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A file lister utility for use with OS/2.
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A file lister utility for use with OS/2.
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Contents of the LOOK.DOC file

LOOK is a full-screen file display program for OS/2.

To use LOOK, at the command line type:

LOOK filename

where filename is the name of the file you want to view.

This is a revised version of a program summitted by GE user address

The changes I made to look are the following

Added mouse support: Can use mouse to page up/page down
scroll up/down
select help

Added my own sf_kb_getch function which makes it easier to check for regualar
key strokes versus function and key pad functions. Orginal program did not
reconize my 101 key board page up, page down, cursor pad, etc keys.

Added function to change color of screen of select bar,display text,help text,
and error messages.

Save the current screen on entry to look and restore it to orginal state on

Also my computer with only 2 megs of memory would have out of memory error when
browsing large files. I changed the malloc to use the Os2 function, but this
made little change. I then allocated the segment in 64 k increments and
allocated my pointers from the segment using to MAKEP macro. This made it
possible to read my larger files with out of memory errors. Do not know if
there is a limit but have tested with some files of about 1 meg.

The source for look and library functions for video,mouse,keyboard,datetime,
misc, are available for $10.00 on 5 1/4 diskette or $11.00 on 3.5 diskette.
The source is written in microsoft C 5.1.

Mail Check/Money order To:

Thomas Sandberg
24220 Western Ave #B
Harbor City, CA 90710

Call Work 213-618-4096
Home 213-325-4306

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