Dec 072017
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IBM employee-written software (unsupported freeware) to create boot floppies or small boot partitions for OS/2 2.x. Version 5.00, supports OS/2 2.11 including CSD’s to that level. No more booting from install disks.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOOTOS2.ABS 309 197 deflated
BOOTOS2.DOC 21375 6584 deflated
BOOTOS2.EXE 48743 24268 deflated
BOS2REXX.EXE 3094 1917 deflated
BOS2S20.INI 16504 4324 deflated
BOS2S21.INI 16712 4409 deflated
BOS2SHL.EXE 9605 6600 deflated
BOS2U20.INI 4518 2009 deflated
BOS2U21.INI 8547 3168 deflated
LICENSE.TXT 7381 1574 deflated

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