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A utility to 'defragment' an HPFS partition. Source included.
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A utility to ‘defragment’ an HPFS partition. Source included.
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Contents of the COMPRESS.DOC file


This program defragment files on a HPFS partition using OS/2. It is
tested with OS/2 1.3, but should work OK with OS/2 1.2 too. How the
algorithm works, is easy to see in the included source. I think this
approach will work, but as I don't have any specific information on
the DosCopy API, and if this API sets the pre-allocation file size
according to the file allocation information.

My personal opinion is that it is somewhat unnecessary to defragment
a HPFS partition, but I have seen users requesting this kind of program.

The program is started with the following syntax:

Compress [/S]

File path of files to be compressed. The parameter should be
entered like "\" or "C:\DEMO\".

/S Optional. Specifies that subdirectories should be compressed

You should NOT stop the program with Ctrl-Break, or similar. If you
want to terminate, you should press . IF you press Ctrl-Break,
you MAY "almost" lose ONE file. If you press Ctrl-Break, you should
look for a file called "Mikaels.$$$", in the last compressed directory.
If this file exists, you should rename it back to the last file name
written on the screen. This happens only if you was unlucky enough to
press Ctrl-Break exactly between the DosDelete and DosMove API calls,
but we all know Murphys law.

As I don't have noticed any speed improvements myself, using this
program (my drive is in good order already), I would be happy if
you would like to post me your experiences. If you have any questions
or suggestions, please mail me.

My address:
Mikael Wahlgren
Kransen 4E
S-416 72 Gothenburg

Fidonet: Mikael Wahlgren 2:203/302.5
Internet: [email protected]

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