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REXX serial communication routines for OS/2.
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REXX serial communication routines for OS/2.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


With the advent of OS/2 1.2 Extended Edition, IBM began including a
new script language for OS/2 - REXX. REXX has been available on VM
and the Amiga for years, and is a GREAT prototyping language.

Since I am always tinkering with some communications, I decided to
write some routines to interface REXX to the serial port. I did not
get to far into the project (about 2 hours!) when I decided that the
performance of the REXX interpreter in OS/2 was just to poor to
support REAL-TIME serial communications.

I still use the routines occasionally to beta a comm product - we
designed our original serial LAN interface using this, and I cannot
wait until OS/2 2.0 (with REXX) when the performace *should* be much

I am releasing this code (source and executable) into the public
domain so others can see how easy it is to write REXX extensions.
Note that it does require the IBM toolkit, but I do use Microsoft
C. (Actually, all it requires from the IBM toolkit is REALLY
the REXXSAA.h file - the library is not really used).

If there are any questions about this code, I can be reached at:

Mark C. Smith
2638 Marrietta
Farmersvilles, Tx 75234


I accept NO responsibilty for the code not working, crashing etc. It
was only tested briefly, and not designed for REAL intensive work.
It is re-entrant, so it may be used from more than one session at one
time (I think).

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