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OS/2 program to adjust size of text in windowed command prompt.
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OS/2 program to adjust size of text in windowed command prompt.
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The purpose of this program is to allow the user of IBM's OS/2
ver 1.1 to control the size of the Presentation Manager windows after clicking
on the "maximixe" icon on the VGA display.

Normally, one can resize the normal size windows in a variety of
ways, but the PM's "maximized" windows are not adjustable. What is more,
they are not full screen, and may not be acceptable for all users in the
default size.

A limited degree of control is provided by the utility,
because the window sessions will respond to the line parameters passed to
that utility. But will only accept two line size parameters for
the VGA: 25 and 50.

Size.exe provides a greater degree of control for the VGA screen,
because it will accept any line size, from 1 - 99. Of course, it is only
practical to use values from 10 to 55. In addition, size.exe is much
smaller and faster executing than

The syntax is


where character_rows can be an iteger from 10 - 55.

For example,

size 25; default screen size with large font
size 29; full screen with large font
size 52; full screen with small font
size 25; half screen with small font

These examples are what fits my monitor; other monitors may differ.

Also, I find that this technique is more successful for the windowed
OS/2 sessions than for the full screen OS/2 sessions (which are actually run
under a separate character mode shell); the character based shell responds
to 25 and 50 only.

Harve Schiffman
Compuserve 72261,347

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