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Latest OS/2 v2.1 drivers for the PAS 16.
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Latest OS/2 v2.1 drivers for the PAS 16.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DDLMS.ADD 35781 16529 deflated
MVNOTES.DOC 12419 4946 deflated
MVPRODD.SYS 59480 26835 deflated
OPL3.DOC 717 461 deflated
OPL3.DRV 27648 14260 deflated
OS2MIXER.DLL 35163 17186 deflated
OS2_Q&A.DOC 5445 2184 deflated
PAS.EXE 32921 16272 deflated
PROMIX2.EXE 37902 16018 deflated
PROMIX2.HLP 1215 668 deflated
README.TXT 2354 906 deflated
SBD2.SYS 35450 19029 deflated
SONYB31A.ADD 30996 15940 deflated
SONYB31A.DOC 4819 1996 deflated
THUNDERB.DOC 6643 2832 deflated
TMV1SCSI.ADD 28461 10576 deflated
TMV1SCSI.DOC 1350 619 deflated
VDMA.DOC 283 184 deflated
VDMA.SYS 10281 5279 deflated

Download File PAS-OS2.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

This device drive will query the bus for any CM250 or CM260 interface boards.
Upon finding the boards it will determine if there are any conflicts with the
IRQ or port address settings. If there is a conflict it will report
"No drives found". The driver will support any combination of CM205 and CM206

The device driver named ddlms.add will support:

A CM250 8-bit HA with a CM205 1X drive
A CM250 8-bit HA with a CM206 2X drive
(the HA can't stand 2X, so it will hold the drive in 1X)

A CM260 16-bit HA with a CM205 1X drive
A CM260 16-bit HA with a CM206 2X drive
To install OS2 from the CD:

1) Copy "DDLMS.ADD" to IBM OS2 2.1 disk 1

2) Add "BASEDEV=DDLMS.ADD" to the end of the CONFIG.SYS on disk 1

3) Make sure the OS2 CD is in the drive before starting installation. (OS2
will not recognize the existance of the CD ROM unless there is a data disk
in the drive. This is currently a bug in this beta driver)

4) Follow the rest of the instructions from the OS2 installation program.
After installation is complete and OS2 is installed you will need to add the
following lines to the CONFIG.SYS file on your OS2 drive:

basedev=ddlms.add (make sure this line is not duplicated!)

Now copy the following files from disk 1 to your \os2 directory:


Make sure "DDLMS.ADD" is in the root directory of your OS2 drive. If it isn't,
then copy it to the root directory now.


Now shutdown OS2 and restart your computer. Your CD ROM should show up as an
ICON under your "DRIVES" ICON located in the "OS2 SYSTEM" folder. The drive
will also be available in DOS and OS2 sessions including "WINOS2".


NOTE: This BETA release does not currently support CD AUDIO.

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