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Convert Windows icons to OS/2 icons.
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Convert Windows icons to OS/2 icons.
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Contents of the CVTICONS.DOC file


CvtIcons.exe Copyright @ 1991 Jay Giganti All Rights Reserved

All Options are Mutually Exclusive

x : Extracts Icons from Windows ICO file(s)
w : Converts ICO files from PM to Windows
p : Converts ICO files from Windows to PM
? : Displays this screen

Usage CVTICONS -option File (Wild Cards Accepted)

examples cvticons -x c:\windows\*.*
cvticons -p *.ico

example 1 : will extract all icons from the files in c:\windows
directory and will create them in your current directory

example 2 : will convert all ICO files in your current directory
into ICP files in the PM format in your current directory

This program currently does three things.
Extracts Icons:
It will extract Icons from windows EXE and DLL files. It scans through
these files and will create a file with and extension of .ICO based upon
2 things. First it will look in the resource table for any Names, if it
finds a name it will use up to 8 characters of it to create the file
name. If There were no names found in the resource table, or there were
more icons than names, (ie -- several Icons in one directory entry) then
the icon name will containg the first 5 characters if the program it is
stripping it from, and then append a 3 digit number,m thus you can process
a file with up 1000 icons in it.
side note: I stripped a file form the MS-DOS program under windows and
found a 64x64 OS/2 1.1 icon format.

Converts Icons To PM Format:
This will translate an ICO file into a PM format. It creates the file
with an .ICP extension. Currently I will only copy one Icon from each ICO
file, since this is how I write them. If Needed I will add multiple
icons per ICO file handling. The format for the icon will be written
in its current dimensions, ie: a 32x32 stays 32x32. Under OS/2 1.2 it
seems that if they are not 64x64 then it is not in a device independent (DI)
format, thus when loaded into the Icon Editor, you are told the It has
created on for you, if you save the file, then this 64x64 DI format will
be written to disk along with the origional 32x32 format. I have the Icon
Editor do all translation. In the furture I might do the streching required
to create a 64x64 bitmap and thus the resulting PM file will be smaller
and the icon editor won't complain. The reason it would be smaller is
because there would only be one format stored in it.

Converts Icons To Windows 3.0 Format:
This will translate a PM Icon file into a Windows format. It will translate
all Icons in the file, as long as they are <= 32x32. I might add the
functionality to squeeze 64x64 to 32x32 but the Icon edititor does a good
job. Thus if you have a 64x64 then select a VGA type and it will be
converted to a 32x32 format which I can read and save in a file. The
file will be named with the filename and the extensions .ICW. If there
is more than one Icon which is <= 32x32 then the next filename will be
created with the first 6 characters of the filename plus a 2 digit number
and then .ICW appended to it.

In the future I will port this to a Windows and PM app but this does the
job for now. It is a dos program. Also I will probably add the ability
to read and write multiple icons per ICO file, and the ability to extract
icons from windows files and convert them directly to PM format. Currently
you have to extract and then convert. I also will probably add the ability
to extract Icons from OS/2 files. Until then I hope this utility helps.


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