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A very nice OS/2 PM football game.
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A very nice OS/2 PM football game.
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John Wagner

PM Football is a Presentation Manager program that requires OS/2 1.2 or later.
You can call your own plays, or let the program do it. The possible plays you
can call are displayed by clicking on HELP.

There are several characteristics that must be specified for each game, which
can be changed at any time:

- The names of the teams, and which is the home team.
- The overall strength of a team. Stronger teams tend to
score more points, and beat up on weaker teams.
- The offensive play-calling mode for each team:
AUTO means a play is selected by the program.
MANUAL means you call plays.
PROMPT means that the program makes the calls,
but must press SPACE to begin each play.
- The pace of the game (how fast messages are displayed).


You can also control other game-related options:
- Whether sound (whistles, cheers, etc.) is available.
- The team colors (for the end zones and fans in the stands).
- The field conditions, which affect things like passes and field goals.
- Whether the game clock runs in real time (doesn't work yet).
- Whether to display statistics automatically after each quarter.
- Whether to second-guess questionable calls (like punting on first down).


September 25, 1990

John Wagner
Compuserve 70152,1042

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