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TEE is an OS/2 mode utility that copies "stdin" to both "stdout" and "stderr" until an End of File condition is detected.
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TEE is an OS/2 mode utility that copies “stdin” to both “stdout” and “stderr” until an End of File condition is detected.
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Contents of the TEE.DOC file

Delta Concepts' "TEE" Utility

Copyright (c) 1988: by Delta Concepts Inc.
All rights, not expressly granted herein, are reserved.

The user is granted the right to make unlimited copies of this
program and to distribute these copies as he/she desires, EXCEPT
that Delta Concepts Inc reserves the SOLE right to distribute the
program for PROFIT. All copies must contain this program in its
ORIGINAL and UNMODIFIED form as released by Delta Concepts. If
the user distributes the product, the user may collect a
duplication charge, not to exceed $5 per copy.

Program Description

TEE is an OS/2 mode utility that copies "stdin" to both "stdout"
and "stderr" until an End of File condition is detected. It is
useful in situations where the output of a program (such as MAKE)
needs to be sent to more than one destination (such as the
console and a disk file).

The OS/2 MAKE utility is a good example. With long and complex
make files, invoking MAKE with:

MAKE file

could causes MAKE's output to scroll off the screen, perhaps
allowing an important warning or error message to be overlooked.
Simply redirecting makes output with:

MAKE file 2>&1 >file.err

will save all output but gives no the user no indication MAKE's
progress ("2>&1" ensures all output will be redirected). Piping
MAKE's output through MORE with:

MAKE file 2>&1 | MORE

displays MAKE's progress but requires the user be present to hit
a key after each full screen before MAKE finishes. Piping MAKE's
output through TEE with:

MAKE file 2>&1 | TEE >file.err

yields the benefits of both methods without the drawbacks. MAKE's
output is displayed without pauses while, at the same time, a
copy is redirected to a disk file. The output can then be
reviewed, screen by screen, with:


TEE.ARC File Description

TEE.C TEE source file
TEE.DOC TEE Documentation
TEE.EXE TEE executable file
TEE.MAK TEE make file
MAKETEE.CMD command file to make TEE
MAKEFILE.CMD Sample MAKE command file using TEE

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