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Bug fix for corrupting INI files in March 2.1.1 OS/2 Beta.
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Bug fix for corrupting INI files in March 2.1.1 OS/2 Beta.
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Contents of the README file

The files in this private contain fixes to problems reported on the March
Beta release of OS/2 2.1. The files may only be used on the March Beta
Release version of OS/2. To install these fixes you must first reboot
your machine into a maintenance environment. This is most commonly
accomplished by:

1. Boot off of your Install Diskette.
2. Insert Disk 1 when prompted.
3. Hit ESC at the first entry screen.
4. You will drop to a command prompt.

The files you will replace are:

File Name Hard Drive Location
(assuming c: is your boot drive)
------------- ---------------------------------

To replace the files:

1. You may want to backup the files you are about to replace.
2. Copy each file from the diskette to the Hard Drive Location
in the table above.
3. If your ini files have already been corrupted you may also
want to replace your ini file in C:\OS2 with those in

You may now reboot.

The following is a list of known problems which we have attempted
to fix with this private.

1. INI file truncation/corruption.

2. Hang/Trap on first boot after installation over an existing system.
Usually at the black screen following the logo

3. Hang/Trap on second or successive boots with beta. Usually on the
white screen with the clock pointer.

4. Degraded system performance with high desktop activity.

5. A warning will now show if you do not have enough space on
the drive which contains your ini file. You may still lose
some updates but your ini file will not be corrupted.

6. If your INI file is corrupted due to power/hardware failure during
an update, there is now a recover process which will attempt to use
the last known set of "bootable" ini files builtin.

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