Dec 302017
Wheel of Fortune for OS/2.
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Wheel of Fortune for OS/2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
WOF.EXE 288272 88744 deflated
WOF.ORC 96556 12629 deflated
WOF.PZL 4816 2228 deflated
WOF.TXT 538 335 deflated

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Contents of the WOF.TXT file

This is a freeware variant of the popular Wheel of Fortune game implemented using
GPF's level .06 beta of their GPFREXX product. Note that GPF currently has level .07
available on CIS (and their BBS) as an open beta and level .08 to registered users.
Sorry about this being level .06 but I don't subscribe to CIS and am having troulble
connecting to GPF's BBS, otherwise this working model would be at a later level.
Hope you enjoy as I have found GPFREXX to be far more flexible than either VX-REXX
or VisProREXX.

J. D. Wells

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