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Add spell checker ability to OS/2 v2.0's enhanced editor, EPM.
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Add spell checker ability to OS/2 v2.0’s enhanced editor, EPM.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

After many hours and several thoughts about the possibility that I was crazy,
I finally figured out how to add the spell checker ability to OS/2 v2.0's
enhanced editor, EPM. I have worked for IBM several years and have never
noticed before that the spell check had been removed from all of the version
2.0 releases. I have been using EPM v5.19 since it was released and have
never switch until I got my new 2.0 GA OS/2 release. I was sitting here doing
some writing and wanted to spell check my document when I noticed that there
was no spell checker. After searching endlessly, I found that it had been
removed. So, being the desperate type, I tried to add one myself. After
converting back over to EPM v5.19, I notice some similarities and discovered
that only a few files were missing from the GA release version. So, I did
some addition here and there and guess what, it works. So, I thought I should
explain how its done.

First things first. You should have received with this archive three files:

If this is not correct, please discontinue all further steps. You can always
download EPM-SPELL.ARJ from my board, or FREQ the same at any time.

Step 1 ---
Create a directory on C drive called 'LEXAM'. Yes, it *MUST* be on C
drive. Not my fault. Its hard coded in the .DLL. Copy the US.DCT
file into this directory.

Step 2 ---
Copy the LEXAM.DLL into a path described in you LIBPATH statement
contained in you CONFIG.SYS. Most likely C:\OS2\DLL. That's all there
is to it.

Now when you want to use the spell checker feature, use the pull down menu
option 'Command'. In the command prompt box type 'proof' and press .
The spell checker will now proceed as expected.

If any of you have more info on this, please take the time to fill me in.

Bob Fudge
Alternate Escape

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