. For more details
refer to the GI-Documentation. GIRUN.ZIP is included in this package.
Please install GI only once on your system! GI (including all source
code) is available via anonymous ftp.


We released Wizard of Wor to public well knowing that it contains MANY
bugs. You use it at your own risk! The programm may crash and since any
crash can potentialy bring down your system, you may loose important data.
However, this has never happend up to now, but you never know...

If you find any bugs, please send an email to one of the adresses mentioned
in the "About"-Box. Thanks.

Markus Hof
Roman Fischer

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