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Text of phone numbers you can reach at IBM. Get where you want fast and avoid the bueracratic runaround.
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Text of phone numbers you can reach at IBM. Get where you want fast and avoid the bueracratic runaround.
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Because of the wide range of IBM products and services, it can sometimes be
difficult to determine which particular phone number within IBM will get
the information you need. The list below should help you get to the right
person the first time. If you don't see the number you're looking for
here, try the IBM General Information line at 1-800-IBM-3333.

Location Phone
-------- -----
IBM AccessDOS ("as is", without charge) - U.S. 800-462-7282 *
IBM AccessDOS ("as is", without charge) - Alaska 414-633-8108 *
IBM AccessDOS ("as is", without charge) - Canada 800-465-1234 *
IBM Accessibility Products Information - voice 800-426-2133 *
IBM Accessibility Products Information - TDD 800-284-9482 *
IBM Accessibility Products Information - Canada (voice) 800-465-1234 *
IBM Accessibility Products Orders - voice 800-426-3388 *
IBM Accessibility Products Orders - TDD 800-426-3383 *
IBM Accessibility Products Orders - Canada (voice) 800-465-1234 *
IBM Accessibility Products: VoiceType remarketing 800-TALK-TYPe *
IBM AS/400 Competency Center 800-365-4IBM *
IBM AS/400 Technical Service Center 800-IBM-XTRA *
IBM Authorized Dealer Locator 800-447-4700
IBM Authorized Remarketer Locator 800-272-3438 ext. 386 *
IBM Branch Office Locator 800-IBM-3333 *
IBM Business Partner Locator 800-942-4IBM *
IBM CAD Support Center 303-924-7262
IBM Catalog of MicroChannel Hardware Products 407-982-5361 *
IBM Credit Card Support Center 800-345-9186
IBM Credit Corporation (ICC) 800-IBM-7777
IBM Customer Relations 201-930-3443
IBM Desktop Software Product Information Center 800-IBM-7699
IBM Desktop Software Support Hotline 800-336-5430
IBM Developer Assistance Program (DAP) Information/
Registration 407-982-6408
IBM Direct (Education) 800-IBM-TEACh *
IBM Direct (Supplies: Order/Retail Pricing) 800-IBM-2468
IBM Directory of OS/2 Applications 800-READ-OS2 *
IBM DisplayGraphics Support 800-237-5511
IBM DisplayWrite End-User Support 800-237-5511
IBM DOS Defect Support (Dealers/Tech Coordinators) 800-237-5511
IBM EASEL for OS/2 EE Defect and Usage Support 800-237-5511
IBM (NDD) Education Registration 800-937-3737
IBM End User Support--Fee Help Desk 800-825-USER
IBM Employee Sales 800-IBM-EMPL
IBM General Information 800-IBM-3333
IBM Information Network (IIN) Customer Assistance 800-727-2222
IBM International Sales Information (Voltages, etc) 914-934-4643
IBM LAN Application Certification Support 512-823-3282 *
IBMLink Customer Assistance 800-543-3912
IBMLink Information 800-IBM-LINK *
IBM MicroChannel Card ID Requests 800-IBM-7763 *
IBM Multimedia Industry Support Center 800-241-1620 *
IBM Multimedia Marketing Information 800-IBM-9402 *
IBM National Support Center for Persons with
Disabilities 800-IBM-2133
IBM National Service Division (NSD) Hardware Service 800-IBM-SERV
IBM Network Traffic Analysis Service 800-IBM-4NTA *
IBM OS/2 Defect Support (Dealers/Tech Coordinators) 800-237-5511
IBM Part Number ID and Lookup 303-924-4015
IBM PartnerLink (CSS/RICS) Dealer Support Line 800-IBM-DEAL
IBM Parts Order Center (Retail-PC and Typewriter) 303-924-4100
IBM PC Technical Books Hotline 800-IBM-PCTB
IBM PC-DOS to OS/2 upgrades 800-3IBM-OS2 *
IBM Personal Pageprinter (4216-031 only) Support 800-237-5511
IBM Personal Systems Customer Satisfaction Center 800-PS2-2227
IBM Personal Systems Developer subscriptions 800-READ-OS2 *
IBM Platinum Accounting Software Support 800-333-5242
IBM Platinum OEM Add-on Database Product Information 800-999-1809
IBM Product Information Center 800-IBM-7699 ext. 183 *
IBM Product Orders 800-IBM-CALL *
IBM Point-of-Sale Terminal Support (4680 Products) 919-878-3440
IBM PS/1 Locator 800-IBM-3377
IBM Publications (Reader Comments, etc) 800-IBM-3333 *
IBM Safety Information 800-IBM-4333
IBM Supplies Technical Hotline 800-IBM-1484
IBM Think Magazine Circulation Department 914-288-5800
T/L 351-5800
IBM Triumph! Workstation Manager Service and Support 214-644-1344
IBM 3x74 Microcode Updates 800-334-1089 *
IBM 38xx Microcode Updates 800-247-7118 *

Helwett Packard Personal Peripherals Assist Line 208-323-2551 *
Lexmark International, Inc. Printer Support Hotline
(IBM Subsidiary) 800-537-2540
PRODIGY Service Information (IBM Subsidiary) 800-PRODIGY
Prospective IBM Industry Remarketer (IR) Information 800-IBM-VARS

The following list includes such numbers as FAX and BBS lines.

Location Phone
-------- -----
IBM Developer Assistance Program (DAP) Fax 407-443-4233 *
IBM National Support Center (NSC) BBS 404-835-6600
IBM National Support Center (NSC) BBS-Internal Tie Line T/L 269-6600
IBM OS/2 EEP BBS 800-426-3389 *
IBM PC User's Group Support BBS 404-988-2790 *
IBM Technical Advisor Fax access to the IBM NSC 404-835-6606
OS/2 BBS Locator 609-596-1267 *

* = revised 02/01/92

For more information, and other relatone numbers, download the general
information section of the PS/2 Assistant from the IBM Library.

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