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PMNOS for OS/2 provides TCP/IP support using SLIP (ie. dialup modems).
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PMNOS for OS/2 provides TCP/IP support using SLIP (ie. dialup modems).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BM.RC 359 209 deflated
INTRONOS.INF 55352 35240 deflated
MBOXCMDS.TXT 4795 1811 deflated
PMAIL.EXE 73728 31027 deflated
PMAIL.TXT 1865 982 deflated
PMNOS.EXE 676622 285302 deflated
PMNOS.TXT 3821 1839 deflated
README.TXT 1194 645 deflated
WG7JMODS.TXT 112430 36836 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

PMNOS and PMail for IBM OS/2

I have slightly repackaged PMNOS and PMail (January 1, 1993)
in this new archive.

PMNOS is designed to provide TCP/IP support using SLIP (i.e.
over serial lines, such as dialup modems). It does not yet
support NDIS-compliant network adapters, although the author
of PMNOS is working on a new version with such support. PMNOS
provides the basic TCP/IP functionality (such as telnet,
finger, etc).

A mail program, PMail, is also provided.

Setup and configuration instructions are located in these

PMAIL.TXT (originally READ.ME):
Introduction to PMail.

PMNOS.TXT (originally README.NOW):
Introduction to PMNOS.

A generalized online reference to NOS, with specific OS/2
comments added. This reference may be viewed with the
OS/2 VIEW command. (See PMNOS.TXT for details.)

Additional documentation is provided in the other two
files with .TXT extensions. The executables are
PMNOS.EXE and PMAIL.EXE. BM.RC is a sample configuration
file for PMail.

Please contact the original author for any support inquiries.

Timothy F. Sipples
Internet: [email protected]

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