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AlarmPro v1.3b - Personal information manager, Program launcher, desktop clock, to do reminder, and desktop lockup feature. All in one integrated program FOR OS/2.
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AlarmPro v1.3b – Personal information manager, Program launcher, desktop clock, to do reminder, and desktop lockup feature. All in one integrated program FOR OS/2.
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ALRMPRO.DLL 53248 21095 deflated
ALRMPRO.EXE 243125 106582 deflated
ALRMPRO.HLP 32688 20252 deflated
ALRMPRO.INF 32688 20251 deflated
APCONVTD.EXE 26624 14102 deflated
APMISC.DLL 45095 21878 deflated
DBPROCS.DLL 54272 25629 deflated
READ.ME 3843 1638 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to Alarm Pro version 1.3. Alarm Pro is a 32 bit OS/2* 2.0 program
for managing your Contacts, appointments, important events, and program
scheduling from a convenient desktop clock.

Alarm Pro is SHAREWARE. You are allowed to try the program for 60 days.
If you find it useful you may register the program with WalkerWerks for
$45.00 U.S. Run the program for details.

You may distribute the SHAREWARE version of this program on any legal
Bulletin Board for the purpose of trial distribution as long as this
notice is included and no contents are altered. You may not sell
this program or a disk containing this program for personal profit.

Bryan Walker

Place the executable files in a directory in your LIBPATH. Executables
include .EXE and .DLL files. Place the .HLP file in the same directory or
a directory in your HELP path. Review your CONFIG.SYS file for the
LIBPATH= and SET HELP= statements to find valid subdiretories.

Alarm Pro has many settings to assist in managing your information. Run
through the menu options and review the default settings to make sure they
are acceptable.

Inventory List for Alarm Pro
The 32 bit OS/2 2.0 files
ALRMPRO.EXE The program file.

ALRMPRO.DLL The Alarm Pro screens.

DBPROCS.DLL The database engine for Alarm Pro.

APMISC.DLL The system lockup hook and misc other functions.

ALRMPRO.HLP The help screens for Alarm Pro.

ALRMPRO.INF The help screens in a form usable with VIEW.EXE.

APCONVTD.EXE Utility for converting version 1.0 Todo database files
to new format.

READ.ME This file.

APINST.CMD Utility for installing Alarm Pro.

CONVERT.EXE Utility for converting Dbase 3* or OS/2 Productivity
databases to Alarm Pro Contact databases.

DB3PROC.DLL Dbase 3 database functions for CONVERT.EXE.

TDCONVRT.EXE Utility for converting OS/2 Daily Planner files to
Alarm Pro ToDo Files.

STRT_VDM.EXE Command line utility for starting DOS sessions or
DOS image files from the command line. Allows you to
set the DOS settings for the application when launched.

EXIT_VDM.COM Exits Dos Image sessions like typing EXIT at a normal
OS/2 or OS/2-DOS session. Built from sample debug
program placed on Compuserve by IBM. Also provided
with OS/2 2.1 Beta.

Revision History

October 1992 Version 1.0 First Release of Alarm Pro. Provides all the
features of Alarm Clock with the addition of an integrated
ToDo List and Contact List.

December 1992 ToDo list expanded into complete form with criticality,
view sorting options, archiving. Overall product improved
with new shortcut keys and better placement of dialogs on
the desktop. Desktop Lockup feature similiar to the one
provided with OS/2 but with option to not require a password.

January 1993 Added Week at a Glance for ToDo files, Printing of all
databases, and autodialer for contact lists. Set many
default values for dates and times on input screens and
converted to spin buttons from entry fields so that both
Keyboard and Mouse users will have an easier time.

February 1993 Added the ability to play melodies created with the OS/2
tune editor.

*OS/2 and IBM are trademarks of International Business Machines, Inc.
*Dbase 3 is a trade mark of Borland International.

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