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This is a simple BBS-program for OS/2. No source code.
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This is a simple BBS-program for OS/2. No source code.
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Contents of the BBS.DOC file

This is a simple BBS-program for OS/2. It features a message area with
reply links, a mailbox and a file section. It supports multiple lines
which means many users may log on to the system at the same time. There
is even a pipe between the different users.

What it does not have is a gateway to the echomail system.

It is a very easily configured system. You have to install the COM0x.SYS-
driver in the your CONFIG.SYS-file. When you set up the system you should
log on as newuser "SYSOP" and select a password, because the SYSOP-user
is automaticly assigned a access level of 255 (the highest possible).
The line speed between serial port and modem has to be fixed, because
there is no baud rate detection in the system. The modem could be any
type of auto answering modem. If you have a Hayes-compatible modem, the
best way to install it is to set it for not autoanswering. The system
sends a answer command when it detects a ring signal, which prevents
the modem from answering when the system is not ready. The JPILIB.DLL
file should be copied into a directory specified by the LIBPATH environment
specified in CONFIG.SYS.

This system is released as shareware. If you find the program worth
anything (which you probably won't), I would appriciate a contribution
of whatever you think appropriate. If you on the other hand do not
think the program is worth anything, I would like to know what you
thought wrong, and how the system could be enhanced.

My adress is: Mikael Wahlgren
Kransen 4E
S-416 72 Gothenburg

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