Dec 262017
A collection of OS/2 icons.
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A collection of OS/2 icons.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOTAPE.ICO 3192 295 deflated
BACKALL.ICO 3192 420 deflated
BACKUP.ICO 3192 420 deflated
BOOTDOS.CMD 703 239 deflated
BOOTDOS.ICO 3192 373 deflated
CHANGED.ICO 3192 420 deflated
DATABASE.ICO 3192 384 deflated
GONE.CMD 420 70 deflated
GONE.EXE 5811 2882 deflated
GONE.ICO 3192 302 deflated
HARVARD.ICO 3192 186 deflated
MODEM-2.ICO 4262 501 deflated
NOTEPAD.ICO 3192 283 deflated
OS2TAPE.ICO 3192 295 deflated
POINT.ICO 3192 235 deflated
READ.ME 478 267 deflated
RESTALL.ICO 3192 448 deflated
RESTORE.ICO 3192 448 deflated
WORDPERF.ICO 4262 607 deflated
WORDSTAR.ICO 3192 377 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This is the second update of color icons for OS/2.

Color icons add so much more to the screen than the plan old bland

Any suggestions or ideas you have for modifications to these or new
ones you would like to see, leave me a note on the Blue Edge BBS at
301-526-7243. I am currently working on some more name brand software
icons, but still leave any thoughts you may have.

Randy Schaller

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