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OS/2 PM program that monitors your system resources.
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OS/2 PM program that monitors your system resources.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The OSRM2 System Version 1.1 PM.
(c) Copyright 1990, C.O.L. Consulting, LTD.
Operating System Resource Monitor For OS/2 Presentation Manger

Welcome to the OSRM2 System!

Included with this letter is a demonstration copy of the OSRM2 System
Real Time Monitor And View Port Facility, documentation containing
installation and execution instructions as well as an overview of the
OSRM2 System Version 1.1.

The OSRM2 System Demonstration Copy

Enclosed on this disk is a special demonstration copy of the OSRM2
Presentation Manager Resource Monitor, which allows you to see and
feel all the power that OSRM2 could provide you with for monitoring
your OS/2 system.

** Important Note **

The Analysis And Modeling Utility is not a part of this demonstration
copy, see the inquires section below.

The enclosed OSRM2 Presentation Manager Resource Monitor is a special
demonstration copy, limited so that it monitors OS/2 system resources
without saving the information to disk.

The View Port Demonstration is also limited in that the Resource
Monitor View windows will only stay open for approximately 30 Minutes,
depending on the interval parameters configured during the

You may run this Demonstration Copy as often as you like.

Information in this and the accompanying document is subject to change
without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of
C.O.L. Consulting, LTD. No part of this document may be modified in
any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the
written permission of C.O.L. Consulting, LTD.

(more --->)


Note: In order to use this demonstration copy of the OSRM2 System, you
must have OS/2 Version 1.1 or Version 1.2 installed on your computer.

Follow the instructions in the INSTALLATION SECTION of the included
OSRM2.TXT documentation. The documentation is in printable ascii

The OSRM2 files are copied to the directory you configure during the


If you have any questions about the fully functional commercial
version of the OSRM2 System Version 1.1, or if you wish to be sent a
free demonstration copy of the Analysis And Modeling Utility, when
available, you can:

Call C.O.L. Consulting LTD. directly at ( 914 ) 277-4312.
Please leave your:

Company Name - if applicable
Mailing Address
Daytime or evening phone - include your extension.

A representative will be happy to contact you as soon as possible, or
if you wish you can specify that you are only interested in receiving
the Analysis And Modeling Utility Demonstration Disk by mail.

- OR -

You can notify us by writting to:

C.O.L. Consulting, LTD.
RR1 265 Overlook Way
Purdys NY., 10578

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