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An excellent OS/2 PM program that checks a thread's status.
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An excellent OS/2 PM program that checks a thread’s status.
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Contents of the THSTAT.DOC file

ThStat v1.00 Documentation

The Thread Status Display (c) Franz Krainer, 1989
FidoNet 2:310/11.17

This program is declared as being shareware software.
You are free to use and distribute this program but it is not allowed
to sell this piece of software for profit or to change any part of it.

ThStat was delevoped under OS/2 v1.2 and is a program running under PM.
ThStat wasn't testet to run under OS/2 v1.1. Just try yourself.

ThStat is a utility which gives you the ability to observe the status of
threads. You can determine if ThStat should observe all threads currently
running or only the thread(s) belonging to an existing process.

You are deeply encouraged to send me bug reports or suggestions of any

Franz Krainer, FidoNet 2:310/11.17 Vienna, October 21th, 1989

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