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An excellent PM communications program for OS/2. This is V1.10.
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An excellent PM communications program for OS/2. This is V1.10.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Copyright (c) Multi-Net Communications 1990,1991,1992. All rights reserved.

You may copy and distribute as many copies as you
want,but there must not be any charge for distributing this
program. You are licensed to use this program for a noncommercial
purpose. If you find this program of use PLEASE send $89.95(US) plus
$5.00 shipping and handling to:

Multi-Net Communications
15702 Black Bear Ct.
Klamath Falls Or, 97601-9008.

Or phone Multi-Net Communications at 503 883-8099 to order with a
Visa, MasterCard or company purchase order. Foreign checks not excepted.

You may use this program for up to SIXTY days to evaluate it's
usefulness. You are not allowed to modify this program in any
way. This product is supplied on an "as is" basis, there is no
warranty either expressed or implied.

To contact Multi-Net Communications for product support
you may either:
1. Call Multi-Net Communications at (503) 883-8099.
2. Call Compu-Plane BBS at (503) 883-8197. Supported
bauds are 300,1200,2400,9600 on a USRobotics HST. Purchasers of
Pmcomm will be given special access with extended time, no
upload/download ratio and access to a special file area, with the
latest update of Pmcomm for one year.

If you are installing this program over a previous version of Pmcomm
older then version 1.07, please delete the setup.dat file before
running Pmcomm. Pmcomm will re-create a file called setup.dat. This
file contains the user configurable parameters and will also store
different window sizes and positions on the screen.You will also
have to rename your old dialing directory from dial.dat to pmcomm.fon.

Zmodem and Scripts have been disabled in the demonstration version.
With the other protocols that are available and with the keyboard macros
users should still find the program very usable. For the people that
do find that Pmcomm does meet their needs and wish to purchase, then
they will receive the additional the benefits of Zmodem and Scripts, as
well as a printed manual. The commercial version also has a host mode
that is written in REXX.

Pmcomm you can either be run from the command line or
installed in a Group menu. If installed in a Group menu enter the directory
where the program resides as the working directory.When Pmcomm is first run
it will try to use COM1 as the comport. If there is an error opening this
comport(already open for example) you will be prompted for
another comport. If you have just exited a comm program it may
take a second or two before that comport becomes available. If
this is the case just wait a second or so and try the same name

To view the online documentation type in "view pmcomm.inf" at
an OS/2 prompt. This will use the help manager to display the online
documentation. A text file of the documentation is not supplied in order
to keep this demonstration program small.

Thanks for trying Pmcomm!

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