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Very nice OS/2 PM bit map drawing program. Very interesting.
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Very nice OS/2 PM bit map drawing program. Very interesting.
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Contents of the PMDRAW.DOC file


PM Draw

Version 3.0

Presentation Manager
Bitmap Creation Program

(c) 1990 Mark I. Walsh


Release Notes:

I) This program runs under OS/2 version 1.2 only.

II) Optional command line options:

a) /FB[d:][path]filename.BMP
load a bitmap file

b) /FP[d:][path]filename.PCX
load a PCX file

c) /FI[d:][path]filename.ITM
load an item chain file (internal format)

III) On-line help is not complete.

IV) Printer support is not complete.

V) Font library must be installed via the Control Panel.

VI) Local fill patterns ('Crosshair' and 'Bricks') are not
saved in the internal drawing item chain.

-- Mark I. Walsh
-- 28 February 1990


An OS/2 PM Bitmap Creation Tool


PMDRAW is copyright (c) 1989,1990 by Mark I. Walsh.
All rights are reserved by the copyright owner. This
documentation is copyright 1989, 1990 by Mark I. Walsh.
All rights are reserved on this documentation by the
copyright owner.

No part of PMDRAW or this documentation may be reproduced,
stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by
any means, electronic mechanical, photographic, magnetic, or
otherwise except in accordance with the Licensing Agreement
contained in this document, or without the express written
consent of Mark I. Walsh.

Licensing Agreement

Permission is granted for the transfer of the PMDRAW
program and this documentation by any means under the condition
that the program, this document, and the Licensing document are
together on the transfer medium.

The PMDRAW program is provided for evaluation use under
the Shareware concept. What this means is that you are granted
permission to use this program for a reasonable period after
which you are required to register your copy using the Licensing
document. There is no formal definition of what is implied by "a
reasonable period" but I offer the following rule-of-thumb:

If you have need for this product beyond one month's time or
find that you are relying on this product, then you SHOULD register.
You are also granted license to transfer this program as
long as it is accompanied by this document and the Licensing
document to electronic bulletin boards (BBS's), or to your
friends. Help support the shareware concept.

You are not permitted to change this document or the
Licensing document, or to modify or reverse compile/assemble the
PMDRAW program.

PMDRAW A Bitmap Creation Tool Page 1
Copyright (c) 1989, 1990 Mark I. Walsh


The PMDRAW program and all accompanying documentation are
provided on an "AS IS" basis. This means that Mark I. Walsh
does not warrant, guarantee, or make any other
representations regarding the use, or results of use, of PMDRAW
or the documentation in terms of accuracy, reliability, correctness,
currentness, or otherwise. Mark I. Walsh will not
be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or
consequential damages including damages for loss of business
profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or
otherwise arising from the use or inability to use PMDRAW, even
if Mark I. Walsh has been advised of the possibility
of such damages. The use of this product is on an "AT YOUR OWN
RISK" basis.


To register your copy (or copies) of PMDRAW, simply print
(PRINT REGISTER.DOC) and fill in the REGISTRATION form and
include a check for $50 per copy that you wish to register (if
you use PMDRAW on more than one machine, you need to register
each copy). You will be placed on a mailing list for future update
announcements and for bug fixes and will be given support via

System Requirements

The following software and hardware are required to run

1. OS/2 Version 1.2

2. An OS/2 compatible mouse

3. 400K of hard disk space for the Product files and
more as needed for storing Bitmaps (~150K each).

PMDRAW A Bitmap Creation Tool Page 2
Copyright (c) 1989, 1990 Mark I. Walsh

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