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Various OS/2 programs that help with C source management.
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Various OS/2 programs that help with C source management.
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Contents of the C_UTIL.DOC file


The arc file contains three programs, all of which are utilities
which I have found useful in the maintenance of C source files. The
programs, LINE.EXE and BRACE.EXE are are written for OS/2 ver 1.0, and
they require OS/2 in order to run (they are not bound).

BRACE.EXE returns the number of line, characters, and braces,
"{ }", contained in an ASCII source file. It also compares the number
of opening and closing braces, and reports an error if they are not
The syntax for BRACE.EXE is
brace/* help */
brace /* parse ASCII file*/

LINE.EXE converts an un-numbered ASCII file into a file with
single spaced line numbers in the left hand margin. This is useful for
debugging purposes (for example, the /Fa switch in MSC produces an asm
file with refereces to line numbers in the source file, even if the source
file had none).

The syntax of LINE.EXE is
line /* help */
line | more /* pipe page-size output
to console */
line > file.txt /* redirect output to new
file. */

STRIP.EXE cats (displays) the contents of a text file, and also
strips the file of control characters, ie, the tab character left in by
some text editors. The freopen type is "r", so the original file isn't
changed ... you can redirect output to a newfile if you want a text file
free of control characters.

The syntax for STRIP.EXE is the same as that for LINE.EXE.

To see the action of these files, run this doc file through
them, and compare the output.

Until an (affordable) lint is available for OS/2, I hope that
this utility may prove useful.

Harve Schiffman
Compuserve 72261,347

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