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Mine game for OS/2.
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Mine game for OS/2.
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Contents of the PMMINE.DOC file

PM Mine 1.00


The PM Mine program is a game whose object is to mark all mines and
reveal all safe squares. Each square either contains a mine, is empty or
contains a number indicating how many mines exist in the surrounding eight
(8) squares. The number of mines remaining is on the top left while the
number of seconds is displayed on the top right (your 'score'). The left
mouse button is used to 'step' on a square and reveal it. If a mine is
encountered, you die ! If a blank square is revealed (no surrounding
mines), all connecting blank and numbered squares are automatically shown.
The right mouse button can be used to mark a mine the first time, and place
a question mark the second time. You cannot reveal a marmked mine, but you
can reveal a question marked one. marking a third time puts the square
back to its normal state. If you have already hit a mine, you can use the
right mouse button as a fast restart. When you die, all incorrectly marked
mines are shown. If you wish to see all the mines, select the 'Reveal
Mines Now' item in the Options menu. If you always want to see the mines
when you die, select the 'Reveal Mines When Done' item in the 'Options'
menu. You can select the number of mines, columns or rows in a 'custom'
grid but no scores are saved in this case. You can save the game, which
exits the program. Later, when you restart, the old game is displayed.
While playing a game, you can either hit the ESC key or the minimize button
to minimize the application and freeze the time. Restoring the application
will restart the time from where you left off. This game is documented via
the online "Help" built-in the product.

PM Mine PM Rules ! Page 1
(C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing Systems


PM Mine is (C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing Systems.
All rights are reserved by the copyright owner. This
documentation is (C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing
Systems. All rights are reserved on this documentation by the
copyright owner.

No part of PM Mine or this documentation may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by
any means, electronic mechanical, photographic, magnetic, or
otherwise except in accordance with the Licensing Agreement
contained in this document, or without the express written
consent of Princeton Windowing Systems.

Licensing Agreement

Permission is granted for the transfer of the PM Mine
program and this documentation by any means under the condition
that the program and this document are together on the transfer

You are also granted license to transfer this program as
long as it is accompanied by this document to electronic bulletin
boards (BBS's), or to your friends.

You are not permitted to change this document, or to modify
or reverse compile/assemble the PM Mine program.

PM Mine PM Rules ! Page 2
(C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing Systems


The PM Mine program and all accompanying documentation are
provided on an "AS IS" basis. This means that Princeton
Windowing Systems does not warrant, guarantee, or make any other
representations regarding the use, or results of use, of the PM Mine
demo or the documentation in terms of accuracy, reliability,
correctness, currentness, or otherwise. Princeton Windowing Systems
will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or
consequential damages including damages for loss of business
profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or
otherwise arising from the use or inability to use PM Mine, even
if Princeton Windowing Systems has been advised of the possibility
of such damages. The use of this product is on an "AT YOUR OWN
RISK" basis.

Registering for PM Mine

To register for PM Mine, call or FAX to (609) 921-6695.
Please send $10 per copy. You will be placed on a mailing list for
future update announcements when you register with payment and will
be notified of other Princeton Windowing Systems applications and games.

System Requirements

The following software and hardware are required to run PM Mine:

1. OS/2 Version 1.2 or higher

2. An OS/2 compatible mouse

3. 60K of hard disk space for the Product files.

PM Mine PM Rules ! Page 3
(C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing Systems


First create a subdirectory on your hard disk to hold the
PM Mine files. For example we will call our subdirectory PMMINE.

e.g. C:\PMMINE

1. To set the PATH statement for the C:\PMMINE subdirectory,

change: PATH=C:\;C:\OS2;C:\OS2\SYSTEM;



2. You must copy all of the PM Mine Product files to
the directory you created (C:\PMMINE).

type: COPY ?:\?\*.* C:\PMMINE

The following files should be copied:

PMMINE.EXE - PM Mine application executable
PMMINE.HLP - PM Mine online help
PMMINE.DOC - PM Mine documentation

Starting PM Mine

If the C:\PMMINE subdirectory is in the PATH statement, you will
be able to run PM Mine from any OS/2 command prompt by typing "PMMINE".
Otherwise you can make an entry in the "Group - Main" window
for PM Mine (e.g., with the Working directory set to C:\PMMINE)
or you can change directories to C:\PMMINE and type "PMMINE"

PM Mine PM Rules ! Page 4
(C) Copyright 1991 Princeton Windowing Systems

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