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REBOOT2 is an OS/2 protected mode reboot utility.
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REBOOT2 is an OS/2 protected mode reboot utility.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUILDDR.BAT 130 65 deflated
BUILDREB.BAT 77 65 deflated
REBOOT2.C 480 297 deflated
REBOOT2.DEF 67 67 stored
REBOOT2.DOC 446 270 deflated
REBOOT2.EXE 9447 5568 deflated
REBOOTDR.ASM 4467 1781 deflated
REBOOTDR.DEF 29 29 stored
REBOOTDR.SYS 1136 358 deflated

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Contents of the REBOOT2.DOC file

REBOOT2: A reboot utility for OS/2 systems


Copy the files REBOOTDR.SYS and REBOOT2.EXE to a convenient place (here I'll
assume it's the root directory C:\).

Add the following line to your CONFIG.SYS file for OS/2:

Reboot your computer and you should see the message "OS/2 reboot driver
loaded. Type REBOOT2 to reboot system."

Now you can just type REBOOT2 to reboot your computer.

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