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Stupid OS/2 Tricks, from Internet (.INF file).
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Stupid OS/2 Tricks, from Internet (.INF file).
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Contents of the TRICKS.DOC file

Stupid OS/2 Tricks, release #1

"Stupid OS/2 Tricks" is a collection of OS/2 v2.x tips and tricks that
I've collected over time from various sources, including the various
Fidonet OS/2 echoes, the various OS/2 Usenet newsgroups, OS/2-related
books and articles, other user group members, and through just general
playing around with my OS/2 machines.

"Stupid OS/2 Tricks" was inspired by the "Clever Tricks" section of
Tim Sipples' *wonderful* Frequently Asked Questions list (we love you,
Tim!). I thought that it would be neat to expand on Tim's clever
tricks, because I kept seeing interesting tips and tricks and kept
saying to myself, "Someone ought to write this all down." However,
Tim's doing the work of about one hundred OS/2-ers already, so...

I will try to keep "Stupid OS/2 Tricks" updated as I gather more neat
stuff about OS/2. Keep in mind that I'm no expert on OS/2, so I can't
absolutely guarantee that all the tips and tricks contained in the
file will work on every OS/2 v2.x system. So use at your own risk!
(Standard disclaimer of liability applies.)

"Stupid OS/2 Tricks" is in INF format, therefore it requires OS/2's
VIEW.EXE to read it. Just type "VIEW TRICKS" (without quotes) at a
command line on your OS/2 machine.

Revision history:
release #1 - Nov 93, first release

I can be contacted at:
Internet, [email protected]
Fidonet, Sysop @ 1:233/4


For our international friends, the "stupid" in the title is derived
from a popular night time talk show.

Thanks to Jack Tan for his help and criticisms.

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