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OS/2 Screen Blanking Program/Driver.
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OS/2 Screen Blanking Program/Driver.
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Contents of the README file

Screen Blanker 1.3. Copyright (c) Alan Ballard 1991.

See SCRNBLNK.TXT for installation and usage instructions.

The following changes have been made since version 1.2c:

1) Fixed a bug that caused it to sometimes fail to stay blanked in
PM sessions.

2) Added startup option /NOCLOSE that prevents disabling it once

3) Changed way non-PM OS/2 sessions are blanked so that if a program
is running in the session when blanking occurs, it no longer gets
suspended the first time it tries to write to the screen. This is done
by first switching to the PM session.

4) Added an optional ability to also blank while the DOS box is active.
Note that programs running in the DOS box *will* still be suspended
as soon as blanking occurs.
Note that on some systems, this will not detect mouse activity
in the DOS box.

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