Dec 132017
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OS/2 2.0 – Joe’s (informal) OS/2 2.0 tips. Lots of good tips and insights from downunder. Includes .gif ‘s of IBM’s new C/Set compiler and debugger.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLASSWP.GIF 15960 15960 stored
CSETFLOD.GIF 10507 10507 stored
DEBUG.GIF 16361 16361 stored
DIALOG.GIF 16680 16680 stored
JOESOS2.TIP 11273 4929 deflated
JOESP-03.TXT 12053 5298 deflated
JOEST-02.TXT 7896 3549 deflated
KWQ.GIF 16756 16756 stored
MAKEBOOT.CMD 10644 3187 deflated

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