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PM .QWK compatable OS/2 2.0 message reader. This is extremely good for a beta version. Brought to you by Oberon Software, the same people who brought you TE/2 comm program.
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PM .QWK compatable OS/2 2.0 message reader. This is extremely good for a beta version. Brought to you by Oberon Software, the same people who brought you TE/2 comm program.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Oberon PMQWK Offline Mailreader
** BETA ** Version 1.00, Release #7
18 January, 1993

Oberon Software
518 Blue Earth Street
Mankato, MN 56001-2142 USA

Welcome to the PMQWK Wide Beta Release!

Please make sure that you read the enclosed PMQWK.DOC file for
information on installing, setting up, and using PMQWK. To quickly
locate the information on installing PMQWK, see Section II. in
PMQWK.DOC, beginning on line number 253. Please make certain that
you also read Section I, beginning on line number 110, for information
on what PMQWK will and won't do, known bugs, and planned enhancements.

See the notes below for information on issuing problem reports and
enhancement requests.


You may elect to register this Wide Beta version of PMQWK and be
automatically eligible for a free upgrade to the General Release
version when it is available later this year! The registration fee
for the beta version is $25.00 (US), the General Release will cost
$35.00 (US) when it is available so you will save $10 if you exercise
this option. A coupon for the upgrade to the full release version
will be sent to everyone who registers this beta release version. A
printed manual will be sent to registered PMQWK users when the
General Release version is available.

To register, please send a check or money order, drawn on a US bank, to
Oberon Software at the address above. Corporate purchase orders are
acceptable. For quantity discounts please call.


The accompanying software is a BETA TEST version. It is NOT
guaranteed to be complete or free from defects. This software and
documentation are subject to change and do not in anyway imply a
commitment on the part of Oberon Software or the author.

If you use this software, you do so at your own risk. Oberon
Software will not be liable for any losses or damages to property,
data, time, or business which arise as the direct or indirect result
of the use, misuse, or failure to be able to use this software or
documentation. Your acceptance of these terms is implied by your use
of this software and documentation.

This version of PMQWK is tested on OS/2 2.0 "GA" and OS/2 2.0
with the Service Pack (XR6055) installed only. We have experienced
problems running this version of PMQWK under the OS/2 2.1 BETA
release dated 12/9/92 and do NOT recommend using it in this
environment until we have determined the cause of these problems.

Although this is a BETA TEST version, Oberon Software has released
this version for wide distribution. All of the above disclaimers
apply and you are cautioned to not use this software if you do not
agree to the disclaimers in this file. Your use of this software
will imply your acceptance. You are free to distribute this package
as you would any other shareware program under the provision that
no changes are made in any way to the software or the accompanying
documentation and that the entire package, complete with this
documentation is distributed together as a unit.

If, while using this software, you should discover any program errors
or omissions which are not otherwise mentioned in this document
(please read "Features and Functions Absent in this BETA TEST
Version" in PMQWK.DOC before submitting a problem report), please contact
Oberon Software by one of the methods given above and alert us to the
existence of the problem so that it may be corrected. If the problem
results in a system error popup (i.e., a TRAP 000D or other system
trap) please make note of the values of "CS" and "IP" from the system
error display. Also, please indicate the version and release number
of the software which experienced the problem.

Contact for bug reports and enhancements requests:

Oberon BBS or OS/2 Shareware BBS to Kimberly Bobrow
Fidonet to Kimberly Bobrow at either 1:141/261 or 1:292/60
Internet to [email protected]
Voice phone: 212-465-3367

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