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Dial phone using REXX and Soundblaster.
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Dial phone using REXX and Soundblaster.
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Contents of the DIAL.TXT file

Dial is a phone dialling program for those that don't have
a modem. It requires os/2, rexx, and mmpm with the rexx
interface. The program plays dialling tones through whatever
sound equipment the computer has. Turn the volume up
sufficiently and hold the phone near the speaker.

Using the program is simple, just type dial and then the
phone number. Alphabetic characters are converted to numbers,
abc=1, def=2 and so on. I don't know if this is correct, as this
conversion isn't used in Norway. Non-alphanumeric characters are ignored,
this allows number formats like this: (345) 56-12 679.
The characters "*" and "#" are also transmitted, making it possible
to use automatic phone services.

Use the program twice if you need a pause in the middle of a number.
There is no built-in pause function.

Possible uses for the program:

1. Phoning someone. Using the buttons on the phone is just as easy as
using the keyboard, but the keyboard has certain advantages:
a. You can easily dial the same number(s) over and over again.
Some phones has this capability, but not all.
b. You can see the number, so you can edit it and be sure it is correct.
This is especially useful for long numbers.

2. Using tone dialling when you have an old phone that use pulse dialling.
Useful if you need the "*" and "#" functionality.

3. Using this program as the 'automatic dialling part' of a phone directory

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