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OS/2 2.X Quick Port mouse driver v 2.0 obtained from Texas Instruments BBS for Tm4000/4000e notebook computers.
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OS/2 2.X Quick Port mouse driver v 2.0 obtained from Texas Instruments BBS for Tm4000/4000e notebook computers.
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Download File OS2MIC.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

12/21/93 OS2MICE.EXE Release v2.0


OS2MICE.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP file that contains the needed files
to use your PS/2(r) or QuickPort(tm) mice on a TravelMate(tm) notebook
computer. The latest version of the TIMOUSE.SYS supports the hot plugability
of the Microsoft BallPoints(r), both versions BallPoint I and BallPoint II.

This program can be used for any TravelMate(tm) 3000 and up. This mouse
driver is ONLY for IBM's OS/2 v2.x. We will NOT have any OS/2 mouse driver
support for Microsoft's OS/2 or IBM'S OS/2 v1.x.

Included with this file are 2 REXX procedures (SMALLCUR and BIGCUR). These
REXX procedures will allow you to have a big or small cursor under the OS/2
environment. These files are not needed for the functionality of the mouse,
but are optional for user's customization. Please reference the IBM OS/2 v2.1
Technical Update Redbook, GC24-3948-00, section 11.3, Pages 155 & 156 for
information on Rexx procedures.

The TIMOUSE.SYS provides mouse driver support for the PS/2, serial and
QuickPort mouse connections.


1. Now that you have downloaded the self-extracting ZIP file. Follow the steps

2. Copy TIMOUSE.SYS to the C:\OS2 directory. Type: COPY A:\TIMOUSE.SYS C:\OS2

3. Replace the MOUSE.SYS statement in the CONFIG.SYS file with the line for
TIMOUSE.SYS (see the sample file SAMPLE.CFG).

- REM out the current line with the IBM supplied mouse driver.
- add "DEVICE=C:\OS2\TIMOUSE.SYS just below the rem'd out line.


4. Copy the BIGCUR.CMD file to your C:\OS2 directory.

5. Now go to the OS/2 Window and type in "BIGCUR" at the OS/2 prompt.

6. The installation is complete. To make the changes take effect, properly
shutdown OS/2 and reboot the computer.

NOTE: If you want to restore the mouse pointer back to the small default, simply
follow the optional procedure above and use the SMALLCUR Rexx file that
is provided.

Thank you from,

The Customer Satisfaction Line

Texas Instruments, Inc.
(800) TI-TEXAS
1-817-774-6660 fax

TravelMate is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated. BallPoint is a
registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. QuickPort is a trademark of
Microsoft Corporation. PS/2 and OS/2 are registered trademarks of
International Business Machines Corporation.

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